Well ….

  1. You can all thank me for selflessly booking next week off work and thus guaranteeing some rain.

  2. Sorry, I'm going to take the credit for this one. It's my birthday and I'm going to watch the cricket. So naturally it will rain in the middle of a bloody drought.

  3. Yep, 5 days in a nice lil house in Somerset with a hot tub next week. Will be a nice place to watch the rain from at least.

  4. Brethren, let us thank our kind and selfless reddit friend 3Cogs for singlehandedly ending the dangerous, nay, catastrophic drought. Let his "off work" plague, rain, be our now thanked blessing. In turn, let us forget that daft video of putting tap water in a bucket, drive to the nearest reservoir, from which said tap water no doubt was drawn from in the first place, and dumping the now bucketed water in. On a more personal note, in future 3Cogs, just leave your car windows open. Works a charm for me.

  5. I shall sit in the garden in my shorts and t-shirt, sipping a nice cup of tea and a soggy happen while the rain lashes down. Bliss.!

  6. Sorry East Anglia, I'm clearing my gutters this weekend and working during the week so it's going to stay dry.

  7. I have been planning a walk up Snowdon with my son since lockdown, 5 hour drive to get there day before, hotel booked and time taken off work, of course its blooming Monday! Not sure I fancy walking up there in a lightning storm, bit exposed I would think.

  8. Haha of course I go to the lake District on holiday for a week and it doesn't rain once, it never rains when I go to the lakes for some reason but I'm not going to complain haha, as soon as I'm back in Derbyshire it's going to tip it down (just travelling back stuck in traffic now, no aircon, now I know what being in an air fryer feels like). I think I brought this one on us guys cause I'm coming home, wish I could take another week off haha, tbh though we really really need that rain.

  9. I love a storm whilst camping, or at least I love the sound - makes me sleep like a baby. Granted the mud and packing up is a pain!

  10. I picked the PERFECT week to drive over from The Netherlands to spend Mon-Thurs in the Yorkshire Dales. FML. 🤦‍♂️

  11. For the South they are giving us just a 20% chance of rain that is not getting my hopes up. even Tuesday we only get a 27% chance that is our best hope until the 25 of August :(

  12. I read somewhere that that is misleading. Apparently it means how much land out of 100% will have rain. So let’s pick your region. 27% would mean 27% of the total land in that region will experience rain, not 27% any land in that region will experience rain

  13. Man I would love a big ass thunderstorm. When I moved to London with my wife from the states I was really fucking disappointed to hear that it just does not storm here.

  14. The dry ground will not absorb water so well, the drains are blocked with dry dirt, we will have flash flooding.

  15. I shall be out in the garden in my copper underpants swearing at various thunder deities if that's what it takes to get some of the heat out of the air

  16. Same here and as much as I'm hating this relentless heat, my boy will bark, howl and shake. So the sleep I'm been wanting will now be .essed up due to storms. I just wanted rain or snow even

  17. ‘Small chance’ means the Daily Express are going to have a field day reporting on the ‘Weather APOCALYPSE as Britain endures BIBLICAL flash floods following BRUTAL HEATWAVE’

  18. Years ago I thought Britain was too temperate and boring, now I just wish we could go back to normal weather that doesn't seem like the end of the world.

  19. I mean where I grew up saw over 30, and -20, in the same decade in the 90s even. And would often have the constant changing weather during the day, I wouldn't say it was really boring for long in the past. It's just gone way too far now, and probably will get worse.

  20. Guess who is just to the east of the warnings. No storm to clear the air, freshen things up and potentially save what's left of the garden for us then.

  21. Well great.. I’m dying in Cambridge, and the rain and thunder storms just about stop beforehand. We’re expecting 2mm of rain.. so like 8 seconds!

  22. What is the point the yellow alerts? I've never known anyone to take action or be impacted by yellow alert weather.

  23. Thunder and lightning is my favourite weather, except when you get stuck in the middle of the beach miles away from shelter and it's striking nearby

  24. I cannot tell you how desperate I have been for a cracking thunderstorm. I live in the north east so I've got my fingers crossed.

  25. At least it might help with the drought. Also I'm just really sick of the sun. Like seriously, fuck off ya big yellow sky ball of misery

  26. But any rain will to be too fast so most of it will be completely wasted. And many areas will just witness electrical storms with no rain at all

  27. For all people not used to this kind of weather, when the air is so hot and cold air moves in, there is a real chance of hail. Please think about how to protect your car from golf ball sized hailstones. Even just a couple of beach towel with some cardboard underneat will make a huge difference! just make sure to secure them properly to the car.

  28. I'm going to enjoy it. Much of Europe is in the throes of the worst drought in 500 years. Buy British grub cos there's going to be nothing coming from over there.

  29. Kind of an odd map - there's a sort of double layer of warning on Scotland, and only a few bits of the sea are covered.

  30. Time to clean out the brewing kit, if it's going to honk it down with rain it will hopefully be cool enough to make some beer

  31. I hope you all get beneficial, non-flooding rain! We're supposed to have some this weekend in drought-stricken Texas but I'll believe it when I see it.

  32. "Send it down on them, Lord!" My dad used to say that once we were all safely indoors. I take it that the drought is over then.

  33. Wtf are you on about, this is more than just a bit of sunshine and it’ll only get worse each year unless we do something about it..

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