[serious] What is your honest opinion on Pornography?

  1. I’m a big fan of sex workers having agency, getting paid, and sparking sexual curiosity/enjoyment. But I’m not a fan of the exploitation & negative body issues that comes with it.

  2. Seconded!! The only thing I'd add to this is the more popular things becoming so wide spread ppl think we are all into the the same things. Like....😅 no

  3. Right. I like it and enjoy it myself. But I also recognize & respect that it can be a big problem for some/others.

  4. 100%. I agree. I think it will be interesting, and not in a better way, to see what people think of sex once the folks that had easy access to cringiest types of porn from an adolescent age grow up.

  5. THANK YOU, porn makes me feel really uncomfortable, it's boring and just makes me feel bad for the actors. It's really unhealthy and sets unrealistic standards of consent and, like you said, objectification is made to seem attractive. It's really weird and unnatural, I can't imagine enjoying it.

  6. Totally agree! I’ve said this for years and get bite back every time I do! And it’s always “the women are empowered to be as sexual as they want to be”. Idk. I don’t get that sense from the porn industry. And even if they are empowered, they are STILL being objectified as only good for sex and it spills into the ordinary lives of those that don’t feel as empowered by the men and women that fall for the fantasy as if it is real. Women will never truly get out from under the boot of misogyny if we don’t move on from sex work.

  7. Exactly! How many women are in the industry because they actually, truly want to do sex work? And how many would stay if they were given a better opportunity? Very few, if any.

  8. I think it can be a fun form of entertainment and a good masturbation aid as long as it is made and distributed ethically. I also think it has to go hand in hand with good comprehensive sex education so that people clearly understand that it is made to be fantasy material/a performance and not necessarily a depiction of real life sex - it's a performance, meant to look good for the camera and to specifically titillate the audience.

  9. Everything you wrote is what I was going to. I'll just reply here, I think that pornography that also focuses on female pleasure is important too. For example, the website Bellesa does a wonderful job of displaying a more positive depiction of sex between consenting parties. When I say positive, I mean a focus on clitoral stimulation and less of a focus on PIV. Of course, not every video is like that and that is also okay. I just wish that websites like Bellesa were more mainstream than Pornhub, which has so many damaging videos on it.

  10. Yeah I had an ex who used it as a guidebook for sex and then was mad when I didn’t respond accordingly. That sort of thing is very frustrating

  11. I agree with everything you said, and will add that I think users need to be aware of responsible consumption, as with any other thing that can cause an addiction.

  12. It has so many damaging psychological effects on the brain that nobody wants to recognize or own up to. It’s not a coincidence that our generation of young males is facing the highest rate of erectile dysfunction than ever before in history.

  13. You’re a hundred percent on point. I also think other than a harmful perception it can create regarding women (which is obviously an Issue), it also leads some men to view women as intimidating. I know so many dudes who are so awkward when it comes to women they like, and it’s quite sad because naturally you should feel good and excited (not just in a sexual way) about connecting with someone you like. Think that’s a huge issue that no one seems to notice, or just not care about.

  14. Do you have any studies/articles to back up the erectile function part? Not trying to antagonize or anything, I’m genuinely interested and would love to be able to site it.

  15. Strongly dislike it. Im saying that as someone who was very into webcamming and onlyfans only a few years ago. I think society has lately just repackaged women exploiting themselves into a new "girlboss" mentality and it 100% preys on actual children and primes them to become sex workers as soon as legally possible.

  16. Your last paragraph is exactly what my ex would do. And it wasn’t like porn hub, he was surfing all the nsfw subs and I’d see them and it really messed up my self image for awhile.

  17. It is 100% repackaged very dangerously to young girls! There is no ethical consumption or creation of porn under capitalism imo. Atm it’s only fans but 5 years ago it was sugar babies. They keep finding new ways to make it look glamour and fun. We shouldn’t be recruiting people into sex work when they’re just out of high school!

  18. As a slow learning male, I agree how horrible of a rabbit hole it can lead people down into. Cost me more than I want to admit that's for sure. Once started it's very hard to quit. Even moderation doesn't work, can't have any, none! If ya need to rub one out, do it without porn to get the job done, that way when you are able to be with your partner it's ridiculously amazing and the secret to a heart. I speak the truth

  19. Ugh the last thing you said… I’ve dated men with porn addictions and it bleeds into everything. It’s without a doubt a deal-breaker for me now.

  20. Same experience here. 19 years old and started camming. I should have quit after 3 months but I stayed on for about 9. Exhausting and degrading. I had mods to kick people out and all. But the endless requests from men to do things for free, the racism, the misogyny.. it takes a toll.

  21. I dislike it. It doesnt look like real sex and the things they do dont look enjoyable for the women. I think porn spreads a false idea of how to pleasure women.

  22. I think it's wildly unhealthy in every way possible for everyone involved - from the actors to the viewers. I also believe it's not a coincidence that the emphasis on porn & sex work being empowering and liberating for women is so very beneficial for men.

  23. Thank you. That’s the a huge part of the difference between liberal and radical feminism, and I’ve started to lean towards radical as I’ve grown older. I feel that the “sex work is real work” mantra (when applied to porn) worked on me because I was young and gullible. It’s too simplistic and doesn’t account for what happens in reality.

  24. It feels like gaslighting. Ik that word is used often, but it literally feels like the reality of women being brutalized in porn is being denied by the same people with who share interest in protecting women and questioning social norms.

  25. Im totally sexpositive so I’m okay with it as long as it’s legal and parties have consented.

  26. I think it's really damaging. Just browse Tiktok for a while. 15 year old girls talking about how violent like they like it and literal tweens making fun of vanilla sex. I've also had grown ass men ask me "what happened to my vagina" because I have regular ass labia.

  27. Hate it. Vile. A women screaming as soon as she sees a willy? Ew. Also, labioplasty, abuse, exploitation, body dysmorphia, and the porn sick men that think anal is always an option.

  28. I think porn is killing intimacy and fueling depression & sex trafficking. “Normal” sex just doesn’t do it for a lot of people anymore and in some ways that can be concerning

  29. I think it’s exploitation. I think it really harms people’s minds and relationships when they watch it excessively. I don’t think pornography should be as normalized and accepted as it is.

  30. Being on the NSFW side of Reddit has shown me that MANY people have very skewed ideas about women & sex based on porn. I enjoy porn a lot, but wish there was better education around it & more thoughtful people making it.

  31. Porn relentlessly objectifies women. I hate how the majority of porn portrays women, and impacts consumers.

  32. All of my negative sexual experiences have been a direct result of men trying to imitate porn irl. Nothing worse than a guy ignoring your comfort trying to achieve a certain visual that he saw on pornhub that is painful, and makes you feel like an object.

  33. I really dislike it. Professional porn makes me feel like the director thinks I'm an idiot. "Wow your penis is like soooooo big, penis is so fun for me" type shit.

  34. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised at the comments. I have always had a deep hatred for porn, but haven't encountered many people IRL that will own up to feeling the same. Why would I want my husband looking at and fantasizing about other naked women? Why should the fact that these naked women are on a screen make any difference to me?

  35. The god damn titles!!! I don’t know how people can click on them and not feel like the police are gonna show up? Everything is about ‘teens’ which is just so sickening to me!! Why are you marketing a 25 year old woman as a teenager? Ohh because your viewers would happily sleep with high schoolers if given the chance. Yuck.

  36. That is it problematic on so many levels. I don't judge people who do porn. I do, however, feel horrible for them if they are being exploited or abused. I also don't judge people who enjoy watching porn. But for me, depending on the content, it's either off-putting or boring to watch. I don't really get any enjoyment out of watching others having sex. Porn or not. So for me personally, I don't use it as there's no point.

  37. I hate that you never know what's safe or not. You could be watching something truly horrid happening, not know, and get off to it. I think as an industry it needs to be monitored. A number of people are taken advantage of. It can create a fucked up mentality for men at a young age. It's mostly made just for men. Get some options out there for women. More then just a few. It's a tricky thing. It can also ruin relationships and people's mindset on sex.

  38. I watch it. I like watching it with my partner to see if there is anything new we want to try or just to get into the mood. Idc if my partner watches it on his own time. Porn to me isn't really taboo or negative.

  39. I personally don’t like it. Every man that has abused me has had a porn addiction in one way or another, or consumed a lot of it. Sex workers should have rights and agency, but the conditions that the industry creates are awful on the male brain and society as a whole. Keep in mind these conditions aren’t created by the workers themselves, but porn corporations. They’re just everyday people trying to make it by in a capitalist society.

  40. I think it does more harm than good. I and people I know have experienced intimacy issues in part due to porn addiction and also unrealistic expectations of sex. I always feel like I can't really be real like I have to perform like women in porn.

  41. It’s fine if you can handle it. I’m a partner of a porn addict and this shit often spirals out of control; Normal porn becomes boring, it’s starting to create extreme kinks, watching is not enough anymore so people will seek texting, sexting, spending thousands of dollars on strippers etc.

  42. My current bf is addicted to it. It’s ruining our relationship. And porn is so horribly unrealistic it ruins things for people

  43. It’s disgusting and originally made to feed men’s desires in a safer way so that women in real life don’t have to.

  44. It’s exploitation. It sexualizes bigotry and abuse and makes you less likely to identify healthy sexual boundaries and blurs the collective understanding of rape and consent. There’s no such thing as ethical porn and you can’t consent to friends or family who may view porn you’ve created. There are plenty of stories of fathers who paid for their daughters only fans and how these women felt violated but people piled on them saying “you asked for it - you agreed to make porn so now you have to live with the consequences of men who personally know you exploiting you for their sick perversion. The only justification of porn is that the actors make money but the don’t even make that much.

  45. I came into the comment section dreading the inevitable "sex-positive" comments about how porn is totally liberating and should be tolerated in relationships but I was pleasantly surprised most of you share my views on it. I love you all. Porn is extremely exploitative, degrading, objectifying and actively harmful for both actors and viewers. I wish porn didn't exist.

  46. I enjoy watching it. I don't care for pro porn, it just seems so fake. I like watching regular people getting it on.

  47. I’m really starting to wonder if there are men left out there that share similar thoughts on porn. I always end up with porn addicted partners.

  48. I've once asked a couple of my peers what they thought about it, and I was happily surprised to know that, yes, they share our views. I'm very grateful for them.

  49. It has unrealistic standards about sex. I wanna see real people. I wanna see the water breaks, the awkward dirty talk. I wanna see people who are in love with each other.

  50. It destroys the imagination. Once you start watching it, you can't please yourself with just your imagination anymore.

  51. Not a fan. Continues to Portray the idea that us women are sexual objects for men. Amateur porn I don’t really have a big problem with but that mainstream stuff is garbage and I’d be ok with it being banned.

  52. I know several people who currently work or have worked in the industry, both mainstream and indie productions, and their stories from set are deeply troubling. Lots of abuse and coercion.

  53. It’s honestly pretty toxic for a whole list of reasons. I mean a contrasting question to that statement is “do you think porn has been good” and to that I’d say not really. It objectifies something that honestly is the BEST when it’s with someone you actually care about

  54. It can and does destroy marriages and relationships. No porn in my relationships. They can have a relationship with their screen if they wish.

  55. Porn has harmed my relationship extremely severely. PIED and addiction are very problematic. Betrayal trauma and PTSD like symptoms. Behaviours similar to other drug snd alcohol addictions.

  56. I think that it is better in theory than practice. Exploitation is rampant and it's really hard to verify the ethics of any singular distribution, so I stay away and will do so until the industry can be regulated to protect the actors and give them more bargaining power.

  57. It’s not something I consume, and not something my partner consumes. It is a big no no for me. I was exposed to pornography at a very young age, fucked up a lot of my childhood, and still fucks up some aspects of my sex life. If other folks are fine with it in their relationship, that’s fine, but I’m tired of people acting like I’m “controlling” for not allowing it in mine. Thankfully my partner agreed that it is damaging. I don’t believe that instant sexual gratification is healthy. I see so many women talk about how their husband chooses porn over them, and of course he does. It’s so much easier to sit alone and mindlessly beat off, than it is to be intimate, take care of your partner, etc. it’s just really sad how many young folks are exposed to it, completely warping their view of sex.

  58. I hate it, wish it didn’t exist. I hate as a female I am supposed to be ok with my male partner watching it. It bothers me deeply. Personally, it does nothing for me.

  59. I think it’s boring and reeks of desperation. If my man watched porn, absent some compelling circumstance, I just wouldn’t be sexually attracted to him, nor would I frankly respect him as a man.

  60. My ex fuuuucked me up. The second I was out of the house, he was chatting up women online, running to porn, everything. It wasn’t just when he was away at work. I could run out to grab groceries, come back in because i forgot to grab something, and he’d be already going to town. He was always messaging girls that we both knew, super late at night too. To a point that they would contact me because they we’re uncomfortable. I respect any woman or man in the sex industry. I would never tell them to stop, I know it’s an industry that people can make a lot of money in and I know that it’s something very normal in most relationships. When I got into this relationship I’m in now, I was open. I told my boyfriend that porn didn’t bother me and I didn’t care if he watched it. And then he would show me something on his computer and I could see his last site or history or something and it hurt me. I’m not sure why. But it would bother me. Like hurt my feelings. I went on for an entire year, fighting with myself to say it’s normal and I have issues. And it was just never something I could get over. We sat one night and I said “if you can give me one good reason why my photos, why our videos aren’t enough, why you need to look at another woman, then I will back off. But it really bothers me and makes me feel like I’m not enough and you have to find strangers to get off to” and he sat back and was like “huh. I honest to god, never thought of it like that. I don’t do it to find other people it’s just what guys do. But yeah, it’s kind of fucked up to think about another woman because I would hate if you were thinking or looking at other men. Ok. I’ll stop. I respect you more than I want to look at porn” and I really really appreciated that. I never wanted to be the girl that said her boyfriend can’t do this or that but that was the one thing that became a boundary for me. It wasn’t even like “oh yeah it kind of bugs me” it was like, I had a visceral reaction when it happened. I wanted to puke. My body shook. My stomach ached. It wasn’t nice.

  61. It fucking sucks because I know that none of the things they are doing feel good and what's even worse, some of them look painful and not enjoyable at all. The worst is that because is so male oriented, it's really, really, but really difficult to find a porn that doesn't suck or it's not full of women just screaming by being played like a dj disc. Even the lesbian porn is male oriented so they just put up the show and don't do anything good.

  62. I have nothing against people who do the work. I don't like the overall idea of porn though. It puts so much pressure and unrealistic ideas of what sex is supposed to be. It makes men and women try to live up to a body image and sexual performance standard that is unrealistic and can ruin some sex lives and relationships because of it. I also hate how sexualized things are in general. Yes, sex is a natural human instinct and need but it doesn't need to be a 24/7, always available, in your face kind of a thing. It's also a no to in my marriage. I concider it a form of cheating because we have a commitment to each other. If we need sexual needs met and satisfied we can talk to each about it, please each other, and of that isn't possible in the moment by husband has plenty of sexy pictures and videos of me/us to be intimate too without looking at another naked women.

  63. It’s bad for the human brain. Sometimes you’re supposed to be hungry, bored, dissatisfied, longing, horny, or sad. Pornography takes away from feeling any of those, and then the negative feed back loop starts. People develop unrealistic expectations, prefer it over real sex, stop seeking out meaningful relationships, use it to escape boredom/depression instead of getting real help, develop unhealthy fetishes, and have to constantly seek out new and frequently more extreme content because the same old video just doesn’t do it for them anymore. Also the excuse that it helps people “explore”. Well if we actually taught people about sex in a healthy and open way, people wouldn’t need to learn about it from pornography. Many, many people have had it break up their relationships, or stayed in unhealthy relationships because they were pressured into being ok with it.

  64. I hate it, it’s misogynistic and it damages the brain when you watch it. There’s no such thing as ethical porn either. It’s an insanely sick industry and it honestly seems like a lot of people, mostly men, don’t realize how horrible it all is. No exaggeration, the world would be a better place if porn didn’t exist.

  65. As a queer woman raised in a strict Catholic household (and community), porn was a tremendous help to me growing up. It helped me discover who I am and what I wanted, and was a safe sexual outlet since I was unable to safely come out. It also helped me to safely explore kinks.

  66. I think the porn industry itself is awful, there’s a lot of issues with exploitation, abuse, sexual assault, unhealthy standards and CP within the industry. I think that Porn causes a lot of issues as well in regards to warping teenage/growing minds and expectations, it also ruins relationships and causes tension and distance between partners (obviously depending on relationship boundaries).

  67. I think my problem with it is the fact, that it isn’t real and it’s really mostly only one type of actor. It is not an accurate representation of sex and no your partner is not always comfortable doing things you might do and they don’t stop when someone says stop.

  68. I truly believe the reason why most men love pornhub pornstars and hate only fans stars is because they hate that women are beginning to get full agency over the content they create. I think porn is only ethical if it is created with fully consenting and well paid parties. Financial coercion into the industry is still abuse.

  69. It causes brain damage, so like any drug it should be done sparingly and with caution. What adults do privately and consentingly is none of my business.

  70. Society has a massive problem with porn, which is evident when it's where a lot of children learn about sex. The difference in men I've dated when they aren't consuming porn is incredible. If you want to consume porn, pay sex workers. If you don't want to do that then don't watch it. I'm not sure why so many people think porn is some sort of human right.

  71. I had no opinion on it either way for a very long time. Then I started dating again and had a few FWBs. Men are stuck by midlife in some fairly destructive habits and porn seems to be a clear and obvious one.

  72. I always wonder what sex workers would have done with their lives if they weren’t in that industry. Seems sad to me.

  73. I personally think it's mostly misogynistic and is harmful to relationships but everyone acts like it's a God given right and if you don't want it in a relationship then you must be controlling or insecure.

  74. I think mainstream porn makes men think women actually like being jackhammered and having their clitoris aggressively rubbed/slapped and has led to a lot of bad sex for a lot of women.

  75. I'm seriously turned off by it. It's just my personal preference and unfortunately it narrows down my dating pool even more because I don't feel comfortable being without someone who engages in it

  76. I don’t believe a human being can actually practice real consent to sex when money is involved. That includes porn stars. There are a number of other reasons I’m against porn, but that’s one of the main ones. It’s problematic in a number of ways.

  77. Porn ruined my relationship and my self esteem. i have not been able to look at my partner the same after I caught him watching it. I also cry during and after sex almost every single time. It’s devastating. We went to couples therapy and i felt like the therapist saw me as the problem bc she suggested a individual session to work on my “self esteem” even though my insecurity was directly related to what happened. It still breaks my heart to this day.

  78. Ok so I'm sure I've only seen a small percentage of what's actually out there and I know there's some awful shit but I've really enjoyed the rise of more female centered videos. Talking about the more organic and sensual and alot also have a more artistic look. I've also seen comments from men saying they prefer this type as well.

  79. I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s contributing anything of true value to the world the way it’s done nowadays. I think sex work should be completely legal and regulated to protect the people who do it, but we also need better education around sex in general.

  80. I have serious ethical issues with it (outside of 100% voluntary and doing it totally because you want to). I won't watch it and I'm not interested. My partner is the same way. I also think "traditional" porn has caused serious issues within society that a lot of people refuse to acknowledge.

  81. Pornography that is just people having sex of all sorts is fine. None of what I’m about to say applies to the tiny percentage of truly consensually and ethically produced porn.

  82. I can appreciate it. I take it for granted that most people watch sometimes and I see nothing bad in that at all. But it's not exactly a soul fulfilling art lol

  83. I have mixed feelings. I think porn by its very nature distorts what sex is and how it looks. I think the fact that all creative endeavors go through fads in what and how they present things and that in a capitalistic society, those fads are concentrated and distorted over and over again until what it represents as sex is unrecognizable compared to the real thing. I think men especially fall victim to this and end up having problems relating to women and even getting and maintaining an erection because they’ve grown so habituated to sex being presented in a very specific and wildly narrow interpretation, that they can’t cope with real life sex anymore.

  84. As a man speaking, it is really bad for men's sexual health and expectations. Myself and many others have or are suffering from over-exposure to porn which has hurt many, many relationships. I don't think we've quite grasped how much porn has infiltrated society and created generations of addicts.

  85. Currently it’s bad… Male fantasy on roids, no real examples of consent or proper sex education. Some people think porn is the real deal, which is scary since it’s not real, it’s like the Marvel version.

  86. I enjoy what I watch, but I'm very specific about porn where the couple are using positions and motions that I actually KNOW feel good.

  87. A large portion of pornography features women being hurt used and exploited , a lot of porn exhibits extreme acts of sex that may be difficult to achieve enjoyment from in real life; it sets unrealistic standards for women’s performance during sex; it sets false expectations and definitely leads to men being disappointed when their girlfriend declines a threesome or to let them preform anal on them. I think sex safety procedures, consent , and equal enjoyment should be pushed to be equally important, if not more important than the depicted sex acts themselves.

  88. I hate it. I don’t understand it. It’s addicting like drugs for the dopamine rush it gives your brain. I have a brother who is addicted to it and it has caused him many problems in life, like being let go from jobs.

  89. I think it’s very hard to ethically consume porn. While I think sex work should be legal, many people are coerced (or outright trafficked) into it without knowing or understanding the long term repercussions. Someone can be paid very little for a scene and sign away their ownership to that media/content.

  90. Incredibly harmful by setting up unrealistic expectations. Also very dangerous for workers getting exploited and harmed. I don't understand why we overcorrected and started glorifying sex work. Sex workers deserve respect, equal opportunities, and livable wages, AND we don't have to make sex work something to strive for.

  91. Mainstream porn supports and encourages people to view women as objects and treat them aggressively and disrespect them. And the fake moaning ??? Annoying af. A lot of men who have no idea about how real women are end up thinking that's how all women want to be treated. And watching porn a lot leads to objectifying women in real life too. Some people fail to see a women beyond her body, and see them as nothing but sexual objects. A lot of men end up thinking good sex is just Jack hammering and rubbing clit aggressively lol.

  92. Just because it’s legitimate work does not mean it’s not a harmful industry. I think a lot of people are too afraid to think critically about it and really talk about the increasing harms it’s causing not only for relationships, but also masculinity, and the health of societies and families. It doesn’t seem to have any benefits.

  93. I’m just saying that I didn’t used to have to tell new partners not to choke me, slap me, yank me backwards by my hair, or shove their fingers down my throat BEFORE we got busy. Like, those were fringe kinks that people would shyly ask about. Like “do you think you could try choking me a little during sex?” Or “how rough can I get with you?” Now it’s like guys think everyone wants it or wants to do it to look kinky/slutty for brownie points. It’s a wild world out there now.

  94. Do what you want if you work in the sex industry, I've been there. I do think a lot of the porn plots and "acting" are silly and stupid. Also there seems to be some standards I've experienced expected from porn, 2 biggest ones being squirting and riding. A few too many guys have asked me if I squirt and I normally just say no cause it's been super rare, but when I've looked it up in porn wondering it's like I think these ladies are just pissing themselves, idk how else they're filling a bowl or a cup up. Then with riding I see in porn the women go in like this squat and go up and down the whole dick, when that's not very practical in my experience

  95. i love audio porn. put on my Bluetooth eye mask and sometimes I don’t even masturbate it’s more of just a meditation. i believe in paying for porn though, specifically from the creator through their patreon or OF, but apps like Quinn or Dipsea are great.

  96. I HONESTLY think watching other people have sex is weird. I 100% understand and accept I'm an outlier here, but I consider myself ace, so I'll just never get it

  97. The porn industry? Not really into it. It isn't indicative of what real life sex is, for the most part. I've had some great experiences, but that doesn't mean everything portrayed in porn is realistic. Even the "romantic" stuff isn't realistic, imo.

  98. It’s dangerous. It teaches society unrealistic expectations of sex. It desensitizes people who watch it often, and then they need more and more and it quickly becomes a thirst that cannot be quenched, which leads to lots of other issues. It’s portrays a lot of violence against women as well, which leads boys and men to think sex is supposed to be rough and violent all the time. It focuses only on males getting off and achieving pleasure which suppresses women sexually. It’s horrible.

  99. I think the porn industry is predatory and problematic. While I recognize that workers are free agents, I feel that the harms far outweigh the benefits. I don’t partake in the porn industry, and have no desire to. I love sex, and my partner is all I really need to set the mood.

  100. it's dehumanising and relies on centuries of mysoginy. it's very male-oriented, the industry itself is full of abuse, it promotes unrealistic standards for both men and women and it makes me uncomfortable as hell :)

  101. I don’t think is healthy (for either the people involved, or the ones who watch) is degrading and I think is trashy. Either be professional , amateur or OF.

  102. It's a fun addition to solo play as long as you don't expect every person you meet to act that way. Gotta separate fantasy from reality and remember the difference.

  103. I find mainstream porn boring. I prefer something with a little bit more dialogue. Also I wish they dimmed the lights or just use natural lighting. The only thing that gets me off is the foreplay. The actual parts where they pound each other is so obnoxious.

  104. I think that sex work is work, and it's very unregulated work with a lot of labor abuses, and stands out in that those labor abuses are usually tied to misogyny. While it's possible to make porn in non-exploitative ways, I don't feel confident in my ability to make sure the content I watch is non-exploitative.

  105. A lot of OF workers that chose it 100% for themselves get trapped and can’t quit even when they want to. One because a lot of them can’t match the amount of money elsewhere, and two because once it’s online, it’s forever and many women do get fired for it.

  106. I support sex workers and the people who work in this industry, but I don't like the issues that come with pornography. From addiction to body issues to the illusion they create of what sex should be like, pornography has gotten to the point where it has caused a lot of unnecessary harm - this all not mentioning the romantiziation of rape, children, etc.

  107. I used to be a fan. But I found I was looking at more extreme content to reach arousal. I reached a point where post lady nut clarity I felt pretty disgusted. So I didn't watch anything for a long time (5 years or so), I would still read some literotica now and then. Online chat does far more for me now. I have my NSFW account which is all real people posting, I support ethical porn and sex work but now I think the porn industry is terrifying.

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