Stoked on my new Echo CS 590 Timberwolf

  1. Needed a bigger saw as an arborist. Only other saws in this price range are old school Stihl's off craigslist & other "farm" saws. This seems like the farthest $400 could get me for my needs. I also have a CS 355T which is definitely a pro grade saw that's been great backup to my 194t

  2. I have the same saw it is a beast and have had it for about 4 years now . It is definitely a fine tuned machine and will rip and tear like it was butter . Zero regrets

  3. I want one even though I don't need it. Just kind of want to root for the underdog a little. I would be pointless to own as I have a Holzfforma g660 a Stihl ms261 and ms291

  4. The idle adjustment is easily done with a flat head screw driver in about 30 seconds. I do find I need to clean my air filters often.

  5. Just got a brand new cs490 as a backup and that's exactly what it was made for. It can't even keep up with my 15 year old stihl ms260 pro. I'm thinking about getting a 16 inch blade because the factory 20 inch blade is way too big for it apparently. Echo makes great weed whackers and leaf blowers but stay away from their chainsaws. Gutless.

  6. I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience with one of their saws, but that's contrary to mine and many others. I don't think I've used a Stihl that stays idle. My echos idle fine

  7. I think your 490 just needs a tune up. Mine cuts amazing for a 50cc saw & with an 18 inch bar. It out cuts my 501P and that one I have even removed the spark arrestor.

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