First time trying Five Guys, didn't know I'd need a second mortgage!

  1. My family moved to Canada from England when I was a kid, and we went back and forth seeing family while I was growing up. It was always pretty common for me to see a decent amount of things priced similarly via literal number, even though it meant it was more expensive.

  2. Yea in America its crazy too, it's great food but damn expensive. Last time I went I grabbed two burgers, two drinks, two fries and it cost $35ish usd.

  3. That’s not terrible in Canadian dollar, I spend about the much every time I go to McDonald’s and that’s definitely shittier

  4. Teesside has come a long way in the 14 years since I lived there if a 5 Guys can exist. Next you'll be telling me there's a Côte and Bill's.

  5. Going bowling then laser quest then Pizza Hut was absolutely immense. Life didn’t get much better than that as a young teen

  6. Shame about the retail part, at least we've got a Tim's now, that makes it all better, right? (My wife would definitely answer yes to that one)

  7. I think Five Guys has a branding problem. People expect it to be less expensive because it's a fast food burger chain with the decor to go along with it. There would be less complaints about the price if it was a sit down restaurant with fancy decor and it was called 'Cinq hommes' or something.

  8. This is exactly it. Five Guys looks like fast food, but it tastes anything but. I’ve had “gourmet burgers” that don’t even touch a Five Guys burger in either taste or substance.

  9. I see lot of new 5guys opening here in germany, usually next to McDonald's.. McDonald's are full during lunch time, 5 guys are almost empty usually. And so confused they put there expensive (milk shake, burger) as advertising outside, saw the price and just gone to McDonald

  10. I'd have 5 guys very occasionally and as a treat, I personally like the burger and customisable fillings, the fries are among the best, but their free refills on a soda machine with like 70 choices is amazing,

  11. Which location of five guys do you go to? Because the ones I’ve been to so far (Northampton,Southampton, Bournemouth, London, Newport & Cardiff) , have no peanuts anymore!

  12. It's a treat place. It's the same price as a restaurant burger but way tastier and ill stay full up for most of the day. It has a McDonalds fast food feel but you have to go in thinking it's a proper sit-down meal. £16.95 for something you'll have once maybe twice a year is pretty good.

  13. Agreed. It’s not a Maccys, it’s a treat that I really enjoy when I have one. One of the best burgers available in the U.K. from a chain and the fries are amazing.

  14. Asking as an American: How weird was the free refills thing at first? It's a common observation from my European friends that refills on soft drinks are a uniquely American oddity. Did you think "JACKPOT!!!!" or was it more of a "Dear God, I feel disgusting but I'm doing it anyway" kind of thing?

  15. Nah the burger is best in UK 'fast food' circles. Helps as they are fresh each day, I believe they're fresh as opposed to from frozen. It's the crunch of the bacon, fresh onion and peppers for me. You just don't get that with the other chains.

  16. Yeah even here in the States it's still stupid expensive. They give you a shit load of fries sure (or chips, for you guys), but even for that much, like, potatoes are pretty cheap. And the fountain soda? That shit's just outrageous. What the hell.

  17. If people don’t like 5 Guys burgers, they don’t like burgers. They are just burgers through and through. Maybe some people don’t like American style burgers and prefer Wetherspoons and Birdseye, god knows

  18. I always love when my receipt says that. Can never help saying to myself "look at this piece o' shit total". Especially these days...

  19. One time my friend and I went and we were like "fuck it, lets get a large bag and share them between us". So he ordered the fries with his meal and I just ordered a burger and a drink.

  20. We have a local takeaway that is reasonably priced and gives chips with everything…. Want some onion rings? That’ll be on a bed of chips, Caesar salad? Side of chips with that then!

  21. Have they made the burgers bigger then? 'Cause the cheeseburger I acquired at five guys was... underwhelming. Not that nice, and not that big. Same with the fries.

  22. My sister works there and she says she was trained to tell people that try to order regular fries that it’s way too big for one person, and if they let a secret shopper order a regular fry for themselves they get points deducted.

  23. I once locked my keys in my car and went back into the five guys to for something to reach through my slightly open window to unlock it and the guy went in the back and comes out with a fucking jimmy or whatever it's called and together we broke into my car.

  24. They give you a ton of fries, but I've noticed the burgers patties have gotten much smaller in the last 10 years. It's not even worth it for me anymore. I don't give a shit about unlimited toppings, just give me a decent sized burger patty for 10 dollars.

  25. I wish they would go as overboard as the rumours say at my local one. I end up finishing a large and eating my partner's leftovers.

  26. They are cheap. It's actually nuts how cheap it is when you factor everything in. Their cheeseburger just went up to 1.19 for the first time in nearly a decade and the 99p burger would currently be nearly £2 if adjusted for inflation. I know a lot of people would rather eat something better or fancier, but McD's is a marvel of food logistics.

  27. I've eaten more McDonalds this year then I have in the last 20 years. The app specials and points make for some great deals.

  28. If he went to McDonalds and got a Double Quarter Pounder with 2 Pieces of Cheese + bacon + fries like he did here, ti wouldn't be too much different in price.

  29. Once i learned to make my own (smash)burgers, it's an absolute con. There is nothing outstanding about five guys that warrants that price.

  30. I could take you to a 1 off local shop and get you this exact meal for less than the cost of the FiveGuys burger alone and i will guarantee it’ll taste better, no way it’s worth it how much do you reckon those ingredients cost? I’ve no idea but it probably works out to less than £1 per patty for FiveGuys

  31. I had no idea of five guy prices, I did a job for a guy who turns out to be one of the main guys who brought it to the U.K.

  32. Fun fact, 5 guys actually don't season their burger pattys at all. No salt/ pepper/onion powder or anything

  33. This is sort of a tangent, but since Five Guys is highly regarded in the deliciousness department: some parts of America have a fast food chain called Culver’s. Whether they’ll ever show up in the UK is unknown, but for my money you’ll never have better burgers or chips, even in a sit down restaurant.

  34. Well, possibly because they already overextended for the mortgage on the burger and fries. Aren’t the shakes like six quid or something?

  35. It is unlimited refills from one of those big machines that’ll split out any drink you can think of (that Coke make).

  36. People who call it overrated and overpriced are the same people who don’t bat an eye lid at paying £6 for a Big Mac meal which is fucking hot garbage

  37. It's overrated and overpriced (still alright tho) and I eat for £4 at McDonalds rather than £14. If in gonna get fast food, it should be cheap. If I'm gonna spend more money, then I won't get fast food

  38. It is overrated and overpriced though. My local bossman makes far better burgers and the meal is almost £10 cheaper.

  39. They’re also the same people that will cue for 40 mins for the drive thru at McDonald’s. Irrelevant to anything, I just hate that people do that.

  40. You get what you pay for -a double cheeseburger with bacon, massive amounts of delicious fries and bottomless soda from a machine with endless variety choices. Cost-wise It’s not far off the likes of gbk or Byron imo.

  41. What you don't get is table service and any ambiance. You get a 'Basic American diner' experience. You queue up with the teenagers who are there just to get an overpriced shake. You get portions that don't make sense and are terrible for children.

  42. It's still alot of money. Annies burger shack in Nottingham you'll pay 12 ish quid for an amazing unique burger with cajun wedges. You can get a pint of beer on top of that for the same price as this

  43. The problem with Five Guys is that it’s a fast food restaurant priced at the gourmet burger price point. The burger is fine (not great) but extremely overpriced. The chips are great and you get tons but the meal should not cost that much.

  44. Where I live (Germany) prices for burgers are even higher sometimes. There's a burger restaurant chain called Peter Pane where the burgers are really good but you can easily pay 12 to 15 euros (about 10 to 12 pounds) for a single burger, plus 4 to 5 euros for chips. These are expensive times.

  45. This surprised me too. Went there with my ex expecting maybe Burger King prices. Came to over 30 quid! It is good, though. Shame the peanuts went away during covid. Hoping they do a veggie burger soon.

  46. Depends where it’s located. One near me, a double cheese burger is £8.25, and large fries are £4. Best burgers though!

  47. I think the names are a bit misleading. Little fries is actually a fuck ton of fries. A normal burger is actually twice the size you were thinking with a shit ton of good filling. It’s like it was meant to feed two people.

  48. Agreed. I went ages ago after a friend raved about it. It was forgettable. Went again a few years ago for shits N giggles. The prices were off putting, the food was mediocre, and I remembered why I hadn't been compelled to go back.

  49. Last time I went the burgers were all burnt and everything on them was smashed into shit when they wrapped them. The buns they use are horrible, just horrible. I have no idea why people like eating something that comes looking like a smashed sloppy pile of burnt shit on a plastic bun. Oh, but you can eat a pile of fucking peanuts while you're waiting for your shit pile. Great, that really makes it worth 14 bucks for a pile of greasy messy slop.

  50. My brother in law worked there and couldn't stop telling me how amazing it was. Went with the wife and in laws, sat down to enjoy our food - served in a paper bag full of grease with insanely loud music.

  51. I was working in an old building in January. It was damned cold. Decided rather than my usual off-site lunch of "whatever supermarket is closest / meal deal" I wanted something hot. Nearest place was a Five Guys.

  52. Personally think it depends on the location. I've been to a few where the burger was really tasty and another location where the burger was a little dry. Frustrating when it costs so much

  53. Severely allergic to peanuts so cannot ever eat there sadly. Always feel I am missing out but for those prices at a fast food place I don't feel so bad!

  54. That's the problem right.. it's all wrong.. just because we're use to paying so much in comparison to what most people earn.. doesn't make it right.

  55. Don't forget - they let the fries overflow into the bag to make you think your getting extra free. This is actual policy.

  56. Five Guys and their stupid veggie option drive me mad. Sorry, why would I just want vegetables and cheese in a bun?! Give me a proper veggie patty, dammit. The fries are incredible but I refuse to go there until they bring out a burger I can eat.

  57. Oh my god. Last week work ordered everyone lunch from there, which was a nice gesture. They thought I was vegan not vegetarian SO I DIDN'T EVEN GET THE CHEESE. Just a few sliced mushrooms and a piece of lettuce in a squashed bun. I was really hungry and so, so disappointed. It tasted horrible too. Veg burgers are simply amazing these days, other places do so much with beans and chickpeas, plus fake meat has reached a new level the past couple of years so there is no excuse at all. I'm angry all over again now!

  58. It's always been an absolute fucking rip off, hence why I only ever ate there once, and realised the food does not warrant the ridiculous price point.

  59. It’s embarrassing to say, but the first time I ordered at Five Guys and they told me the price I was so shocked that I told them I couldn’t afford it and to cancel the order.

  60. To be fair, you've now got enough chips to feed you and several families down your street for the next few days, so no need to spend any more money on food for a while.

  61. Burgers and fries are top quality though, the drink is also bottomless and if you are in a shopping center it means you can leave and come back and use it again and also you get enough fries to feed a small continent

  62. Top quality? They're greasy, the toppings are soggy, so were the fries. The overall impression I have of five guys is that they may as well have boiled everything. The Gloucester one was just a bit rank when I tried it.

  63. Burger - it’s ok I guess. Fries - far too many of them and for some odd reason they’re cooked in peanut oil which just makes them taste of peanuts

  64. Eh I agree it is a bit expensive so it's always a treat but the burgers are great and the fries too.

  65. Some people like something different to you go figure. It’s the same anytime Nandos is posted. Some people like the food, like the service and don’t mind paying for it.

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