1. Here's a better question: why did california (who at the time had less than 300 cases of monkeypox) not only refuse to cancel the kinkfest in SF, but waited until the day after to declare a state of emergency?

  2. I think the part of an honest answer to that is that the church goers would by and large be more compliant. I'd imagine cancelling kinkfest wouldn't have really achieved much anyway.

  3. Actually the right is immoral, they just use bible thumping, and fear mongering to pool votes and remain in power. Only a small portion of the left would participate in those behaviors, about the same percentage as the Right but the left, like our founding fathers want government and organized religion, (not god) out of our bedrooms and our government.

  4. Because churches aren’t state-sponsored and are tax-exempt. Plus like Biden kept saying “You can trust me, you WON’T get the virus if you have the vaccine”

  5. In all fairness Monkey Pox just started. If you don’t want Monkey Pox don’t have gay sex with a stranger and you’re good!

  6. Even more disturbing, but not surprising, Dems are freaking out over a teacher who has it and are worried the kids will get it......think about that one for a second.

  7. You have to control belief in order to make someone think differently. Shut out a higher “faith” vehicle then subject the masses with overwhelming propaganda. Humans in general need a belief/spiritual mechanism, and the media had provided that in the name of “science”.

  8. It’s because they view some things as more important than others. Especially if it’s in line with their agenda. This isn’t a secret, they openly say this. This is what they said for the protests/riots during Covid

  9. Do they want people who attend events like that to get monkey pox? The rollercoaster rubix cube thinking confuses me. 🤣😉

  10. Because we are governed by weak idiots. They are afraid of of the insane vocal minorities and make stupid decisions otherwise. They discount history and common sense and overvalue feelings.

  11. More shitheads talking more stupid shit. I expect nothing less from people that support a shithead traitor for president.

  12. But there is a difference right? Monkey pox is basically a new std that is mostly transmitted through touching the rash directly. Vastly different from COVID which could travel through the air It's also far easier to know if you have a weird rash than just a cough

  13. Maybe because theres vaccines for monkeypox and it isn't really deadly, COVID didn't have a vaccine when everything got shut down, and COVID is MUCH deadlier than monkeypox

  14. Here's a good question for the bootlickers. Where were your oath keepers during the scamdemic while pastors and church goers were being ticketed and arrested for attending church?

  15. Probably being infiltrated by the FBI and set up/entrapped as usual. It's made the news a dozen times in the last year since your lazy ass had to even ask.

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