The Welbike was a British motorcycle that fit in air drop canisters in WWII.

  1. Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and do something like this... AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

  2. There is a YouTube video of a couple guys who made a copy of the dumb and dumber bike and ride it from about the same trip Harry and loyd would have had to take

  3. You can get plenty of similar small scooters these days for cheap. Plenty yet over 100mpg and cost $1000 or less.

  4. From what I remember it wasn’t street legal in some countries because of lack of a front brake and no lights

  5. These minibikes are quite common as industrial and farm equipment. This is where the wilbike found its purpose as well, under the Corgi brand. You can drive the minibike to a piece of equipment and then fold it so it fits in a tool box.

  6. You wouldn’t want a Honda in WW2 boyo, you’d be the enemy lol. Thanks for the personal review on an EXTREMELY rare bike.

  7. The fact is that if you were behind enemy lines, you far more likely to escape by commandeering a vehicle you found behind enemy lines. Better the enemy search for 500 of their cars than the one fucker on a canned Vespa.

  8. You’re glad millions suffered and died, pointlessly, because of some trivial novel bullshit. How much human potential, did we lose? You should cheer for ww3 so someone can invent a bot that delivers you Cheetos, while you die face down in a ditch.

  9. The engine in this thing is probably loud enough to wake the dead, doubt you'd be able to sneak out from behind enemy lines without alerting the entire region

  10. I think the theory was airborne soldiers would use it for quick communications just after landing somewhere, until more logistics turned up. But in practice the bike was noisy and unnecessary, because those troops were usually running distance from each other, and they didn't want to assemble a little motorbike while being shot at by the enemy

  11. I wonder how much something like this would be worth if someone brought it on one of those antique shows.

  12. When you said antique show the first thing in my head was pawn stars and I thought “best I can do is 20$”

  13. The “Wel” came from the fact it was designed at the Inter-Services Research Bureau (later Station IX), in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England. The “rod” was slang for a gun.

  14. Imma high jack this comment to say: we need amazon delivery drones to air drop electric scooters. This way they aren't standing around every-fucking-where, are always charged and inspected and ready to go.

  15. And the Nazis were scared shitless when they saw a hundred thousand Brits driving towards them in a toddlers bike and screaming out loud “oi brin ya cuntass out eer Hitler”

  16. Imagine trying to get out of the area where it's getting shelled by enemy artillery and then you see one of your friends escaping with that thing.

  17. Drop them over German lines, then sit back and watch as they all kill themselves in motorbike crashes while dicking around on them off duty.

  18. So you're telling me you ride this things with wheels 1 inch off the ground and what looks like no shock on anything but a paved surface and your asshole won't start bleeding

  19. Saw my first one of these at an aviation museum this week. I didn't even know they dropped motorcycles with paratroopers.

  20. My friend was metals tech in the Airforce and while deployed he said some special forces guys came to his shop with a 4 wheeler and were like “can you make us a machine gun Mount for this?” My friend did and a few days later he said they came back and mimicked driving into a fire fight with the mounted machine gun 4 wheeler.

  21. I’d have paid more attention in high school history class if the documentaries I saw had more dudes shredding the battlefield in mini pocket bikes tbh

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