My cat saw my sleep paralysis demon?

  1. I'm neither factually sophisticated about sleep paralysis methodically but I fully believe it correlates to the spiritual 4d realm, not exclusively sentient within one's imagination as myriads of accounts had cited that animals could see those entities too. My rationale is that during sleep paralysis, the veil between the 3d and 4d planes is highly permeable and vulnerable thus allowing certain entities to slip through into the 3d plane.

  2. Sage your house, and if you see it again, say " you don't belong here" yell at it until it leaves, I had the same thing happen with a demond, for so long it was attacking me, I got rid of it by yelling at it to fu#k off and telling it it dosnt belong here

  3. Im not too worried about it, im very in touch with my guides, and ive seen far scarier things than that, it tried coming to me as one of my childhood fears which didn’t work it took the form of this thing from a scary movie i watched when i was like 7 that gave me nightmares ig it thought id be afraid💀 but yeah i definitely will cleanse my room and ask my guides for help getting rid of this wanna be demon😭

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