Not to get overly political, but Roe was just overturned in the US. Would it be wrong to donate to groups that advocate legal abortion?

  1. I recently went to a Fo Guang Shan temple and they have a booklet on women's rights that discusses abortion. Ultimately they view it as killing, but for a multitude of reasons they support legal access to abortion. It is an interesting stance on abortion, and if you would like booklet I could send it to you after I am done using it for a project.

  2. This is a wonderful write-up. The Fifth Contemplation comes to mind. We are the sole owners of our actions. No one has a valid claim to make choices for us. I do my best to follow the First Precept, but I cannot force others to hold themselves to the same standard. They are the owners of their actions just as I am the owner of mine.

  3. Every childbirth and miscarriage now is a liable government crime scene. This is a dystopia. Everyone needs a lawyer for health now.

  4. I think a better way to put this would be who believes a woman is better off karma wise - a woman who aborts a child, or that same woman being forced to bring a child to term against all medical advice, or knowing that they can’t support it and causing them AND child a lifetime of suffering?

  5. These are difficult waters to wade into. No one can determine the overall suffering of a parent or potential child before the child is born.

  6. I believe everyone should have the right to choose. To make abortions illegal, in my opinion, is dangerous and a reduction of human rights.

  7. I feel like you're going to get a whole lot of different views, given the breadth of different flavors of Buddhists.

  8. I had an ectopic pregnancy, I was devastated enough, before I found out along with learning I had a 70% chance of having another, that the removal of the 'growth' and fallopian tube to find out it was deemed an abortion was like a stab through my heart. I had always felt I could never possibly have an abortion of my own accord. However, regardless of the title of the procedure, it did save my life. Also... I do, have always, and will always absolutely support my sisters rights to have autonomy over their own bodies.

  9. While abortion is against Buddhist teachings, I was also taught by a monk that we shouldn’t push our beliefs on others either. So I understand that my beliefs are my own , nor should my choice of faith take away someone else’s ability to choose. Too add, abortion is an incredibly nuanced topic and peoples reasons for getting them vary greatly. I think it’s fine that you are donating , as your intention is good willed.

  10. In the larger scale of suffering, many women and potential babies will suffer from the backroom abortions that women will resort to because of the illegality of abortion.

  11. Banning safe and legal abortions will only increase the suffering of woman all across America. There is literally no compassion to be seen with the overturning of Roe v Wade.

  12. Buddhism is reason. We shouldn't be dogmatic. Yes, abortions are not ideal, but the right to choose needs to exist. It is a very complex and difficult decision for an individual woman to take. The anti-choice overturning of Roe vs Wade is based on dogma, and not on any desire to really protect life or ponder over the nuances of abortions.

  13. Abortion is a medical procedure that should be decided upon by a patient and a doctor. The government should not be making these decisions for patients. There is no reason why you shouldn’t donate toward an advocacy group.

  14. No one has the right to impose religious beliefs on another, and not everyone believes abortion is wrong, so donating would support human freedoms for everyone.

  15. It is easy for someone to say abortion is wrong in their view. In my view, if the same person is willing to ignore how thoroughly twisted the idea of a woman being imprisoned for knowing they are not ready to give a good life to a child, or for refusing to do a forced delivery of a violator’s baby… a person willing to ignore how detestably wrong that is for our society is remaining willfully ignorant of the reality of women’s situations. One in three women have had to get an abortion.

  16. The generic Buddhist viewpoint is that abortion is a violation of the first precept and that it is unwholesome and should be avoided. (Am I correct in my understanding?)

  17. Harsher punishments don't do anything to reduce crime rates. I'm for more sex Ed and all that but the problem is that the people against abortion are against that too.

  18. You would have to be a simplistic fundamentalist to think that abortion is necessarily wrong or evil in a Buddhist worldview.

  19. If you believe that outlawing abortion will cause suffering you are basically required to act to protect choice in the best way you see fit.

  20. Access to safe, legal abortion is a surefire way to reduce suffering in the world IMO. Even Buddhist precepts are supposed to be evaluated within the context in which they are being practiced.

  21. Look in my view the only logical position on abortion is: Yes I am opposed to it personally as yes it does break a precept and we should avoid killing anything. But that is not my place to make that decision about YOUR life. I don’t actively support it because it is in my view ending a life. So how does this influence my answer to your question. If you took the precept at face value yes it would generate negative karma due to it contributing to the ending of life wether directly or indirectly. But it is a grey area because idk wether you are acting out of compassion for the mother which I totally understand or in what way you are acting. With that said, you are asking the wrong people this is something you should meditate on and consult yourself about this. If you feel it would be wrong, don’t do it, if you feel it would be fine to do, do it. I hope you find and answer to your question. Peace and love always

  22. I think if you donate to family health group ( ie:- contraception promotion and awareness groups ) as well as emergency contraception promotion groups there would be zero problem ( in fact would be wholesome ). After all from a Buddhist perspective the Mindstream only descends after the embryo “buries” itself, so all form of contraception down to ECPs are un controversially fine.

  23. Would you apply this line of reasoning to adults as well? As there are many adults who seem to have unhappy lives

  24. Nobody is saying this, but the Supreme Court just made it easier for anyone to get a gun and carry a gun anywhere without a license. To me that is not pro life. Especially in America now, where we have more guns than people. And this is just the start as Clarence Thomas pretty much stated that they were going to go after gay rights (the right to marry and they have already decimated voting rights). And the right to privacy.

  25. You want to reduce number of abortions on a large scale as much as possible and simultaneously provide people with safe environment to perform them? Then support free abortion policy for public.

  26. "Free abortion policy" means that the state takes tax money to pay for it, or prints it to pay for it. Either way, everyone then is required by law to pay for abortions.

  27. It's the woman's decision, and between her and her Dr. (There may be a sperm donor helping decide also) But it's still my choice. And also, helping out troubled people is always a good thing. Support Planned Parenthood, for sure!

  28. Precepts are about keeping them best way you understand them. Forcing "precepts" on others is in direct contradiction with the Teaching and is a manifestation of hate and delusion. Compassion is the only thing you can practice if you're in even slightest way a Buddhist. And if you ARE, the answer should already be obvious, your compassion should show you the way to act, not some deluded interpretation of dogma. Cheers.

  29. You can believe and do whatever you want, but you cannot possibly support any law that prohibits the provision of healthcare and private choice of another. Abortion is the procedure to address many situations that a pregnant woman may find herself in, including ectopic pregnancy and an incomplete miscarriage. They can die if they do not get a D&C in time. Further, if you are against abortion because of your beliefs, then you should be asking why you are not directing your efforts to stop it at men instead of punishing women by denying them autonomy.

  30. I would also look into donating to the satanic temple, they do great work in advocacy specifically in this capacity as well as offer political loop holes for women to regain autonomy of their bodies in states where abortion is illegal.

  31. This is for you to decide personally One of my favorite things about Buddhism Is there's not some big space daddy Who's gonna punish you if you displease him You will know if you're doing the right thing And you will feel in your heart if you're not If you truly believe you're helping someone help them If you think it would help this person more to not give them a Ride do that , If you truly can't decide for yourself Maybe go to a local monastery and ask where they donate too

  32. Yes, I'm surprised to be reading the "Buddhism is against abortion" posts here on Reddit. Sounds awfully close to how the Christians use vague generalities or statements they say their god made and seek to apply it to everything else even when not specifically named. I don't recall reading anywhere the Buddha said "thou shalt not have an abortion and it shalt not be possible in your country." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  33. Yes, there is no big daddy to punish you in buddhism, one must be responsible for their actions. You caused something, you have to pay the price. Causes + conditions = consequences.

  34. My opinion is to go and think on it before you decide. Don't just rush emotionally but research the consequences of your actions and look into the organisation and what your money would do

  35. While I do believe abortion is creating bad kamma, I would never presume to have creating bad kamma in this way be made illegal. That said, giving money to a group so that abortions can happen is also probably not good kamma, so I personally wouldn't do it. And I'm saying that as someone who is unhappy with Roe v Wade being overturned.

  36. Yeah, that’s kind of where I stand too. Idk tho, abortion being illegal doesn’t mean it isn’t gonna happen yk. It’s gonna happen no matter what, I’d rather it be safe legal and rare

  37. The thing is, that making abortions illegal, we don’t get rid of them. Women will suffer even more because they will DO it but in much more dangerous, risky ways. It’s horrible and sad. I’m not American, but my heart aches for every woman there.

  38. According to early Buddhism abortion/euthanasia is killing a human being. In the monk rules even hint at the possibility of abortion/euthanasia equate to permanent termination of monk hood.

  39. Obviously at some point it becomes a human life and it's wrong to take it. All separation are human and arbitrary but just saying at birth feels wrong.

  40. Precept holding Buddhist should avoid the taking of life. Precept holding Buddhists should also refrain from sexual misconduct putting themselves or others in the position of unwanted pregnancy.

  41. My wife was told never to get pregnant again or she would die. We used birth control, but if it failed what then?

  42. My opinion is not to enable abortion or not make abortion easier or not support groups who are facilitating the killing of lives. This is a personal choice and would not want this to be a law (enforced) by the government like banning those groups. People still have the freedom to go to hell or the lower realms. They should not be banned to do what they do. I just won't help in their activities.

  43. I just want to say, under 5% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions. Roughly half of its clinics do not perform abortions at all. It’s major function is providing access to clinical health care, lab work, STD testing, contraceptives and even cancer screening. This is essential for public health in the US, particularly for marginalized and poor communities where many don’t have access to traditional primary care doctors. If the small fraction of services being abortion means they’re unworthy of your donations, you’d need to include a lot of other traditional clinics and hospitals as well as not worthy of existing.

  44. The scriptures (SN 55.7) say a disciple of the Buddha not only refrains from non-killing but speaks in praise of non-killing. Therefore, it is unlikely a practicing Buddhist would donate to groups that advocate legal abortion.

  45. It is sad seeing a reasonable argument with multiple quotes get downvoted, people 8n America are getting too political and irrational these days. I expected more rational people in this sub.

  46. Donate to groups that help care for and rehome unwanted babies, perhaps? Or groups that help support poor, expecting parents with bills and acquiring newborn supplies, etc.

  47. I would relate the funding of abortion advocacy groups to supporting and funding abortions and you could be accumulating unwholesome karma from those acts. because you are aware of what your money is going to.

  48. You'll find almost as many opinions as you do people. We all share responsibility for the government of the world and I don't think we can ask more of ourselves than simply doing the right as we're able to see the right.

  49. You should check out the basic fundamentals of Buddhism. Also, understand the importance of compassion and the fact that we do not have all the answers and never will in some cases. every situation is different

  50. In choosing a course of action, my go-to question is always this: what option is going to do the most to reduce suffering in the world?

  51. As a personal choice, most Buddhists (I believe) would never get an abortion, as like you mentioned it could be viewed as a violation of the precepts. HOWEVER that ultimately comes down to the individual making their choice, and choice is what allows us to be free. Imposing our Buddhist beliefs on anyone other than ourselves is unethical and many texts caution against imposing our view on another, or on society in general. I think personally, the banning of abortions is far more harmful than a single individual (whether they identify as Buddhist or not) choosing not to follow the precepts. Lastly, always remember that this argument always comes down to where others believe life begins, however, the banning of abortions is ONLY about politicians trying to control women and exert power over them - and any other argument is absolutely ludicrous.

  52. For people who don't know, it's a federal ban on abortion but it's still up to each individual state on whether or not they would have abortion and the limits around it. For example, Texas is considered a state where abortion is banned but women are still allowed to get abortions up to 6 weeks after conceiving. Mississippi is also considered to have an abortion ban but still allows for abortions up to 12 weeks after conceiving so it's not even a total ban in states considered banned. There's also other states which somehow allow for 3rd trimester abortion meaning anywhere from 6-9 months, you could basically have an abortion for any reason, not just strictly if the mothers life is in danger. A couple days before you're about to give birth you could get a abortion if you thought the child would be an inconvenience to you.

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