Gen ₿ - my boy (5 y/o) paying for an ice cream with Bitcoin Lightning!

  1. Actually it should read "Coincorner, who massively overcharge you when buying BTC, and who rip you off when you try to sell it back to them, are spamming

  2. The problem is that this still is not a pure BTC transaction since you are dependent on the card issuer to work. This is still basically as good as using Visa or MasterCard still.

  3. L1 BTC can't be used by everyone to buy everyday things like ice-cream or groceries, it's just not technically possible. The future of BTC for consumers will be on L2, no way around it.

  4. Can someone recommend reading info on bitcoin lightning? I’ve been hearing about it but don’t know much about it yet

  5. 15 y.o. boy does the math and is like, damn... if only i hadnt bought that ice cream a decade ago, i could buy a brand new Lexus next month for when i get my driver's license.

  6. Isn’t nfc very insecure and someone could spoof/amplify the signal as an attack vector? Saw something like that on a defcon video where someone was reading nfc cards from multiple stories up in the hotel.

  7. I believe you’re talking about a $5 wrench attack that was first used as scarmongering back when contactless Visa cards became a thing - reality is it doesn't really happen.

  8. What kind of Card is that. I would to use my crypto like this but BlockFi Nexo and Wirex are not available in my country so how can I spend my BTC like this ?

  9. I think that one is a Bolt card, but this uses the LNURL standard so any other card/wallet of that type would work. You need Lightning Network, BlockFi/Nexo/Wirex are of no use here.

  10. How many Sats did he pay for that? It won't be as bad as the two large pizzas from 10 years ago but he might be just as famous 10 years from now.

  11. I remember the awesome feeling I had as a kid, when my parents were giving me money to pay for my candy. I guess this little guy feels sooo cool paying with Lightning for his ice-cream! He is definitely going to keep using Lightning for years to come!

  12. Kid cries an hour later realizing his $8.00 ice cream spend bull rushed upward and just made the ice cream store $800.00 . Yeah.. don't spend your Bitcoin on anything.. including ice cream. It's a #HODL

  13. Gen B, i like it. These kids will grow up with bitcoin just as Millennial generation grew up with the internet and became experts using and building ontop of it.

  14. What are you holding in your pocket right now, to spend on food? If it's not 100% bitcoin, then you could be holding more.

  15. It kinda is? This is Bitcoin + Lightning Network + LNURL + NFC. The UX of that stack is unmatched by any other cryptocurrency protocol, at least for payments at that speed and that cheap.

  16. I'm never selling my bitcoin. Stack sats, borrow against it if i must. To each their own. Kinda cool though to buy stuff with bitcoin, not gonna lie, lol.

  17. these crypto debit cards are just cash grabs. that $1 spent on that ice cream could be worth $50 in a few years.

  18. Bitcoin with the Lightning network will be the world currency: neutral, no state, no bank behind it; 1 million TPS ; instantaneous ; 0 fees😎

  19. I want pure asynchronous Bitcoin payment transactions where I can print BTC addresses with UTXO metadata in it on anywhere; paper, plastic, wood or anything. Not this piece of garbage video, it's still traditional and centralised. If you get what I mean that's complete freedom

  20. Considering that he’s 5yo and has 0 money you’re correct. This 5 dollar ice cream would be 15 dollar ice cream in a year. 15 is more that 0.

  21. Okay, this made my day. It's always good to see how kids are being taught from a young age what is crypto market and how it works, one way or another

  22. So Milly for ppl who have BTC on a trezor, what's the process for using it on the boltcard? I'm guessing we'll need to top it up somehow? Also, are there any hotels in Isle of Man that accept BTC?

  23. As your son is used your card without your permission and store allowed, you are entitled for chargeback protection 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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