I feel a bit sad after an argument in r/Buttcoin. Any advice welcome.

  1. Honestly the best answer. Why go there in the first place. Honestly, sometimes I look at their posts to laugh at how dumb they are but I wouldn't want to talk to them.

  2. Copying what I posted recently, on another thread. It will help you better understand what buttcoin is about.

  3. Amazingly ironic what you wrote there. I also thought that it is very strange they spend so much time and effort to hate on something so unimportant like BTC. But then, they do not differentiate between anything in this space. What tf has BTC to do with any soandso nft? The hate is strong there.

  4. Well, football never gave people the chance at life changing amounts of financial freedom. So naturally, those who are in the buttcoin sub in my opinion are the ones who are the most self destructive. I kind of feel bad for them and their mental health to be honest.

  5. First of all, if you want to discuss something it is better to use a thread that is actually about.. Something. You hijacked a meme to soapbox, you would probably have been better off starting your own post dedicated towards it.

  6. Relax bro, welcome to the club. I got downvoted thousands from those morons and today, after I left the sub page, I got banned and the mod message to me was “fuck off”.

  7. This is what my impression was. A strange anti cult that acts like friendly guy trying to prevent others from losing on another shitcoin project but without any good intentions.

  8. Talking to them feels like running into a Scientologist… nothing but pure frustration and annoyance can emerge.

  9. Dont feed the trolls. Everyone buys bitcoin at the price they deserve. I bought my first bitcoin at $1K but heard about it when it first reached par with the dollar in 2011. Did that make me a bitter buttcoiner? Nope.

  10. I remember reading about in 2012 or 2014 going to $400 and I was like “welp I missed the boat”… now I just bought my first at $30k

  11. Close your eyes and imagine a world in which no matter how sound your reasoning is, there are those who will oppose it vehemently and to the point of mania. Now open your eyes. You are in that world. Shake it off. Your argument was sound, at the end of the day that’s all you can do. Typically the more low brow the discussion becomes it’s that side’s way of saying I have nothing left to resort to but anger and insult. You have won this exchange.

  12. Thank you for this opinion. It feels good to have a reference that at least someone wants to understand what I wrote there. I understand, I feel so strange due to the disturbance of my strong believe, but I really found their arguements unfair, beside from one excemption. It was illusional to think I could I could make someone think about the basic ideas working within BTC.

  13. You ever watch Spider-Man? You know the guy that works at the Daily Bugle newspaper, J. Jonah Jameson? And no matter what Spider-Man does, good or bad, he spins it that Spider-Man is a criminal, a menace to society and needs to be stopped? That’s

  14. Who gives a shit what the future lower class people have to say, they were given plenty of time to readjust their opinions, by the time they realise they were wrong its already too late.

  15. This adresses a good point, I think. I see a good chance that the existing system and society will fail to adopt or allow BTC to be there for them. But IMHO it is a completely different thing to see something prevail through history or the see the potential for it to do so and serve for the greater good... isn't it?

  16. Remember always that when trolls resort to personal attacks rather than addressing the facts and issues raised they are admitting they cannot cope with and respond convincingly to those facts and issues.

  17. If the wider markets crash and BTC goes well below $20k as many are predicting, you can bet some of them will be buying in for the first time.

  18. They want it to go to 0 because they don’t have the confidence to get into crypto. They are followers not leaders

  19. Buttcoin is a lost cause. Time better spent talking in economic subs where actual intelligent debate and education can take place. Buttcoin lights up anytime bitcoin takes a beating, and fishes for any excuse why it’s upward momentum is a farce when it’s in a bull run. Most members act like they know everything and are 100% certain that bitcoin will fail. The sub has existed for ELEVEN years. Let that sink in a bit. Bitcoin traded at sub $10. They’ve been screaming about it’s inevitable failure for that long. They pay no mind to the adoption and development of the infrastructure for usage of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, nor the rapid attraction of investment money into the space. Many are still stuck on the “criminal” use rhetoric of 7 years ago. It’s a boring, tired, and sad sub of scared fools who mostly are bitter because they’ve wasted away opportunity on the sidelines playing it safe. They refuse to admit that while bitcoin and blockchain are highly speculative, and very much still in a proof of concept phase of adoption, that they could be wrong. How could they be wrong? Because unfortunately for them, no matter how much they scream, the more people that choose to take a chance on bitcoin, the harder it will be to unravel its existence. The future is unknown, bitcoin certainly could fail, but the past eleven years have shown that sub is truly a haven for sore losers.

  20. They are sad people with nothing going on in their lives, so they spend all their time being negative and circlejerking.

  21. they feel like older brother that thinks he always right regardless how smart you talk he just always knows some tricks to make you feel wrong or continue overthinking

  22. Had no idea buttcoin was thing that’s kind of funny, either way wider btc adoption is close to inevitable and the endeavours of the buttcoin sun just spread the word

  23. You know, it really helps to read that I am not alone im my desperate attempts to get behind all that. I of course understand that opinions can be diffenerent but this experience was a bit different. In the end I even became way more unfriendly that I wanted to, but I feld a bit overwhelmed to be honest.

  24. The last few years have opened my eyes to just how stupid most people are. Try to not let it get you down OP. You’ll be rewarded for thinking differently eventually. You just can’t help these people unfortunately.

  25. That sub is cancerous as fuck. They may dislike Bitcoin, which is fine. They’re allowed to. But Jesus they are hateful people, they love watching people suffer. They literally created a sub designed to hate on other people. That says a lot about them.

  26. I think of it like this. They literally have nothing better to do with their time than to hate on something they could simply ignore. Not the brightest thought process. It's like walking into a golf tournament and going "you guys are all dumb for playing golf" when you could simply ignore the golf tournament. Probably oversimplified but I don't spend my time hating and I have to wonder why some people have nothing better to do than to dwell and hate on something another person is doing.

  27. Don’t even try. Their world is based in a strange reality where bitcoin is just another “cRyPtOe” it isn’t. Heck bitcoin demonetizes gold. It’s not on the same level that buttcoiners think it is.

  28. Buttcoiners are not there to discuss the ins and outs of bitcoin. They're there because they actively hate it on a personal level. It is emotional for them.

  29. I went down the tulip rabbit hole with them… got nowhere. They just kept saying it’s a bubble, you don’t know how bubbles work etc. I’ve been in the stock market since the 90s. So, I am familiar with bubbles. They are the minority. The Reddit and other crypto Reddits have 10 times the members. They just don’t get it

  30. I was kicked off after one post. Really got under their skin playing a guy that listened to his professor when BTC was $5k. Worked through the mainstream talking points dismantling each one. I included pictures of current living situation versus opportunity cost living standards which sent them apoplectic

  31. go read some commentary from satoshi or hal or something and relax. there were people adamantly against the internet, just remember that.

  32. Research stoacism. You'll never be able to control faceless assholes on the internet. And you aren't obligated to reply to everyone who replies to you. Remove your personal feelings and emotions from reddit. Limit yourself to a single comment at all times and never get in a tit-for-tat, in-depth argument with anyone. Speak your mind, then walk away.

  33. Bro just look at the average amount of active users there vs here. If it wasn’t for this sub that one wouldn’t even exist, the mods here will delete anything at the first mention of a shitcoin they should do the same with any mention of buttcoin. This sub and (no offense) posts like these are the #1 way anyone even finds out about that sub. If we stop giving that shit attention it will cease to exist

  34. I feel like that sub is 90% bots, it must be no way people are that obsessed with something they hate.

  35. There is nothing stopping those people from being someone's employees, professionally confusing the story around crypto. They post and comment every single day, reliably, with hours of activity that amount to a full time job. Personal attacks is one of the

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