I fear my child might be having some trouble, how can I help her!?

  1. I dont know much but what I do know is, that you should remind her that the evil entitys only feed on fear, and that her mind is the strongest thing there.

  2. Yes I always do this. We talk about it quite often ( in toddler terms) she's very interested in the spiritual side of life she's always asking questions. But she seems to be unable to stop being afraid, which I guess is normal for her age, ill continue to encourage and reassure her

  3. I agree with this suggestion. Also, I think continuing to support her by giving her room to talk about it is so important to figuring out what’s going on. I had a similar situation starting as a child but my mother wouldn’t listen. It plagued me until I grew older and met someone who taught me Meditation and the power of suggestion. I talked to my father and found he had the same abilities I had and sharing our experiences definitely helped me limit the negative projections.

  4. Sage the house, remind her to call her dog when she sleeps and she can imagine up a guardian to protect her dueing sleep. Reinforce that her ability to imagine is the strongest thing. You can use other methods like a dream catcher and drop a pinch of salt in the bath. If you can go astral you may get more insight into whats going on. Look up the sword mudra, she could use it and banish whatever is scaring her also

  5. I did it often when I was a child then kinda just forgot about it. Until I was giving birth to her and it happened while in labor. Since I suspected she was doing it, I tried but a couple experiences made me realize I wasn't ready. (My plan was to go over to her room and pull her out and help her or just see whats going on) So I have been working on myself and I just can't feel comfortable getting out of my body yet for some reason.

  6. Lmao do not listen to people who say “evil.” Delusion of duality. Do you really want to know whats going on? Think about this for a second about people talking about how government agents are trained in astral projection and shields are used around important areas. And then ask yourself this question. If everyone naturally knew how to astral project and if everyone did today, would we even need the internet? Why do you lose all memories of being child? Why did you lose your ability to astral project? Its tragic but it happened to us all. Does astral projection work in today’s consumer society? Entertainment industry would be gone. Therapy industry would be gone. Science would change. Religion would change. The corrupt would lose control. Corrupt is better word than evil. There is no such thing as evil. Just absence of love. Like there is no such thing as darkness. Only the absence of light. So don’t ask questions from a place of fear. Ask questions from a place of love. How can I help my daughter connect to love? Instead of panicking and putting that energy of fear out there. Everything is healable. We are all infinite.

  7. It’s not the house. It’s self inducing astral projection. I astral projected all the time. Got real good At it. Truth is when you astral project your not doing it with your power. Your mislead to believe it’s by your will and power that your astral projecting. However when you project entity’s latch onto your astral body and they are the ones that maneuver you. They are able to read your thoughts telepathically and they hide very well which is also why she feels like she’s being chased. Astral projection always starts off so fun and amazing. People will say ask your spirit guides for protection but if you knew who your spirit guides were you would tell them to stay far away from you. When you self induce astral projection you take away your protection from God. It’s like inviting a vampire into your home. They need the invite before they can pounce, it’s spiritual law. Most will tell me I’m full of it and stupid. Yet there is a way to stop these attacks and that is pray over her in the name of Jesus. Ask Jesus for protection and forgiveness. It will make a believer out of your family. Amen

  8. I resonate with most of what your saying because I've found some truth to it all except for the losing protection from God thing. That doesn't make any sense. I understand what you mean by consent, but it's not like people are consenting to their damnation. They're consenting to a lot of things, but it's not power over their souls. Sure they could be influenced in a number of ways, but I feel like you've been on the fear train a bit too long. If I wanted, I could reason why anything and everything might take away our protection from God. Rabbit holes of fear and if you are right, which I keep an open mind, I imagine you're only considering worst case scenario

  9. So you don't think something negative here could affect you there? Or that I should encourage her to be flying around at night?

  10. Wild, reminds me of Tom Campbell's book. Said when he was a young kid, some beings closed the door to the astral on him so that he'd become socially adequate being that he had a job to do here in the physical or something. Claimed they do this for people up until a certain age then they could choose to start doing it again. Always thought it was an interesting story.

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