What are these? Found in western scotland 5ft long 6in diameter weighs about 8 pounds.

  1. I actually work for a company that makes parts for sonobuoys and my understanding is that they go underwater and house electronics and do clever stuff

  2. The biggest most important questions before you try disposing of them, are they on property you own? , where abouts are they? Ie are they in some random woods or did you accidentally go onto MOD property and they were left there intentionally?

  3. They are on my property, I contacted the council when i found out what they were and they said to stay clear of them until they can find someone to remove them. I am on the isle of aaran and after finding out they were anti submersible things i came to the conclusion that they were testing them in the water off the coast of the island. Unsure of their actual use though.

  4. Those are children's cabers, they started using artificial ones instead of wooden due to environmental concerns.

  5. Politics? Look, we know it must be difficult being a kid, not a lot of schemes... But, you know, we're not the borough. We wish we were, but...

  6. If I were you I'd suggest contacting HMNB Clyde and speaking to the officer of the day. They may be able to at least point you in the right direction or get something arranged for a pickup

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