The latest patch has been deployed

  1. We do - if nothing else we need TMSC to be available for the rest of the world. The west doesn’t have sufficient high quality fabs to replace TMSC.

  2. So series Ukraine vs Russia is losing its rating so now we need new series China vs Taiwan and in September we will see series Serbia vs Kosovo.

  3. Slight difference here. Taiwan produces around 90% of all computer chips in the world. If China to that over it would be pretty detrimental to the US.

  4. Where’d you get this meme the Pentagon? Taiwan is not Ukraine, China is not Russia. The Woke Globo cult will not defend Taiwan.

  5. it's annoying when they bandwagon on shit I cared about, yes I would love to destroy all of china and free taiwan, but when did the left care about taiwan? all of their people are bought out by mainland china?

  6. To be fair, it's totally understandable the people of Taiwan would sympathize with the Ukrainians. They feel that they're next in line for invasion and would like a similar defense to be put up.

  7. Except Taiwan is great country, where as Ukraine is corrupt shithole. I don't support the Ukraine but I sure as hell support Taiwan.

  8. I mean I am still Pro-Taiwan Independence and Pro-Ukrainian children not dying. Of course it’s not my only issue, like Reddit makes it seem

  9. Love the meme but chips like that tend to be integrated in to the board, so unless it's a cpu, the meme dosnt really make much sense in the plug and play sense, nb4 yes I know it's a meme and I'm aassive nerd for pointing this out, thank you

  10. China is gonna save us from those evil biolabs in Taiwan like Russia is saving us from Ukraine. Who would of that that conservatives will be supporting communist superpowers?

  11. I supported the legitimate government of China (Taiwan) for years and that won't change if it becomes Current Thing™️

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