Help me settle an argument, what would you call this? Not mine but a friend cooked this today and is trying to claim it’s not what we all say it is. Be respectful please, we’re only debating the name of the dish.

  1. Yeah this was also one of our points that we made to our mate. Not only are they not right in the head for cooking this on a day like today, they are also adamant this isn’t a roast dinner.

  2. I'd call it, probably the worst attempt at a Sunday dinner I've ever seen. I am being respectful at that too 😂

  3. Sunday dinner or Sunday roast but why it doesn't have gravy on I couldn't begin to imagine ... Or what would possess you to have it in this heat!

  4. So to recap, the options according to Reddit are as follows; Roast dinner/Sunday roast/midweek roast.chicken dinner/meat and two veg/ Sunday lunch/carvery/ Dry a-f! /a travesty/a disappointment.

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