When carrying:

  1. I’m not tryna be a dick, but I have legit never been nervous about carrying one in the pipe. Maybe it’s bc since I was 5 the expectation in the house was that if you saw a gun there was absolutely one in the chamber. Obviously you can’t retroactively go back to your childhood and make your dad explain that every gun was loaded, but you can do it for your kids. Again not trying to be a dick, but it was engrained that you carry a gun loaded. Ig just normalize it

  2. When I got back into shooting after a long (35+ years) hiatus, it took a long time for me to be comfortable a) carrying at all and b) carrying with one in the chamber. Practice, learning more about myself and more about firearms helped me gain the confidence to start carrying with one in the chamber (plus swapping from a striker fire to a hammer fire pistol). Now that I understand how firearms work and how to make sure I don't have a negligent discharge, I'm fully comfortable with one in the chamber.

  3. Firearms instructor of mine literally taught me to carry on an empty chamber because he was German Navy. Showed me a diagram of the sear on a striker-fired pistol but didn't even mention the internal safeties that most modern guns (including mine) had and how rigorous drop testing standards were.

  4. The reason I’m hesitant to carry with one chambered is that one video of the guy appendix carrying a glock and it discharges on him after holstering. Never really found an explanation for it, but it’s made me nervous with my glock now even though i know i should be fine with my we the people kydex holster, but man a discharge while carrying appendix is scary as hell.

  5. A Glock mechanically can't discharge unless the trigger is actuated, which means something (probably clothing) got inside of the trigger guard. This is avoidable; you shouldn't be holstering while a threat is still present, which means you always have time to make sure all possible obstructions are clear of the trigger when doing so.

  6. I was scared for like the first few months but the more I got used to carrying, and the more shit I would see about how everything can hit the fan in the few seconds of racking the slide, I forced myself to start carrying with 1 in the chamber and now it's not a big deal.

  7. When carrying your firearm if it is not loaded with One in the Chamber and ready to go you will probably not be able to rack the slide, no matter how fast you think you are you are not faster than somebody that has their gun ready to shoot... when carrying with One in the Chamber always look your gun into the holster no blind shoves just take your time and slowly re-holster when you have to

  8. My CCW instructor said it best when comparing this subject to driving safety, “Would you leave your seatbelt unbuckled and attempt to fasten it right before a crash?” Of course not.

  9. If I hadn't seen videos of people (and even one of a cop) trying to rack a slide and fail in a high stress situation, or being assaulted, I might be carrying empty. Once you realize that some people have nearly died because they were fumbling with their gun trying to rack it while some psycho is assaulting you, you'll carry loaded.

  10. I was for the first couple weeks after I got my LTC. And when I asked my buddy who did 27 years in the army is it normal to be a little nervous about carrying one in the chamber. He said yeah perfectly normal. But after about 2 or 3 weeks I always have now in the chamber. Because the split second it takes to rack could be the difference between the out come of the situation

  11. Agreed, my dad tells me “the half second it takes you to rack a round could be the difference between you living and dying”

  12. I mean there have been scenarios where you would’ve had time to rack the slide. Granted those are usually in mass shooting scenarios which tend to be the most rare ones.

  13. You’ll change your mind when you watch enough vids of Active Self Protection. Most of the times you have less than a second to react. You can’t draw, rack, aim, and fire in less than a sec.

  14. Torpedo in the tube, always. I’m curious, though, what would the survey look like if the question was whether you carry with the safety on or off? I think the response would vary a lot more.

  15. Most “carry” firearms i see antmore have no safety, or it’s ones like the VP9 what I use that have the trigger safety or like colts with the rear of the grip is the safety. Interesting point tho

  16. I actually really like to have a safety, especially for striker fired guns. I feel like it's important on the reholster since you don't have the option to hold the hammer down like on a DA/SA

  17. If you fear carrying with a round in the chamber, to me that is a sign to seek some training and get confident with your weapon.

  18. I don't think confidence matters at all. Knowledge does. A lot of these people don't know how guns work, and how the safety mechanisms such as the firing pin block work.

  19. I have snap caps and use them nearly everyday to draw and re-holster plus dry fire exercises. If your not training to draw and holster with snap caps you absolutely need to. It does several things to benefit you in your firearm manipulation and confidence. Like I saw in a previous comment, carry it around the house for a day or two, just like you would outside in the public except with a snap cap chambered. Do things, like laundry, mowing the yard, play with the dogs, roll around in the back yard. Then draw the pistol and verify it has not discharged. Then try to get it to discharge, run up and down the stairs, do jumping jacks, do a couple summersaults, whatever you need to do to build your own confidence.

  20. When I first started carrying I left chamber empty for first month or so, knowing it was dumb but wanting to get more familiar with carrying in general, once I felt confident enough I always keep one in now

  21. The holster is a safety. If you're wearing a good kydex holster, or leather/kydex holster, that properly covers the trigger well, and you're using a quality reliable firearm, the gun physically can't go off. I wear my gun all day every day. The most dangerous part is putting the gun back in the holster. Take your time doing that. Make sure there's nothing possibly obstructing the holster that could get set off the gun. You can even take your holster off first and put the gun in it away from your body, then put the holster back on.

  22. The holster is a safety. If you're wearing a good kydex holster, or leather/kydex holster, that properly covers the trigger well, and you're using a quality reliable firearm, the gun physically can't go off. I wear my gun all day every day. The most dangerous part is putting the gun back in the holster. Take your time doing that. Make sure there's nothing possibly obstructing the holster that could get set off the gun. You can even take your holster off first and put the gun in it away from your body, then put the holster back on.

  23. I’m stupid for a lot of reasons, but not for carrying without one in the chamber. I put keys in the refrigerator, microwaved styrofoam and tin foil, trimmed my hair without putting on the hair length guides, bought a .38 special as a first carry gun, tried my key in the wrong car, but never have I once carried on an empty chamber.

  24. I did not grow up around guns at all. I purchased a G19 years ago after taking some instruction from co workers who were Glock guys and also worked PT at the local Gun Club. Shortly after I obtained my CCW and carried it at 4-430 for a decade. I then had to move to Commieland for work where a CCW is next to impossible and I slowly deteriorated with proficiency and became sedintary. FFWD many years and I was able to move back to my home state and immediately jumped back into the CCW rotation. Lots of things had changed in 15 years. Mainly AIWB popularity and different and new (to me) holster designs.

  25. There are no negatives to carrying with a round chambered. The difference between carrying chambered, and carrying not chambered, could come down to life or death. That’s not a price I’m willing to pay, personally. Especially when your loved ones’ lives could be on the line too. Carry hot folks. It is the only way.

  26. Dial up some videos of people who were involved in DGU's and didn't carry one chambered/ in the pipe.

  27. Bunch of interesting comments in here, but considering one of the most prevalent reasons for death by firearm is accidental discharge (use semantics to call it what you will), many of yall don't understand or simply refuse to admit shit does fuxking hit the fan and people who shouldn't have a way to get into your locked gun place find a way.

  28. Just my 2 cents. If you carry a gun with an internal hammer you are walking around with that hammer under tension 24/7. Given that the chance of accidental discharge by trigger pull is very low you still have a mechanism under tension, never seems like a good idea from a mechanical point of view.

  29. I would if it didn’t mean it had to be cocked, hammer out. It’s very dicey trying to drop the hammer on a Beretta 84 with one in the chamber

  30. Who here (who isn't a cop, EMT, Military, etc.): Carries Narcan? Epi Pen? Aspirin? Is regularly trained in CPR and First Aid? Is proficient in any kind of grappling? Has ever actually pulled a gun or used one on another human?

  31. Do what you prefer, I don't feel there's a wrong answer here. I'll take the extra few seconds racking the slide would take me to ponder what I'm doing before I act because I don't take the idea of killing someone lightly. IMO lots of marginal scenarios involving the need to pull a gun and fire within a couple/few seconds. I'm not shooting anyone over my cell phone or wallet. Hollywood bologna

  32. Personally As a new carrier, I’m doing one in the chamber. For people who are more exposes to alcohol and partying that’s the only way I see a valid reason to not have a round chambered at all times. Curious how other people feel about this

  33. Nah man, if you party and drink don’t fucking carry a gun. Full stop that’s dumb as hell!

  34. I carry while drinking. My life doesn’t become any less valuable because I have a few beers in me. You’ll never catch me totally defenseless like those people in the Pulse Night Club in Florida who were gunned down like fish in a barrel.

  35. Yes all the idiots who voted empty is gonna lose n get killed. So dumb not to have one in the pipe.

  36. You're not confident enough to not shoot yourself while holstering and unholstering your weapon but think you're confident enough to draw, chamber a round, and then shoot someone if you had to? Okaaaaaaaay

  37. Hold on Mr. Assailant. Can I load my gun first? The ammo is in the other side of the house locked up with my wife’s bday… or was it my sons. Or moms. Shit! Just take the tv.

  38. No, it is a basic safety and human nature issue..... humans screw up. All of them. Not a bad thing to have a mechanical safe guard on a lethal tool. Not a bad thing to have 1 mechanical redundancy before discharge. A physical safety like a holster is good. Even with goid form, it does nothing as you flag yourself drawing and holstering. How many times do you holster/ draw vs use in combat? 1000 to 1 +.....

  39. Confidence goes both ways, this guy was perfectly confident and was a firearms instructor, now he has three pee holes.

  40. You won’t have time to put your seatbelt during a car crash. Same goes for thinking you will have time to chamber a round in the moment of truth

  41. I'm going to be honest with the 670 of that voted you don't carry with it chambered. I dont want to be an asshole but here we go. Maybe carrying guns is not for you. Maybe carrying to protect yourself for defense isnt for you. Maybe shooting and having guns is nice/fun hobby that you like. But maybe you should not carry, since it pointless to carry without it chambered. Lets get this right, carrying guns is a big decision and it's not for the faint of heart. We make a big decision, every time we strap the steel to our waist. Maybe just maybe, carrying guns isn't for you. Sorry, just being honest.

  42. I know at least 10 people who I thought we were well versed and confident with their weapons and have shot them selves on accident , To me the half a second it will take to rack my pistol won’t be the half second that kills me hopefully, at least I’ve got it on me . And until I get more comfortable with my holster I know I won’t be shooting my junk off. A .45 acp in the groin area ain’t my idea of a good time

  43. If you know 10 people who did that you better get different groups of ppl. That's just they are all too dumb to handle a pistol.

  44. Thinking you’ll have time to chamber a round before a gunfight is like thinking you’ll have time to put your seatbelt on before a car wreck.

  45. Who is carrying without one in the chamber? Please watch some videos of people dying while racking their handgun. If you are afraid of carrying with a loaded chamber don't carry at all and get more training/practice

  46. If you think carrying empty chamber is an option you’re just objectively wrong at this point. I’ve been around this sub for like 5-6 years and I can’t believe people still think otherwise.

  47. from day one carrying with one in the pipe was never even a second thought. idk what yall are scared of. just have a good KYDEX holster and dont be an idiot

  48. The fact there’s at current vote 543 morons who think they are able to carry a gun and then chamber the round like John wick when they are drawing down on a threat is mind blowing. Don’t even carry at that point. it’s just a fancy paper weight and your fear of carrying chambered is gonna create a unique situation where you have to introduce an unready firearm to a situation to then prepare it and then hopefully be able to use it to defend yourself and pray it wasn’t taken from you and now everything went south.

  49. You should absolutely carry with one in the chamber. If carrying a striker fired gun with a round in the chamber makes you nervous, get something hammer fired.

  50. No offense, but why the fuck are you carrying if one is not chambered? In the heat of the moment, your going to ask, "Hold on a sec, let me chamber a round really quick". I don't mean to offend anyone. But when it comes to carrying, I'm not taking any more chance then I have to. I carry hot in the chamber.

  51. When you're in a situation where you need a gun, you need it right now, not one second after you draw, when you've completed cycling the slide. Not to mention that you've already got to recognize the threat, make an assessment, defeat your garment, draw, present, and accurately fire. Introducing the extra step of priming your weapon is inviting variables into a scenario that's already balancing life and death on a knife's edge.

  52. My revolver fully loaded auto empty chamber I know I’m in the wrong but I have a. Ad in the past so I’m careful

  53. Never understood why people are so afraid of having one in the chamber? If you keep your finger away from the trigger you’ll 100% never have an issue.

  54. I understand the hesitation to carry hot. Learn the safety system present on your gun and get a good kydex holster that fully covers the trigger guard. You'll have more confidence that it isn't going bang without a intentional trigger pull.

  55. Ahh yes carrying on an empty chamber from the same people that think dry humping is actual sex. Good luck ladies and gentlemen when you need to use it ! I’m sure they will wait for you to rack the slide.

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