My sister's "picky lunch". What poor choices have you made because of the heatwave?

  1. Fact of the Day: crab sticks do not actually contain any crab and from 1993, manufacturers have been legally obliged to label them 'Crab Flavoured Sticks'

  2. That fart is going to have a very complex flavour. Fruity, sweet and savoury all at the same time. Full bodied with strong egg and fish notes.

  3. LPT: Boil eggs at night, put them in the fridge for the next day. (do not peel, peeled eggs need to be eaten within couple hours, unpeeled will last a week in the fridge)

  4. Too hot for a cooked meal so I'm having Co-Fresh Bombay Mix, Haribo Tangfastics, and Green & Blacks chocolate (out of the fridge) for my lunch. OP's sister's lunch looks positively healthy by comparison.

  5. Thank you! I looked at this picture and figured that compared to a pack of McCoy's and a Fab lolly it looked pretty good!

  6. Nipped up Tesco to get some dairy salted caramel ice cream. Thought I would treat us to waffle cones (posh I know, we're independently wealthy). They had a pack of 10, or a pack of 6 dipped in chocolate. Went for the 6 and we each had 3 ice creams last night. The shame. But we are in holiday mode. So fuck it.

  7. Man, I love the dipped waffle cones from Tesco but there are two issues - they are sometimes so damaged that you end up having ice cream in a bowl with wafer bits instead, or they've melted and welded themselves together and when you try to ease one off the end, they disintegrate and you end up with ice cream in a bowl with ALL of the wafer bits.

  8. i go on a 10k walk around a local reservoir everyday. i’ve had to wake up at 6.45 to get my walk in and be back before 11 so this heat doesn’t melt me. there are some steep slopes on the walk and it kills me.

  9. ....I drank four pint sized cans of Stella before 11am....TBH the day is looking rosey now......IMHO not a poor choice.....'k we'll see later ... :)

  10. We just went to the local pub at lunch with the dev department and now all of IT and dev are fucked and melting

  11. Me and my gf ran out of ice-cream and then we decided to make our own ice-cream from some fruits we'd picked up at the market.. and the result was delicious and well worth it. We got some double cream, blended up some normal sugar to make powdered sugar, salt to enhance the flavour at the end, smashed the blueberries, and de-stalked strawberries together in a food processor and then poured it out to be frozen. Every few hours I'd get it out to stir it around to keep it like soft scoop and to make sure it would freeze well enough. The flavours are amazing together, it's so fresh and super creamy..and there's still alot left after putting out two bowls.

  12. Went for some meats to put in a salad. Came away with cheese and salami pack, sat and ate just that. Washed down with orange cider because I saw it in an online ad 😂

  13. I’m on Pom Bears and Peppa Pig fromage frais until the weather pipes down and I can actually cook something without bursting into flames.

  14. See, I don't think that's bad at all. Could do with some sort of green salad, maybe a few unsalted nuts/seeds but I eat that fairly often, not the processed cheese or yoghurt though, obvs. Picky lunch all the way. So interesting to eat.

  15. That’s not lunch. That’s what you get when you tip the contents of the fridge onto a plate the day before payday.

  16. Had a fibre brownie, some salt and pepper crackers and some onion rings. There is fruit and veg in the kitchen which I will encourage the children to eat.

  17. I’m sure I’m going to get lambasted but that actually doesn’t look too bad for charcuterie board

  18. I honestly don’t see what’s ‘wrong’ with this except the processed cheese? This is how I usually eat.

  19. Two eggs alone would have kept her full for the rest of the afternoon. Looks like her fridge has broken and she’s eating everything in it so she doesn’t feel it’s been wasted.

  20. This is a serious question about the cheese slice. Does she eat it as the flappy piece by dangling it into her mouth, or does she break a corner off and shove that in? Is it eaten alone or wrapped around the egg or anchovies or crab stick?

  21. I'll ask her but personally I'd flop it into my mouth whole or roll it up and shove it in. Plastic cheese slices are a top snack on their own straight out of the fridge.

  22. Each of us, every single one, really needs to take a long, hard, critical look at our collective soul and acknowledge that as a society, we have failed OP’s sister.

  23. the crab sticks stacked in a highly considered fashion...bless her. I hope this was for a 1 year old..

  24. I tend to just throw lettuce, salad cream, tomatoes, slice or two of corned beef, slice or two of ham, boiled egg, celery if I've got any and cucumber all on a big plate in no specific order. Sometimes I'll just go for a baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn.

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