Moving to London for a £35k civil service job?

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  1. You will struggle to find a decent studio flat for under 1k pm. They are out there but competition is fierce. Put your bills on top of that — at least £250 for council tax, water, electricity and gas, plus internet and phone, then travel and food. It won’t leave you with much.

  2. Current civil servant here. If you mean potential for salary growth because of the pay bands, your salary doesn't actually rise. You always stay at the bottom of the payband.

  3. If you really don't mind living far out just to live by yourself, then sure. But you're going to grow to hate your commute. It'll easily be an hour each way, so two hours of your day, 5 days a week. You'd be spending over a days worth of work just riding the train.

  4. I know people living in house shares doing 35k civil service jobs and they by no means have spare money.

  5. If you want to live in a rough area or live in a tiny unpleasant flat then go for it. I say this because i’m from up north and would detest the idea of moving to london.

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