Old but gold

  1. Jack was one of the most beloved (more accurately, least hated) politicians in my country and he actually got a lot done for his constituents, and for the whole country by implementing stricter road safety laws that demonstrably saved lives.

  2. Bro I love uncle jack so much. Like I know he’s a horrible criminal but how can you hate him ahahahah He and uncle Keith are amazing meme material

  3. the only difference is that fox news occasionally releases something accurate… oh wait. so does the onion.

  4. Bro boiled an onion and seasoned it with onion powder, he then garnished the dish with minced carmelized onions and washed it down with a piping hot glass of onion juice.

  5. At first I thought the headline was the article, ‘cause no public figure aside from Korean dictators would be stupid enough to believe…

  6. Pretty simple, if it's old and you are aware of this to the point of mentioning it in the title, don't post it. Enough with the reposts, I swear the majority of this site is like 2016 content

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