Pressure washing at 7pm

  1. We’ve already been told not to use our hoses and try using water saving measures, so I’d argue that OP shouldn’t be jet washing anything right now, within days of record temperatures 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. I’d be overjoyed if the loudest noise from my neighbours was a pressure washer! They’re regularly up past midnight playing loud music and screaming. I’m being very British, and not saying a damn thing about it to them but posting about it on the internet instead

  3. I feel you. The summer is the worst here. We have at least 3 houses on our row or backing on to us who have ‘who can play their shit music the loudest’ competitions and one guy that regularly stays up till 3am in the garden talking at volumes I can only assume he is with deaf people and playing music out of a shitty tinny speaker. Then there’s the parents screaming at their unruly kids, people popping off in the street or kids with exhausts designed for the grand prix tearing down the streets at 2am, or worse, on a moped!

  4. God, fucking same in our area. Some fresh clowns moved in and they like two things, partying hard and fucking karaoke. Typically go till midnight on a good day for them. Pretty sure the the old guard here are collectively done with their shit.

  5. Next time they do it, you should call the non-emergency police line and advise them that you heard your neighbour falling down the stairs. Don't leave your name.

  6. Make a complaint to the council, I did and they finally learnt to shut the fuck up! Moved house though and both my neighbours are old and so nice! Best decision I ever made.

  7. Exactly this! And when they complain just reply you took onboard his feedback and started it earlier in the day.

  8. I mowed the lawn at 8pm yesterday as it was only just cool and the kids were still screaming on the street when I started, probably getting ready for bed by the time I finished though.

  9. I did mine at 4pm once and still got a snarky comment made about 'not getting any peace in my garden'. I work Monday to Friday and every other weekend. I'm not sure when I'm 'allowed' to actually do it.

  10. I have kids that go to bed at 7, if it was loud enough to bother them I'd tut and be annoyed but I'd also accept that that is my problem and not yours, 7pm is still day time for the vast majority of the population and a perfectly reasonable time to get jobs like that done especially when you work until 5 or 6.

  11. Absolutely this. And if your kids are anything like mine they werent sleeping at 7 last night, they were repeating "its too hot" while saturating their bedsheets

  12. Let's not forget it's pretty much the summer holidays. If they're not already off, it's not like they're doing any learning in their last weeks. It's just watching movies and stuff.

  13. Its not unreasonable at all. I recently had a noise complaint against myself, we were doing up our 40year old house, on and off for a few months, never worked past 8 maybe twice a week. The guy from the council told me It’s all down to being reasonable there is no actual set time or noise limit and he agreed we weren’t doing anything wrong.

  14. There is rules, how councils interpret/enforce those rules is very inconsistent. But if you're not being loud past 11pm, then it's very unlikely any council will do anything about it. And from my experience of multiple councils, even then it needs to going on FOR A LONG TIME before anything gets done.

  15. Not just steam, game pass too! But I also concur.... I'd also completely forgot about it and now know how I will spend my day today

  16. Also, I can imagine that it’s frustrating when you want to sit in your garden in the evening (it’s been too hot all day) and next door is making a noise.

  17. My next door neighbour is digging out our boundary fence to put in a new one. He starts work at 6.30am right outside my bedroom as I try to sleep, and then has started jackhammering at 8am, again, about 3 feet from my head where I sleep.

  18. I work from home, but still do my garden jobs in the early evening. Mainly because, when I'm working from home, I'm actually doing the job I'm paid to do. 7pm is not too late

  19. I am someone who is very sensitive to noises coming from outside the house, and so consider myself somewhat of a complainer when it comes to things like this, but even I would understand at 7pm.

  20. The truth is the OP's neighbour is more concerned about the up and coming weekend bbq - hence their commentary. Like you I find some excessive outside noise levels beyond the pale - mines is kids screaming!

  21. I have autism and I find it unbearable how many whirring noises people make. You'd get lawn mowers when I was younger but it seems like people have been sold a motorised version of everything and there's rarely a time when there isn't some kind of ugly noise being produced.

  22. Neighbour needs a science and physics lesson. Watering anything at night (cleaning anything, watering plants or the lawn) when it is cooler leads to less evaporation and water waste.

  23. Nope, you did nothing wrong. I usually mow my lawn when I get home and sometimes use my pressure washer too. I would agree up until 8 is fine. Even 9 at a push.

  24. Ones powerful enough for home use are usually not, about 70-80db but there are some still about which tip near or over the 90-100db and can easily become an annoyance. For example I'm sat now hearing a neighbours jetwash from a good 300 yards and getting a little bothered about it so their next door neighbour must find it unbearable, that one maybee an old jetwash or maybee an industrial grade one for example

  25. No you are not unreasonable. In contrast there are people out there who exercise their right to drill into walls up until 11pm, that is unreasonable. Power washing is much quieter and anyone making a fuss about some noise outside at 7pm is being pedantic.

  26. I’d say 9am-9pm is fine for most noisy things although legally you are allowed two hours either side of that I think it’s considerate enough to stay between those hours

  27. there's no specific law covering noise from DIY, unlike professional builders, its typically 8-6 for them but can vary between councils and at weekends.

  28. 11pm - 7am or you can basically do whatever the fuck you want as long as it isn't deemed to be anti social and that would require repeat behaviour to prove.

  29. I support adults with learning disabilities, one chap plays drums as a form of therapy, he does half an hour around 5 o'clock. This absolute helmet of a neighbour has complained from the first day, called the council, my manager, even shouted over his own fence that it's damaging to his wife's mental health and told me and my colleagues that we're not doing our job if we don't make him stop. He's an adult with mental capacity, I can't make him do anything if it's not a danger to him or anyone else. I appreciate that anxiety is real and debilitating, and that's why he does it for such a short time so early in the evening, ironically his anxiety would be through the roof if he didn't have that outlet.

  30. As someone who starts work at 6am, would you consider stopping drums at 9pm? I know you’re within your rights but 10 is very late for many people who don’t work 9-5s

  31. Our neighbour only starts her DIY from 8.30pm at the earliest, and usually around 10-10.30pm. We have the same house layout, but, weirdly, she seems to have far more walls to hammer and drill in to than we do.

  32. Ask them to do it for you while you're at work, when they say no then you say well I'll ll have to do it myself after work since you won't do it for me.

  33. 7pm is perfectly reasonable, up to about 9pm probably is. Anyone using a power tool before 10am on a weekend however should get in the sea!

  34. No you're not. You can amke as muach noise as you like at any time if what you are doing is resonable in the circumstances. Consider a joiner gaining entry to a property in the small hours say if you've lost your keys.

  35. Someone was hoovering their car in the street outside my house at 7am on Sunday. I was getting up for work anyway but 7am is too early to hoover in the street. I would have told them so but they went in their house when I came out.

  36. With stuff like this it's always better to talk it out and find a compromise. Tell him your side of the story and see if he will be reasonable. Its annoying but if he's willing to come oer and moan about jetwashing at 7pm, he's probably spiteful enough to "get his own back".

  37. No. You are not. Be as loud as you can. Mate,…. Allll my neighbours around me are SO noisy. Using electric tree trimmers at 8:30 in the morning. Pressure washing any time of the day. Scraping heavy pots accross concrete at 08:30 in the morning!!!!!! Using the lawmower and weedeater aaaalllll daaaayyyyyy loooooonnnnggggg. And then on top of that, burping, spitting, talking constantly, talking LOUDLY, playing trance music, playing Chas & Dave!, dogs barking, babies crying non stop, kids shouting, constantly looking over the fence. So you should make as MUCH noise as possible. I have lost patience with neighbours. Everyone is SO selfish. They just think about themselves. I’m always so polite and think of others. But maybe they don’t realise how loud they are!? Karaoke night for me then! WITH microphones hooked up to a soundbar with a subwoofer. Suffffeeerrrrrr 🎤🎶🎵 So you take out that pressure washer and make a noise! Think of it as a PSA!

  38. On the whole I would say you have done nothing wrong. Although, if they have a baby/toddler, trying to get them to sleep and staying asleep in this wether is difficult. I could understand their frustration then, but that being the case they could have communicated that better

  39. Those of us who are kid free by choice, cannot be expected to run our lives to suit other peoples kids. They are the parents responsibility not anyones elses. 7pm is more than fine. I think up til 9/9:30 is more than acceptable to do diy/pressure washing etc in summer.

  40. Absolutely, I’ve got young kids and if they’d been woken up by this I don’t think I’d say anything because it’s not really the neighbours issue, but if I were to say something it would be framed as “I know you’re not doing anything wrong but as my kids are struggling to sleep in this weather is there any other time you might be able to do this?” Anything else where you insinuate it’s too late is just idiotic.

  41. Oh god I hate neighbours like this. I'm so lucky I finally live next to neighbours who are normal people and quite nice.

  42. The only acceptable thing to do, is pressure wash every day this week while blasting out Alestorm - fucked with an anchor on your bluetooth speaker on repeat until 11pm each night.

  43. I’m sure I’m going to get downvoted to hell for this, but imho I think pressure washing when we’re kinda in the middle of a drought is a bit off in the first place. But other than that, totally not too late for that noise and your neighbour can sod off

  44. Are we actually in the middle of a drought? Don't they issue hosepipe bans when that happens? I didn't think any restrictions had been put in place.

  45. Wild assumption I'm using fresh water. I have a water butt AND there is no hosepipe ban. Hot weather does not mean drought.

  46. A few days of sun in the UK and suddenly the country is acting like people will drop down dead, some kids are off school, road signs telling me to drink water, you’re saying their’s a drought. No wonder we’re a laughing stock.

  47. "There are currently no hosepipe bans in the UK, although many water companies are now asking customers to be careful with how they use water. This includes cutting back on using hosepipes in the garden and to wash cars."

  48. 7pm is considered a sociable hour by pretty much every metric possible. Your kids don’t need to be in bed by 7pm, that’s your choice if they are.

  49. This. I mean, we’re missing context and OPs neighbour may well have a sick kid, newborn, etc. 7pm is right on the cusp of unsociable for loud outdoor jobs imo.

  50. Firstly I had a text from my water company asking me to avoid using hoses, power washers, etc.. to ensure water supplies don't run low.. If you live in such an area you shouldn't be pressure washing.

  51. I've got an issue with the comment around children. I don't have children, why should I alter my routine to satisfy neighbours who may have young children? By 7pm, I've been home from work for around 90 minutes. Should I just sit in the house so I can appease someone else's kids?

  52. You’ve crated an environment where your neighbour feels entitled to tell you what to do. We had a neighbour like this and she had to be put in her place in a not very nice way.

  53. Absolutely not - these days many people don’t conform to the 9-5 routine at work nor Mon-Fri, it’s much more of a 24/7 economy. There are already rules in place about the quiet times and 7pm is hardly unreasonable at all (nor outside of those rules)and as the OP said - they got back at 6pm in Summer and did some chores on their own property. Fair play.

  54. Unspoken rule is not before 8am and no after dark. The dark side can be adjusted slightly depending on what time dark actually is. ie. 530pm is still early.

  55. Up until 8pm is tolerable but how well do your neighbours know you? Everyone’s got their windows open, they might’ve been worrying when you’ll stfu.

  56. Somewhat related Q. I got complaints a couple days ago for playing/singing acoustic guitar on my balcony at 10:30pm. Felt a bit early for people to be complaining but AITA?

  57. Depends if it's a noisy-as-hell petrol model, no time of day is acceptable for those in suburbia

  58. I wouldn't care if someone did that They are being pedantic. But also, the law is on your side on this one aswell I'm pretty sure.

  59. ‘Murica his ass and rev that SOB up all night long. Something’s gonna get washed, and you bet his old lady is going to get sick of him crying about it by night’s end. May we all be free to pressure wash at will. It’s a right of all mankind.

  60. I WFH and I really appreciate you doing this job out of office hours. Hope the patio is looking good

  61. I'm assuming it's an infrequent act and therefore those whining about the noise need to stop being so soft. If it was every day it a few times a week. Yeah. Fine. But as a one off. Fuck it. Can you do mine too?

  62. What about 7:30am on a Sunday? Then a bunch of verbal abuse? My cunt neighbour wants a war and I’m trying so hard to resist taking the axe to his car and jet wash.

  63. Your neighbor should get the stick out of his ass, it’s well past work time. Perhaps he would like it better if you started at 7 am.

  64. Jobs have to be done. 7pm for an hour or two is not unreasonable. Hell even if you went later I wouldn’t be too arsed, it’s not like you’re going to do it every night. People should accept things sometimes have to be done no matter how disruptive they are.

  65. If it's just the noise of a pressure washer at 7pm and it doesn't last more than 45 minutes then no problem. Any noise for an hour more can be annoying. 8pm would be cut off with kids in the area

  66. I don't think that's too late, am sure most people don't go to bed until 9 or 10pm, and as you say you do it when you get home, sounds like a busy body.

  67. 7pm is fine. If I know it's only for a short while, noise like grass cutting etc doesn't bother me. It's when you don't know how long you're going to have to put up with it that it becomes a problem, for me anyway. Just let your neighbour know you'll be done shortly.

  68. I live in a ground floor apartment, we have rules but I don’t run the washing machine after 8pm & only before 9am if the upstairs neighbour has left. We are in a block of 4, 2 up 2 down. The kitchens on same level are too far apart to hear the spin cycle. Just trying to make sure I don’t annoy neighbours as it could rebound.

  69. I generally use 8pm as a cut off for any loud machinery. I’d pressure wash at 7pm without a second thought. It’s not like you’re doing it every day either!

  70. I think by law you have to tone the noise down by 11 pm, i cant see what the issue is if you are doing it at 7pm, sounds like a karen type neighbour

  71. If someone was cutting grass or pressure washing after maybe 9-9.30 I’d be like wtf but still wouldn’t say anything… after 10.30 I’d be having words. 7 is early, my kids play outside till 8.30 in the summer and they’re way noisier than any pressure washer lol.

  72. My next door neighbour lets her kids out into the garden at 6am screaming and shouting. Whilst it’s nice to hear the sound of children having fun, I work from 2pm to 2am - I’d prefer to have more than 3 hours sleep every night.

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