Today we’ve had to say goodbye to Arthur. He had an aggressive form of cancer that came on very suddenly. He was only 5.

  1. After being neglected as a child he spent a year entertaining people at birthday parties before coming to live with us for the last 18 months where he brought even more fun and laughter.

  2. Thank you for giving him the best time in his last year and a half with you. He was clearly loved, and he knew it. Hugs your way. ♥️

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. I only had my sweet girl for a year and a half when she lost her battle to cancer as well. This shit never gets easy. Arthur looks like he was a very happy boy

  4. Arthur: you were loved well and brought so much joy. You were gone too soon and will be missed. Arthur’s Human: when we rescue a scale baby, our hearts stretch bigger and we become fierce friends, protectors, and advocates for our smaller friends. Thank you for taking his life and making it beautiful and full of love. I know if he could tell you how much you changed the course of his world, he would.❤️

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