Who was the most unlikeable main character of a TV show?

  1. Every now and then my husband turns Dr Phil on the tv. This is purely to get my reaction which usually starts and ends with " That fucking asshole is such a cocksucker" with a lot of random hate and swear words spewed in between. It cracks him up how much I despise Dr Phil and what creative shit I'll call him in the 30 seconds before the channel gets changed.

  2. I thought Dr. Smith was the most entertaining part of that show, but man, he was a terrible person. Just hilariously awful.

  3. Yeah but the series ending puts his personality into perspective and you feel bad for him. He’s a little bit of a tragic character with a redemption arc.

  4. I remember when he abandoned Edd with Kanker sister's to get a jaw breaker. Only Ed went back to help Edd.

  5. He cant grow hair, not because he has cancer or progeria, but because he sucks, and even his own body recognizes that he does not deserve hair or food or love."

  6. I’m binge watching it now and just had this conversation with my husband. The entitlement and how they treat people pisses me off so much! The actors do an amazing job making you hate them!

  7. Every single parent I know has a story about their kid learning shitty behaviour from Caillou. It's straight up not a good program to be showing your kids.

  8. Seriously. Kid threw tantrums every few minutes and parents responded with such unrealistic bullshit patience at the veeeery very end of the episode, usually bribing or conceding in some way, and little twerp never learned a thing. He taught my first kid the *concept* of making a fuss just for attention, and of using a whiny tone when you don't get what you want, and of hating vegetables. Show was banned in my house before my second kid emerged. He's a self-entitled, obnoxious bully.

  9. I had to stop watching shameless because no one grows as a character. Everyone sucks and falls into the same shit that they spent an entire season getting out of.

  10. That's what's so refreshing about Carl. By the time this kid came along, his parents were checked out. He's too young to remember a life with real parents and while Fiona tried, she was still a kid herself when she became reaponsiblw for him. Between keeping a roof over her head and food on the table for six kids without finishing high school, she didn't have the time to give him any actual guidance. His teachers and family never had any expectations for him and basically wrote him off before he'd hit double digits. He grows up glorifying the people in his neighborhood who he thinks do well for themselves, and as a result of all of this falls in with a bad crowd. No one's surprised when he starts selling drugs or ends up in juvie and there's little effort to actually set him on the right path when he gets out. Carl pulls himself out of that hole. He tries to be a gangster and when he sees the reality of it, he has this moment of clarity where he realizes this isn't the person he wants to be, and he does the work to turn his life around. He's a complete goof by the last season and they didn't know what to do with him by the end, but his overall arch from the kid no one had hopes for to one of the only respectable member of the family is a good one.

  11. James from Twin Peaks. He was so weak and whiny and unnecessarily put a lot of blame for Laura Palmer's death on himself but even more so for Maggie's. His character was so useless and it just got progressively worse even into season 3 because they had no idea what to do with him. And damn that song...

  12. For sure! It’s unnerving that Lena Dunham has said that Hannah is based on herself, just somewhat exaggerated.

  13. Watching Bojack was a wake up call to a lot of my toxic behaviors. Especially everything that happened to Sarah Lynn.

  14. Carrie Bradshaw. Unbelievably entitled, shallow, spoiled and treated all of her friends like shit. I don't enjoy the show for what it is, it's my favourite hate-watch just to see the new depths Carrie will sink to every episode.

  15. Or the time she demanded Samantha come to her book launch even though Sam had a bad chemical peel. When Sam showed anyway, Carrie made her take off her veil, then mocked her appearance and told her to put it back on because Samantha was "embarrassing" her.

  16. I remember she was whining to Miranda about her usual boyfriend troubles, and Miranda actually took her to task about it, complaining how Carrie never asked about HER, or her problems. Carrie said, 'OK, I get it, I've let my obsession with my new boyfriend get in the way of our friendship, I will NEVER do that again'...

  17. When she wouldn’t wear the fucking engagement ring (Aiden’s?) around her finger but kept it hanging around her neck, hidden under shirts… god that pissed me off.

  18. The absolute worst part of the show were the ridiculous narrations at the end of each episode. Everyone gather around. Carrie is gonna tie it all together with her insightful thoughts

  19. Was coming here to say that! She is the worst. Especially when she hounded Natasha on both series and made both situations about her.

  20. Ugh! I'd almost forgotten all about how obnoxious it was every time she does that high-pitched squealing thing. Who over the age of five does that and why would anyone want to hear it?

  21. My wife watches sex and the city as a comfort show so its always on. The more times I see the episodes, the worse Carrie is. She is the definition of “I am the main character.”

  22. Came here to say this. She was so awful to Miranda too when she became a mother. She's so unlikeable I don't understand why anyone would root for her.

  23. She was also weirdly prudish and judgmental about sex for someone making their living writing about it.

  24. I think that Sex and the City should be viewed through the same lens as shows like Succession, Seinfeld, and IASIP.

  25. I loved that show when I was younger. So much so that I bought the entire dvd set and re-watched them multiple times. The older I got, the more Carrie got on my nerves. Until one time I decided to re-watch the series and Carrie was just so grating I knew that would be the last time I ever watched the show. Plus she was always screaming or squealing and it's like SHUT UP already!!

  26. My husband was watching a documentary once and they were talking about Hitler's childhood. There was a line by the narrator that said "But there was a dark side to the Hitler family!". We aways quote that.

  27. For someone with a short sentence in a very minimum security prison, she sure went through some shit and even became a panty smuggler.

  28. I would’ve watched a whole show about Red. Her performances were always intimidating, very funny, or heart wrenching. “There’s the people who make the bread and the people who EAT the bread!” made me so sad.

  29. I always wondered why people dumped on Piper (who was supposed to be the privileged, clueless white girl that everyone hated) while Alex got a pass. Alex was the worst character on the show and was literally responsible for almost every bad thing that happened to include the riot.

  30. First time I realized you could love a show and hate the biggest star of said show. The beginning is a slog on rewatches cause so much of them building up the world involves Piper and I don’t give af about her character (obviously they had to as this is based off a book).

  31. Elizabeth Keen. I have only watched half of Blacklist but there are many things i don't like about her. Majority of the time she choses the wrong choice of what she needs to do. Its almost comically funny how slow and dumb her decisions are.

  32. And her whole love story with Tom is just unbelievably cringy. Like, you keep the guy literally chained and then you’re still in love and all? Honestly, even Reddington feels far less fucked up than her

  33. Had to scroll way too far for this. She is just a terribly written and terribly acted character. Dembe for the win.

  34. Rob said in an interview how since the theme for Friends was 'I'll be there for you,' he wanted to create a show where the characters would never be there for each other ever. I think it was on a Conan appearance

  35. I’d vaguely heard of this show. Randomly caught an ep on tv. These five assholes found a dumpster baby and tried to paint it a different color so they could hawk it as a minority for commercial revenue. 😳

  36. my bf just introduced me to this show- thought it was so funny when they were trying to fake their death and they were like ok lets crash this car and then jump out at the last second… and my bf goes “he didn’t even try to open the door” and i LOST it

  37. Susan Meyer from Desperate Housewives. Technically an ensemble but she’s framed as the main housewife in early seasons. She never grows up or takes responsibility for the constant drama she starts and so incompetent as an adult her teen daughter has to take care of her. Poor Julie.

  38. I never understood the hate towards him but I find it funny that they made him a villain because of it and now everyone wants to forget he existed.

  39. Nancy Botwin in Weeds. Horrible mother and clearly unstable af. By the end of the show i loathed her and hoped that she would fail. Poor Andy

  40. This is what I came here to say. I had sympathy for her through S3, but once she left the burbs the show turn a terrible turn.

  41. I hated the movie. It made me physically uncomfortable the whole time. It wants you to sympathize with the creep without giving any good reason for you to, or even worse giving very flimsy stupid reasons that don't make sense. Even apart from the messed up plot the pacing was horrible and it felt like the movie just drug on and on

  42. Susan Myers from Desperate Housewives. Whiny, childish, dramatic and never took responsibility for ANYTHING, to the point her teenage daughter has to balance the chequebooks and make doctor's appointments for her. She repeatedly screws her friends over if she thinks it'll help her win back Mike, burns Edie's house down and doesn't fess up for years, slutshames Edie while constantly jumping from relationship to relationship (oh, and she cheats on her boyfriend he's in a coma), butts into situations that have nothing to do with her and when a trail guide calls her out on how she's a selfish drama queen, she throws a tantrum and storms off into the woods and the only reason she doesn't die of exposure is because Mike inexplicably manages to track her down. Oh, and she forced Gabby to go on a date with her mentally unstable stalker to try to persuade him to pay Mike's bail and doesn't give a shit that this could seriously endanger Gabby.

  43. It’ll never happen, but I would love for there to be an Emily in Paris / You crossover season where Joe stalks Emily. It’d be horror comedy gold and expand the Netflix cinematic universe.

  44. My wife and I were discussing this last night and I came to this thread to say this... We just finished season 2 and as it ended I looked over at my wife and said, "They all kind of suck".

  45. Came here to say this. I watched that show for way too long, not a single other character in that show makes bad decisions not only for herself but for other people as consistently as she does.

  46. I hated how everyone was always protecting her, sacrificing themselves for her… but what does Elena do? Whine, put her self in dangerous situations and just make it harder for everyone else. Also she was a complete douch for entire Steffen/ Damon thing

  47. Yes! The amount of times I've yelled, "THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU!" at my screen while watching his scenes over the years is stunning. Pacey and Jack were both x10000 better male characters than he was.

  48. Agreed - Dawson was easily the worst character on his own show. There's a reason everybody fell for Pacey Witter. There is no substitute for Joshua Jackson.

  49. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Went from a clueless socially awkward side character in the first couple of years to a self-centered narcissistic bully. I don't know why they ever hung out with him.

  50. A few seasons in they showed that Sheldon saved the lives of the group when he tossed the unstable rocket fuel into the elevator. They both explained why the elevator was broken, and showed that the whole group had an unspoken debt to Sheldon.

  51. Yeah i dont get how she had any friends. Especially after sending Sunny (i think that was her name?) To a crack house...wtf was that

  52. Walter White. Every choice he makes puts his family at risk, he refuses help out of stupid pride, he’s arrogant, and he wound up getting at least 160 people killed. He’s a brilliant chemist but he’s a shit businessman and an evil person.

  53. One of the most frustrating moments of the show was when Hank and the DEA concluded Gale was Heisenberg, but a drunk Walt’s pride could not let someone else take credit for his illegal work.

  54. He is a fascinating, well-acted character, but also awful. I remember kinda rooting for him when first watching the series, but I just rewatched recently and found myself disliking him much earlier on.

  55. Wasn't that literally the point of the show though? Walter White was never really likeable, he was either the nebbishy teacher getting walked on by everybody or he was the wannabe drug kingpin murdering (or allowing to be murdered) anybody who got in his way.

  56. He also could have taken a job offer from his old company in the first few episodes. Yes, it was pity and charity, but it would've been a meaningful job in the chemical industry and solved his problems.

  57. This. I’m currently watching Breaking Bad again after the end of Better Call Saul and he’s just so full of ego and rotten through. It’s not the cancer that caused this awful pride and bitterness, just the catalyst which brought it out.

  58. There was a wonder woman comic I was reading where one of the gorgons (Medusa’s sisters) was looking through stuff on TV and she didn’t get how titles work. She said something like “everybody loves Raymond? But I don’t love Raymond”

  59. The wedding invitation episode where Debra finds out he’s been using weaponized incompetence to make her do all the chores their entire marriage... devastating. I cry a little watching that scene.

  60. I was in South Africa a few months ago and a cab driver said that I sound like Ray Romano. I’m from Wisconsin and have never been to Queens. My wife was dying of laughter

  61. He treated his wife and kids as secondary to his own parents and brother. He consistently manipulates Debra, and his mother will always win. Always.

  62. I'm not sure if I would read this question as which MC would be unlikable if they were a real person or if as a viewer I didn't like the character.

  63. One of my best friends is easily the smartest person I know and has a lot in common with House. One on one he's actually pretty great, but he also ruins virtually every friendship and relationship he has. In groups he's a fucking nightmare.

  64. Imo in the show they pretty much say nobody would be around House except Wilson if he wasn’t an excellent doctor

  65. And almost every doctor in every medical drama, in the real world they would have all have lost their license

  66. Both my parents love Gilmore Girls and watched it often. I only really started paying attention to it in my teens and I couldn’t stand Rory. She was alright in the beginning but towards the end she just became unbearable. She didn’t realize how good she had it and how often things were just handed to her. She was so used to everything being the Rory show where she was always praised and the best of the best that the moment something didn’t go her way she flies off the handle and makes it everyone’s problem. And she never learned. The revival just showed she never learned or experienced any growth. To me Rory is a perfect example of “big fish in a small pond” not being able to cope outside their bubble and the outcome of not moderating praise and criticism of kids. There’s a reason Rory ended up the way she did and it’s because pretty much every adult in her life acted like she walked on water and could do no wrong.

  67. I like the theory that the show was Rory’s book and Year in the Life is reality. It’s why Rory is smarter, kinder and more well liked in the show and her and Lorelai have such an amazing relationship.

  68. GG is my comfort show, I watch it annually. Rory and Lorelei are the worst, most problematic, toxic characters on the show. I could go on about ASP writing it this way on purpose to focus solely on matriarchal relationships with little regard for supporting characters (LANE DESERVED BETTER) but I dont think this is the place for that.

  69. “Don’t do it Sabrina!” — probably Ambrose “I’m gonna do it” - Sabrina “Don’t do it!” Sabrina does whatever her entire family warned her not to do and chaos ensues.

  70. I had to drop that show because of her. She is the direct cause of all her own suffering and that of those around her.

  71. God, this is the first character that came to mind when I read this thread. She’s the most self-centered and insufferable person on that whole show and that’s saying a lot because most of those people are self-centered and insufferable.

  72. June on handmaids tale. She had gotten multiple people killed through her selfish actions. This current season is just a power fantasy from the writers and ends every episode with her staring at the camera menacingly

  73. Upon many rewatches of Breaking Bad I have to say Walter White is one of the most unlikable protagonists. At first watch u glorify all the Heisenberg action but after revisting you realize just how selfish and narcissistic Walt really is. He's pathetically driven by his ego and leaves behind a path of destruction unline any other TV show character. Even other morally grey protagonists such as Tony Soprano don't even come close to the evil Walt possesses.

  74. It's weird in retrospection how much she was thirsting for Beck despite him being with Jade... even if Jade was toxic, but like still wtf lol

  75. Eric from that 70s show. He’s an asshole throughout the whole show but towards the end of the series it really ramps up. Wtf did Donna see in him??

  76. Ross from Friends. I hate him so much. And, he doesn't even eat the smaller friends to assert dominance, which makes him suck twice as much.

  77. Well I guess some folks are from Omicron Perseii 9, and done folks are from Omicron Perseii 7 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  78. All the main characters from Sons of Anarchy. By the final episode my wife and I simply didn't care what happened because they were all so unlikeable and constantly made annoying stupid decisions.

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