How did you deal with going from being a child to getting sexual attention in a short period of time? Did you expect this?

  1. Do you think there wasn't sexual attention until adulthood? Creepers started creeping before I hit double digit age. Gross people start sexualizing you while you are still a child. It's not like they wait until you are of legal age.

  2. My thoughts exactly, bless the naivety of thinking creeps wait until our 18th birthdays, I mainly got cat called in my school uniform!

  3. Right? I'm pretty sure my first sexual attention from an adult was when I was 3. It became a regular part of life by the time I was 9. I'm certainly not the exception.

  4. Exactly, you just don't realize you're being creeped on till you're old enough to understand what it all means. I think that might be what the op means

  5. Yup. I had grown men obscenely gesturing at me when I was 8 years old. Funny how men don’t seem to understand that. Or perhaps they do very much understand it, they’ll just never fess up to it.

  6. I remember I was walking with my mum and pushing my baby nephew in a pram. We crossed the street and some dude in a car beeped his horn, whistled and shouted something like “yeah there’s a fine looking mamma” or maybe he called me a MILF I forget. Anyway before mum could say anything I shouted “eww gross I’m 11!”

  7. Came here to say this. I was assaulted in a store when I was 9. And adult men definitely looked at me sexually before puberty, and when I was a teenager.

  8. Yeah. I came to say this. I was first sexualised before I hit my teens. I had more interest in men in their 20s-30s when I was 13/14 than I have in all my 20s put together

  9. When my friends and I were in middle school, a man whipped out his penis in front of us. We were hanging out at one of those outdoor strip malls with a bunch of stores, fast food places, grocery stores, etc. (in a city with a low crime rate). As a 10-year-old, I couldn’t fully process what was happening, but I knew it was wrong. Especially since I had been sexually assaulted by my cousin around the same age.

  10. Yes same! Walking home from the bus stop in elementary school and would regularly have men slowly drive along side me and ask if I needed a ride 💀

  11. Had an elderly man say to my 2yo daughter 'if you were a little older and I was a little younger...' and he said this in front of me. With a smile on his face and meant it as fucking complement.

  12. How did I know this would be the top comment before I started reading the thread? I think a lot of men underestimate what women have to go through in life.

  13. I had cars honking at me on the side of the ride while I walked to the store or beach at 8-9 years old. Only got worse from there and rape at 14. So the adjustment wasn’t really there it was forced.

  14. What's worse is when you're 13 you think "oh they must have thought I was older", then you're older and realize they knew you were a child

  15. My first was at age 12, some middle-aged man wolf-whistled at me from his car as he passed. I'm pretty sure I was carrying a backpack, too, as if it wasn't already obvious that I was school age.

  16. I was catcalled and aggressively hit on the most when I was in my school uniform. Now that I’m in my 30s I mainly get hit on by college aged guys. Honestly it’s refreshing how nice and respectful they are, but they’re so childlike still. It makes me rage to know that men my age and older are coming on to actual children and teenagers.

  17. Thinking back I haven't been honked at recently, not for years. Dude that's creepy. I always hated going out to town in my teens in summer because of wearing less & I remember one time getting honked at when I was just wearing a simple top & jeans. Probably was 15/16🤢

  18. I was just thinking that, too. And when I was 13 I probably looked 11, as I was a very late developer and tiny. I'm 34 now and still get id'd.

  19. Same here in my country (yup). We have these buttholes in every roads and lanes and all they do is catcall, wolf whistle and even go as far as beating you for rejecting their advances.

  20. I think you are vastly overestimating the gap between "being a child" and "getting sexual attention", honestly. Al lot of us start getting it as children in the single digits in age, and it is never expected or wanted.

  21. Given the rates of childhood abuse and sexual assault, this is a weird question. Young girls either politely compartmentalize the unwanted attention, start dressing like frumpy cat ladies in their teens to avoid it (me, and it did not work), or feel validated because that's the only way they understand their value.

  22. I felt super uncomfortable and was sexualized often as a child. I was asked if I had boyfriends, if I kissed them etc etc. I started getting sexual comments and cat called around 12. It was gross and I was always confused but as a preteen I knew it was about sex and my body and it made me feel even worse. Often I didn’t understand what exactly was meant, like once an old man did the cunnilingus sign to me with his tongue and all I knew was that it was so gross but I didn’t understand what it meant exactly. So basically NO, I did not expect this and it was traumatizing.

  23. Dude, similar situation here. I'm still uncomfortable with people making comments (even nice ones) about my body because all that early sexual attention really made me want to recoil and be invisible and I never really got over that.

  24. Yep, started getting my boobs at age 10 when I got my period. I'll never forget a man harassing me in the grocery store, or my dad's friends making sexual comments about how 'big' they are.

  25. Yup I remember two men discussing me while I was watching tv. I could hear what they were saying and I just blocked it out and pretended to keep watching tv. I wish the ground had opened up and swallowed me that day. I was 12.

  26. Yeah, once when I was like 6-7 a man asked me if I was “playing footsie with him” when I accidentally bumped his leg with my foot. I didn’t even know what it meant but it made me feel disgusted and uncomfortable. Even as an adult I have a thing about never touching anyone with my feet accidentally.

  27. I had this same conversation with someone at work today. They asked me why I don't just talk to guys at work and they were surprised when I said "because if I smile and have a simple conversation with them, 9 times out of ten they think I want to have sex with them. Then it's just weird and I don't really want to deal with that."

  28. Yup, most of the guys I’ve considered friends have sexualized me at best and some have even assaulted me. At this point in my life I rarely interact with men who aren’t my partner or related to me.

  29. I feel for you, especially the questioning everyone’s intentions all the time. That is so exhausting, yet it is proven time and again that it’s necessary. ♥️

  30. I think all women start getting sexual attention as children even if its back handed (dont wear that its too revealing) (shes gonna be a heart breaker) you dont know what it means when you are a kid but you have an idea. You start feeling things about being sexual before you know what sex is. And the not back handed sexual attention also starts at about 11 years old for most of us i think.

  31. I feel like for me it wasn’t the sexual attention as much as it was my parents sexualizing me. I can’t remember when exactly but probably around age 12/13 when I hit puberty all of the sudden my parents became so incredibly strict about my clothing and the pictures I took and etc. i didn’t understand why I had worn a bikini as a child but couldn’t now. It made me feel gross and like something was wrong with me. I know parents just want to keep you safe from the creepers but the way mine went about it made me feel ashamed of my body and like I was inherently dirty and sexual. I had no intentions of trying to look sexy I was literally just existing and wearing what I thought was pretty.

  32. I was way more sexualized as a child than my years combined of being an adult. Men “stopped” being creeps to me when I hit 20. I am 24 now and receive virtually no male attention. Guess I’m too old for them.

  33. There’s no difference. I got my period in fourth grade by fifth grade I had curves and decent size breast. I wasn’t even a teen and I would already get cat called. I remember walking and having guys actually stop their car to tell me stupid things or invite me to leave with them at that age. Nothing really prepares you. I remember trying to hide my body under baggy clothes and even that didn’t help. Gave me a bit of body issues because I couldn’t figure out what I was going wrong to have this happen to me. Eventually I just started carrying a small knife with me until I got pepper spray. I’m an adult know and I’m still a bit traumatized so now I walk around with a taser. No one expects this. No one deserves it. Society has a funny way of showing us it wants to protect us.

  34. I had a buffer time from 11-13 where I would get sexual attention nit people would back off when I revealed my age. After 13 I was apparently fair game and definitely petrified to be cornered somewhere.

  35. I was naive and tried to gain even more of that attention because I've been bullied in those transitional years and confused pedophile creeps for nice guys who actually seem to like me 🤦🏽

  36. Feel this too. It sucks because your hope is that the people doing that like you for you, and actually want to get to know you and see you as a human being. Unfortunately most of the time it’s creeps

  37. This. And what made it worse is that adults in my life either thought it was perfectly normal or behaved as if I, the fucking child, was the problem in these "relationships".

  38. 🤣🤣😂 It's funny that someone would assume that sexual attention wasn't forced on girls until adulthood.

  39. I would get stared at and sexualized by the age of 12. I wasn't even aware of it until my mom pointed it out, and would tell me I didn't even know how beautiful I was. Like it was a compliment and I should be grateful I got inappropriate catcalls from older men. Then I got insecure and uncomfortable. I just wanted to be a kid.

  40. I honestly don't think I ever really recovered. I still do not make eye contact with men I don't know unless absolutely necessary. I don't even look in their direction when walking down the street to avoid accidentally locking eyes and having a forced and uncomfortable conversation.

  41. I feel this as well. I’m always on edge and unfortunately assume, and expect the worst from men who are strangers. I’m in fight mode when I walk anywhere alone, and I hate feeling angry anytime a man looks at me.

  42. I literally had some old man follow me leaving a restaurant. I was only like 16 at the time. It was weird. Now That I’m 24, I hardly get attention from old men anymore

  43. It was not a gentle transition, and I was openly sexualized more between the ages of 9-16 than I am now at 22. I didn’t even know what half of what they said or asked meant, but as I became a teen I realized just how crude and disgusting those men really were.

  44. Most women I know, including myself, received sexual attention as children but didn’t recognize it until we were adults. I was talking to a friend of mine about her uncle that was always making little comments to me when I was like 13-14? In my head he was like 17 or 18. Nah man he was 30. I remember comments and creepy hugs going back to when I was 8. I just didn’t understand it was sexual and wrong until much later. it made me uncomfortable. I think one day you have an AHA moment and for me it wasn’t until I was 37 and had 2 preteen daughters that told me about some guy that approached them in McDonalds. I was horrified, but I remembered. “Man I wish you were 18!” “Old enough to bleed old enough to breed!” “Why you chasing after them boys when you got a man right here?” “Just pretend your 16 so I can talk to you for a minute!” Sometimes I was actually flattered. Now it just makes me feel sick.

  45. I got subtly hit on by my dads friends while he went inside to use the bathroom. I felt incredibly dirty. I never went around those guys without him again.

  46. What makes you think I doesn't start at childhood. It's very uncomfortable when I realize it because it was from grown men way past 18. Now that I'm a woman I don't put it past any man to be attracted to children because of my experience and others.

  47. i had to quit my first job due to sexual harassment+attention. the store i worked at didn’t do anything UNTIL i put my 3 weeks in, and the mall that my job was located in didn’t do anything either after my multiple complaints (plus my mom yelling at mall security through the phone lol). also i worked as a barista so a lot of the guys CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE between costumer service and attraction. i’m REALLY good at costumer service in comparison to my old coworkers, (ALWAYS was in a customer facing position) and the amount of times id get asked “how old are you”, “are you single” “did your boyfriend buy you your jewelry?” etc. by old men was CREEPY asf. lastly my step-mom either gives me dirty looks or tells me to cover up when i wear shorts or crop tops around the house. she was mental. edit: correction from mom to stepmom!

  48. Same here, I was 4 the first time too. Creepy sexual attention throughout my childhood from various different people, much older than me and almost all men.

  49. I got more unwanted attention wearing my school uniform that I ever did wearing office attire. This also started in primary school and in Australia where I live primary school (K-6) uniforms are distinctly different to high school (7-12) uniforms. They KNEW I was in primary school!

  50. i was cat called, followed till home, whistled at, people shouted "sxy/fck" casually while passing by on the roads when i was JUST 12-13yrs old. When i was of that age i thought men looking at me meant i was really attractive and thought much of it until they started following me home.

  51. There wasn't a gradual change. I was in second grade when a guy two years older than me tried dry humping me while we played hide and go seek.

  52. I think dealing with it is a neverending process. You're generally so young when it first happens that it's hard to process. My first memories are maybe 5th grade, being told I had DSL. 6th grade, being shoved in a bathroom and forced to kiss someone who had a "crush" on me. 7th grade, different person telling me I was "so pretty that I would rape you" and tbh it just gets progressively worse as the years go by.

  53. Lol that you think “being a child” and “getting sexual attention” are two different things. You don’t go from to the other. You transition slowly, and painfully.

  54. I had a C cup by 6th grade so it started early, and it always made me just feel like melting into the floorboards. I was a bit of a tomboy so it was already just hugely embarrassing for me, and there weren't any women in the house to commiserate with. I knew about the birds and the bees (mostly lol) as far as expecting it, but I always saw myself as an awkward beastie so I didn't understand it.

  55. My first distinct memory of being sexualized was at some sort of family friends party. I was wearing a new dress, light blue, with an empire waist and a taffeta skirt. A man started talking to me in the garden near a koi pond. I remember my grandmother coming over, nicely talking to the man in a familiar way, then asking me if I wanted to go get some cookies. I was disappointed when she took me to a spare room instead and scolded me for batting my eyelashes too much which confused me. She said it sent the wrong message. I remember seeing the man at multiple gatherings after that.

  56. That's horrible that she blamed you and how earlier generations tended to always blame the victim even when they are children.

  57. My boobs burst out right when I got my braces off, 14. Freshman in high school. I really liked the attention. Always wore tight fitting clothes. Became anorexic and shortly after bulimic to maintain shape or always tried to be skinnier. Which was stupid because I played sports.

  58. When I was 5 or 6 I went to a Halloween party dressed as cat woman, and my best friend’s dad told me I looked sexy. My mom was there and she verbally annihilated him but I will always remember how humiliated I felt.

  59. I’m male, straight, and around 12-14 i got unwanted grooming attempts, my parents friends sat me on their legs to play and sometimes it felt off, like very uncomfortable. A friend of my brtoher -he’s 3 years older- always hugged me, sat very close to me when playing videogames and was tickling me the whole time. In school i had a teacher that was very close to me, later in life i found out that he was fired and reported for pedophilia. All these things, i didn’t understand them then, i was a kid, i realized a lot of this as an adult. I think that creeps sexualize youth. If for me, a man, it was like this, i just can’t even imagine how it is for women. I’m sorry.

  60. Sexual attention was always there, just took a while to notice wtf was going on lol. I’m honestly very jaded and biased towards older men now but I don’t care

  61. You got jokes. It started when I was still a child. It pissed me off, and made me hostile towards men. I think having no problem being cold and mean, when need be, has kept me safe from a lot of them.

  62. I was still a child when that shit started. No. I did not expect it. I had no clear understanding of what the comments meant, but they did make me uncomfortable. I just had no idea why it made me feel that way. So I had no idea of how to deal with it.

  63. I just thought that's how it was. Unlike the other females in my immediate family, I developed early and quickly around age 10, with a C size chest by age 12. I became accustomed to the staring, the weird comments from older men, and I accepted that this is how the world is. In the movies, it's the 20 and 30 year olds that get this attention, but not in America.

  64. started with me as a child. I was 8 when I noticed it. When I noticed it. I used to get men ogling me when I was 13. I'm 28 now and men want nothing to do with me.

  65. I was objectified at age 12 by and uncle who complemented my neckline in my tank top. I felt uncomfortable but I didn’t understand why for a few years later. I only started wearing tank tops again a few years ago

  66. I was 9 years old when I was first sexualized and raped by an adult. You can’t really deal with it. Your brain is far too young to comprehend. Even as an adult it doesn’t always comprehend. Groomers use tactics to make it appear like sexual attention is the same as loving nonsexual attention. They normalize it for their victims. I never expected it. My mom had warned me about pedos but I was so young, I truly had no idea how awful people were. I was raped basically every weekend, multiple times, from ages 9-10 and then on random weekends from 10 and until I got my period when I was nearly 12. It wasn’t until I was 13-14 when I truly realized the scope of what had happened to me and I refused to talk about it until I was nearly 21. I’m 32 now and talk pretty openly about it, but it took a lot, A LOT to get to this point. Even when going into labor with my son at 21, I started having flashbacks from my abuse. Sometimes it feels you don’t ever get used to sexual attention, and other times it feels like if I don’t get sexual attention then I’m worthless. It becomes hard to judge where the line is between the abuse and a regular healthy sexual appetite. Like do I actually want sexual attention or is it my trauma?

  67. Thank you for sharing your experiences, flashbacks during labor are so common and people don't talk about it enough.

  68. Genuinely I think it’s traumatic. Like the moment your boobs start showing you’re suddenly no longer a child despite being like 9-12 years old. Suddenly you can’t play with the boys or anyone really and suddenly you’re expected to watch what you wear and suddenly your body is inherently sexual. As others have said the sexualization starts way earlier but suddenly it’s like you have a responsibility in it. Before if someone was creepy the blame is on them mostly, now it’s like well what did you expect? You were showing your shoulders, you existing is too distracting, etc. and you internalize this. Suddenly it’s like your body is no longer yours and you’re no longer an innocent child who needs protection. It still surprises me some people think girls just naturally mature faster and aren’t groomed/forced into adult situations and mindsets before you can even drive.

  69. I remember there was a point in high school where boys started treating me differently. I'm a late bloomer. It was very strange. I wished we could all just be friends again. I was pretty sheltered.

  70. I was in the backseat of my friends dad's truck with my friend and her uncle. I distinctly remember him touching my hair and getting very close to me.

  71. The first time i got cat called i was 11/12 years old and walking my german shepherd down to the corner store to buy. I was called “jailbait” at 16 by a 19/20 year old who was trying to fuck me (its illegal in my state for an 18+ to be with someone whose under 18). I was stalked at 15 by a kid a couple grades older than me who asked me out daily and never took no for an answer. something, i dont even remember what. This shit doesnt magically start the day we turn 18.

  72. I was in elementary school still, and I had seen more than three erect penises on my way to the school bus. Men would have an erection, drive around in their car, and show it off. I was raped at 11. Cat called more than I care to remember. As an adult, I am plus sized, and 5’1. In retrospect, perhaps my refusal to be thinner is my subconscious way of saying never again.

  73. Since I could remember my mother has always warned me to be weary of men and watched me like a hawk. She was always careful of how I dressed and ingrained into me that my body was mine and no one could touch me(and she wonders why I’m pro-choice lol) Like a lot of girls I was anxious to wear makeup and more grown up clothes, as an adult I’m grateful that my mother did not let me until a more reasonable age. I knew that I could always go to my mother if something happened, fortunately nothing ever did. She did catch creeps looking or asking about me even before I hit puberty though.

  74. I started getting sexual attention from grown men online at the age of 11. I enjoyed it at the time then but looking back at it now I wish I could report every single one of those predators.

  75. A lot of people are saying sexualization doesnt wait for adulthood. Which is true. I do remember when I noticed it happening, though. Like when I connected the dots and realized that I was being sexualized.

  76. Honestly, I got hit on and cat-called by grown men more when I was a child (12-13 yo) than I do as a grown ass woman (26 yo). It’s sickening and terrifying.

  77. the naive nature of children’s brains almost censors how bad some things truly are. i also find it ironic when men tell me to “be safe” or “take care of yourself a lot of creepy people,etc”, as soon as i got my first job as a young teenager I realized how creepy and perverted some individuals really are. I don’t think a victim of unwanted sexual advances ever expects it as a grown man SHOULD know not to even entertain a “promiscuous” or flirtatious conversation with a minor. yet given the temptation predators will always act given the opportunity. it’s sad and never the victims fault.

  78. i was getting creepy comments when i was 5 i was catcalled and assaulted for the first time when i was 8. there was no “sudden sexual attention” it went from being a baby to having people ask if you’ve kissed someone or if a boy in elementary school is your boyfriend to being catcalled, harassed, or assaulted. but i did expect it to happen at some time because when i was 5 my mom told me this would happen a lot, and she told me this constantly, though i was never prepared for it. and it was still scary.

  79. I was homeschooled from kindergarten onward. One major advantage of that was that I was sexualized far less than I would have been otherwise. I also didn’t go out much due to my mom having a then undiagnosed sleep disorder and also dealing with medication side effects. That also helped a lot. So I don’t really recall being sexualized as a child. But I certainly recall it in my teens. But none of it was too egregious. I mostly just shrugged it off.

  80. I was sexualized from a very young age, so it made no difference. I became conservative, then embraced my hyper sexuality. Now I am now sad to see that at 30, no one finds me sexually attractive. I notice when men look in a certain direction of a teenage girl too long. It did not really effect me until much later in life.

  81. Not exactly when I was a child but when I entered high school, I started getting sexual attention from other kids my age. At first, it was nice. I felt pretty and attractive, and as a 14-year-old who owned an Instagram account and frequently compared myself to models, that was a good feeling to have. That innocence and naivety quickly disappeared though once I learned that a compliment was never just a compliment. There were always ulterior motives.

  82. By “Freezing” up whenever it happened. It started young. I didn’t know or understand why people were being creepy, just that I didn’t like it. Never expected it as I was naive and being polite is what was expected.

  83. Me being me, I thought nothing of it until my twenties. I definitely got female attention as a teenager, but I was so oblivious that it didn't click until I was about 21 and then all I could do was ack myself in the forhead.

  84. I was sexually abused from the ages of 12-15 basically as soon as my period started so yeah. I had issues with it, I can’t really answer how to deal with it because I’m still in therapy for it many years later. No I absolutely didn’t expect it and I don’t think any child should expect that, but it’s sadly most women’s experience to deal with specialization from a far younger age than they should.

  85. First, I want to say I'm so sorry to y'all who dealt with sexual attention while still being a child. I teach elementary school and I can see some of my "more mature" 5th graders dealing with that and it makes me so sad.

  86. With hunched over shoulders on an attempt to hide. And I have been dealing with posture and back problems ever since.

  87. I was getting creeped on from age 12 by old men. On my way to school in uniform, or distant relative uncles who commented how I filled up nicely or I was looking nice and thicc I hated it.

  88. It was confusing to decipher if men were giving me special attention because I was a cute little girl and they were just trying to be kind or because they were sexually attracted to me. Honestly, I still struggle with this sometimes even though I’m 21 now. In high school, I knew automatically when men were being creepy if they were strangers. It was a lot harder to tell with the men I grew up around. I ended up getting hit on by a man that I had known since I was 9 because I thought he saw me as a second daughter when that clearly wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, I fell for the “you’re mature for your age” rhetoric and entertained his attention for 7 months before I told him to leave me alone. Oh, and during that time, he told me he remembers the day I met him and times he saw in public as a preteen/early teenager. Yuck.

  89. Considering I, like a lot of women, have been getting creeped on before I became an adult, you get used to yelling at people or just walking away as quickly as possible. If it gets violent you fight to the best of your ability and if you lose… you go to the hospital and pray you can recover silently on your own because nobody else gives a shit

  90. Unfortunately I was getting it prior to 10 years old. I wonder what my life would have been like if the things that happened to me when I was 5-6 didn't happen.

  91. There’s no sudden moment of realization. It’s this slow burn of realizing what was meant sexually when it shouldn’t have been. I have memories of knowing I didn’t like the way I was being talked to or looked at, but I didn’t have the full understanding of why.

  92. Unfortunately I dealed with it by sexualising myself further, thinking that's where my worth comes from, going on the internet and talking to strangers and getting myself sexually assaulted at the age of 14! And then I dealed with the assault by going even deeper into that hole.

  93. I didn’t expect to be walking down the street as a 12/13 yr old and having older men (40-50s) honking their horn and cat calling me and blatantly stare

  94. Not well, didn't expect/want it, AND I got traumatized ✨ people can be absolutely disgusting... I hit puberty relatively(?) early, around 6th-7th grade, and it hit HARD. I'm talking DD cup out of nowhere, and curves like nobody's business since I hadn't gained much more weight yet. Did not change the fact that I was still a child. Grew to hate how people looked at me, how people made assumptions about me for a reason completely out of my control (hint! being curvy and big boob'd doesn't make you a prostitute! Or a lesbian!). Depression, eating disorders, anxiety; you name it, I developed it in a few short years. There was an Event that I still can't bring myself to fully remember/talk about, it was so bad. I was still a child. I was a little girl, betrayed by her body, and becoming a "woman" made me an object.

  95. I always looked 3-5 years younger than I am, and now as a 30 year old women I look 10-15 years younger and People say I should take it as a compliment (thanks, but I dont want People to think im 14 😅), so because of this it took until I was 12/13/14 for me to receive it.

  96. I was 14 when a guy at least in his 30s, my mom defended that he must’ve been in 30s and not 40s like I thought. You heard right, my mom didn’t give a single shit this trucker was being a weirdo and actually came to his defense Ike being 30 is somehow better. Trucker making what I call the “human trafficking” face at me, he really looked at me like “hey you’d sell for a lot on the market.” That’s how frightened I was at him looking at me super pervertedly.

  97. I got sexual attention when I was a child. And unfortunately this is common in women. How would you feel having sexual remarks made about you at elementary school age?

  98. What do you mean? I started getting sexual attention before I knew what it was. I was 12 when I started to realize why some men made me feel so uncomfortable and gross

  99. It was scary. Grown men started harassing me around age 10/11. I’ve always been chubby so I definitely looked older than I was. I didn’t see it coming tbh. I was very much a kid in my mind but my body was womanly.

  100. This thread is absolutely breaking my heart. I first got sexual attention from a male around the age of 3. My parents friend was over and was making really inappropriate comments towards me and about me to my parents. I don't remember what was said but I remember my parents reaction to him and I remember feeling unsafe.

  101. This is disgusting to think about now but, back then, as a preteen, I relished the attention.

  102. I was 12 or younger when men started to rubberneck me. My mom seemed flattered by it. It gave me the idea that attention from men equals self worth. It’s totally fucked up.

  103. I’ve been sexualized since I was ten, dude. And I’ve been warned of if happening since I was five. It never happens the way you expect it will until it does

  104. I was getting sexual attention at a young age from people way older than me. I hated going to the open market because of this. I was getting catcalled and guys would beep their horns at me. I was almost sexually assaulted by a neighbor's son who was older than me. It wasn't much of a transition; it was just disgusting to deal with all that at a young age. I have a better grip of it now.

  105. I was followed home at the age of 14 and the only reason he couldn't do anything is because I managed get back to our apartment building which had a dedicated security guard. I wasn't worth the effort.

  106. was walking to my friends house after getting a hair cut. was catcalled by a man in a gas station watching me walk. it was the first time something like that ever happened and i was angry and scared and confused.

  107. It was like I was entering this new, horribly world that was layered on top of the old one, where the happiness of childhood was gone and I suddenly had to adjust every aspect of my life according to new rules. I found the transition hard and a bit overwhelming.

  108. We never went from being a child to getting sexual attention. We have always gotten sexual attention whilst being a child

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