What do you swear on your life to be 100% true?

  1. I don't know the exact science for this but there is science behind it! It all really depends on the lens. I'm sure a professional photographer could explain it much better than me. The way the lens captures distance will change how you look in photos. You can look up videos of people taking photos of the exact same person in the exact same pose but with different lens lengths and it wildly changes how they appear in the photo.

  2. I was drinking and throwing darts with my buddy. I was messing around and held all three darts by their tips, and threw them similarly to how a samurai draws a sword (think how Sheik throws needles in SSBM) from triple the legal distance. I made two in the outer bullseye, and one in the center bullseye.

  3. I swear there was originally a scene in Honey I Shrunk The Kids where the neighbor dad flicks his cigarette butt over the fence and nearly burns up his own son. It's not on any home release I've ever seen.

  4. Dude I know for certain there was an octopus in the water by the pirate ship and that one of the kids shoved their Walkman into its mouth so they could get away- I loved that scene and thought the world was gaslighting me when it wouldn’t show up on any other streaming platforms versions

  5. The chocolate is hit or miss - sometimes it's amazing chocolaty goodness and sometimes it's all crumbly and tastes like ash. But NOBODY ELSE KNOWS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT AND GOOGLE DOESN'T EITHER.

  6. A lot of candy companies have switched to vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter in their chocolate and it makes a huge difference in taste (I think). The candy with the vegetable oil always tastes and feels waxy to me.

  7. 100% true. 20 years in IT - now I do training in tech support and I teach this to my classes. "Callers will often be frustrated because technology doesn't generally fail when you're just chilling and have time to kill. It fails at 2am when you're finishing your major presentation due first thing in the morning. Be kind, be understanding, empathize. Then fix it for them."

  8. A gigantic meteor came down over a field I was driving right next to one night. I obviously didn't get video of it, but holy fuck I wish I had. It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

  9. The makers of baby wipes intentionally wrap them in a way so when you pull 1 out the container you get 2-3 and waste them because they are a bitch to put back in

  10. What I do is I keep an extra empty package of wipes and put the ones that come out unintentionally in that package. It's so much easier to put them in another empty package instead of trying to cram them back in. You always run the risk of not pushing them in all the way so then the package stays open and all of a sudden you've dried out the whole thing! This way you don't have to worry about that and you can just shove them in and close it up. It might be worth a try for you!

  11. I swear by this, and also how they walk down the street. I'm convinced people who go sideways or stop at the middle of the sidewalk without looking around do the same when driving.

  12. Like nuclear bomb detonating in your country and you are outside of the kill zone but in the zone where you get 3rd degree burns worse

  13. When I’m having a really bad day my belt loop has a 99% chance of getting caught on a handle/doorknob. NEVER happens on a good day.

  14. Reminds me of a Douglas Adam’s quote: “A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”

  15. Sunday is divided into two days. There is a short actual Sunday and a longer SMonday that starts when you realize tomorrow is Monday.

  16. Oh gosh. My very first job at age 15 was a part time, seasonal gig at a party supplies store during the Halloween season. If you wore a costume on weekends, you got like, half off the costume. I picked a very lovely Greek Goddess costume. A very WHITE Greek Goddess costume. And you guessed it. 15 minutes in to my 8 hour shift on a busy Saturday, it came. With a vengeance. It was BAD. Luckily, I had been wearing some white jean shorts underneath, so that caught the bulk of it. I had no money on me. I asked every employee in the store with no luck. My female manager was a total bitch about it, too. I was literally crying. Cell phones weren't really a thing just yet. I tried calling home and my mom was out, so I had no way of getting in touch with her. The only person I could get in touch with was the very recent ex wife of my older brother. Luckily, she came through for me. But she had to get out all three of her young children to come to me, bless her. But she brought me a bag of pads. I just remember hearing oh my gosh, you woman in white!!!!! And then I turned and saw her lol. She truly was a life saver.

  17. And the shortest line is always the slowest moving. I.e. there's a reason nobody is in this line but no one will tell you what it is.

  18. I go to the same cashier every time. Don't care if she has a line and the next register is empty. She's a sweet old lady and the 3 minutes of conversation we have while I'm checking out make my shopping trip more pleasant.

  19. Might be unintentional. I made one room of my apartment into a makeshift Faraday cage by installing security bars around the windows and doors. Cell phones literally get no connection in that room.

  20. Me too I swear, my signal drops for full bar to 1-2 bar in the bathroom stall, and it's not in some bunker either it's literally just down the hall from my desk

  21. That our phones are listening to us in order to hit us with relevant advertising. Too many times now I've been talking about something, or been in a situation, and an advert for it popped up an hour or so later.

  22. Not to sound like I own a tinfoil hat but I've had plenty of instances where I merely thought of something and then soon enough an ad pops up that I've never seen before. Never spoke a word about it, never googled it, simply thought of it.

  23. I went to DreamWorks studios when I was 11 to give a presentation of my animation skills. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that story. I swear I’m not making it up, it really happened.

  24. Dude, that is an incredible animation, especially for an 11 year old and their first one at that. Good creative concept. Good execution.

  25. I call this “begging Murphy” — you’ve gotta lose one way or another, but you can offer the universe different mutually exclusive options for making that happen.

  26. It works with everything. Waiting for a delivery? Light one up! It takes too long for a game to load? Light one up and suddenly you need to grab a controller! Can't shit? Light one up and it hurries up the process. Cigarettes seem to have more than tar and cancer in it, it seems they make the world move. Energy of the universe is inside of them, and our planet is God's ashtray.

  27. Had a passenger tell me he came into their bar once. Said he Had like 6 armed security dudes with him, sat at a table by himself, and paid for his drinks individually in cash so he wouldn't leave a paper trail.

  28. True story: I stayed in his house in Belize on vacation (he was renting it out) about a year before the whole murder thing. I was sitting in a hammock and watched a boat pull up to the dock and he and his young girlfriend got out and went into the small house next door. At the time I didn’t really know much about how crazy he was or what - I just knew he was the antivirus company’s founder, and was renting out his big house because he had hit hard times. Now I see these documentaries showing that house and I’m like “holy duck I stood right there, drank on that porch, swam in that pool.”

  29. And if you’re trying to take your time because your carry out order won’t be ready for another 15 minutes, you will catch every possible green light.

  30. Your brain reuses pathways to make memories when it can. If you do the same thing every day then it reuses them rather than forming new pathways and new memories. Reusing an existing pathway makes time feel faster, forming new ones makes it feel slower. The older you are, the more pathways you have to reuse. The more settled down you are into a routine, the more you reuse the same ones.

  31. Yep, and when you're looking around a room full of people everyone your eyes land on will immediately look at you and believe you were staring. It cements their belief when you quickly look to the next person.

  32. Simple answer - our eyes together have more than 180 degrees of viewing angle and our subconscious is extremely good at picking out when a pair of eyes are looking at us.

  33. There’s a weird vacuum shop in my town that totally meets that description. I’ve wondered about it being a money laundering business too. I’ve literally never seen a car in the parking lot, but the open sign will be on.

  34. A lot of places are like this once the MBAs get their way of reducing food quality to make short term gains.

  35. Once, at pre-smartphone times, I was sitting alone in my office at work, and I was playing with a coin while thinking about a programming problem. I didn't even look at the coin, just something my fingers did while the brain was occupied with something else. Flipped it, grabbed it from the table, flipped it again. Suddenly I realized something had changed. There was no tumbling sound after I flipped the coin. So I looked to my hand and there was the coin, standing on its edge, right beside my hand... I found that totally awesome, but then realized that no one was around and that my co-workers probably won't believe me if they return...

  36. I've always believed that and I was considered a traitor in my community for thinking that all those years ago, but I still do and I always will.

  37. I believe debate should be a required class, not an extracurricular club. Too many people are unable to separate opinion vs self/argument vs ego.

  38. What are the odds that two different people would hire two different hitmen who would leak their plans to kill you in a car accident on August 27th of an undisclosed year?

  39. My mother had a dream that my sister got into a car wreck with a red car, she didn't die, but it was very bad. She called her immediately and begged her not to drive and explained everything. She promised not to. But enough time had passed, she had errands to run, she made sure to be extra vigilant. And she went ahead and drove. And got in a wreck with a red car. It wasn't bad, but only because she was being extra cautious. She could tell that had things been a little different the result would have been devastating.

  40. That my mum called my geography teacher, in parents evening, a twat. Mum denies this happened even 14 years on from that event but I swear dowwwwwwn it happened

  41. There is always someone better and worse than you at everything. Be humble when winning. Edit: Bolt is a legend. Just as all of the world record holders through the decades are. Maybe not at this moment, but maybe tomorrow or next decade they will be someone better. My Dad told me this when I was a young one. I always believed it to be true.

  42. Black Bears are learning that they could benefit from a friendly relationship with humans after seeing how easy domesticated dogs and cats have it. They are in the early stages of trying to domesticate themselves.

  43. Unfortunately reddit and the internet at large has become nothing more than a constant churn of knee-jerk reactions to complicated topics that have been reduced to a single headline attached to articles that nobody actually reads. A post that is literally nothing more than a screenshot of a tweet written by an absolute nobody will receive just as much reverence, if not more, than a sourced essay written by an expert.

  44. About three months after my dad died, we remodeled his house. He had been wanting to do it but he used to complain about spending money so we weren’t sure if he would have been annoyed. He was old and grumpy. One day the contractor (who had never met dad and who we had already paid), came to the house and said who was that man that came into the bathroom last night? We had started the remodel and the painters left the front door open often while working. Me, my brother in law, my dads right hand man would all stop by here and there so we went through the list of people it could be. The contractor said it wasn’t them (we showed him photos). He said the man was older, with a white beard and said how happy he was the girls were doing the bathroom and upstairs. He said the man then left. The contractor said he went outside to look for a car or to see if the man walked down the street but that he didn’t see anything. The man also told him to check the downstairs toilet cuz it would run in the middle of the night. My dad slept in the downstairs bedroom before passing because he couldn’t walk up the stairs anymore. this made my mom say “maybe you saw a ghost.” The contractor said what do you mean, and my mom showed him a picture of my dad. The contractors face went totally white and he grabbed onto the counter he was standing next to. He said that was the man i spoke to in the bathroom last night. 🥹

  45. The Coca-Cola Vending center down the road from me (which is next to a Lockheed Martin facility) is letting either Lockheed Martin or the federal government itself use their Coca-Cola trucks to transport missiles or other weapons in secret.

  46. There's a ladies dress shop where I live that's been open since anyone can remember. It was old when I moved here 40+ years ago. Nobody has ever shopped there, nobody knows anyone who has ever shopped there, and nobody has ever seen anyone go in or out. The window display changes once a year at most, yet it's never been seen to be done. The dresses were out of date at least 50 years ago, yet everything looks pristine. I am certain this is a spy base - I don't know what one of those is really called so spy base it is.

  47. About 25 years ago I saw a black panther jump across the road in front of our car, it was about 20ft away and we just missed it.

  48. My neighbor (I don't live there anymore) in Texas saw a black panther drinking out of his pool. It was late at night and my neighbor was silently drifting around on a floatie. Looked over, and there's a panther drinking the pool water.

  49. I just posted my own black panther sighting. Same size, definitely a cat, definitely black. mine was in the day and we saw it for a good few minutes. Was at a distance and cameras were shit at the time.

  50. This is a realisation I’m also coming too recently. I don’t have to spend my valuable time with someone I now see is a complete cunt just for old times sake.

  51. Being alive without the fulfillment or our most important need(which honestly depend on the person) is exhausting

  52. I’ve come to realize this more and more as I get older. I’m in my early 40s now and can’t believe how exhausting it is to just stay alive. Or how expensive. Prices have really gotten out of control for basic necessities.

  53. Another scenario is that these locations are ads. Literal, in-person ads. They never expect the store to be profitable, but rather a perfectly located, tactile advertisement that will reach millions of passengers per year. Every bored traveller will stroll through the terminal, testing perfumes, maybe eating lunch, and trying on sunglasses and feeling the beautiful fabric on that suit they can just barely afford if they stop eating avocado toast. Occasionally some rich fuck who had a rough night needs a suit and shoes, but at the end of the day the store loses money from a retail perspective. But this "store" isn't part of the company's retail department, but rather it's marketing or "engagement" or whatever corporate ghoul-speak buzzword is hot this quarter

  54. When I was very young it had rained hard one day and there was this huge ditch thing in our backyard that got filled up it was like a mini lake I swear to this day a huge ass fish of some sort jumped out of it

  55. Could have been a lungfish depending on where you live. They burrow down into the ground in areas that go months without water (up to 4 years according to a sketchy website).

  56. I believe it. I was an adult when I learned that fish are transferred to bodies of water by water birds. Sometimes it is as a fish egg in mud stuck to the bird’s foot. Other times the bird brings a snack with them and it gets away. My mom had a really weird looking fish in her pond one year, and that pond had been dried up completely in drought years, as well as our pond had only ever been stocked with native mussels and a few catfish. This fish we saw was outlandish; very long and a long nose with teeth.

  57. Politicians specifically write bills they know their opponents will vote against so they can go on news television and decry them for voting against it.

  58. I once heard a woman say, "I am not smart enough for this many people to be stupider than me." and I've about that every day since while working with customers.

  59. “There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

  60. After reading a ton of comments on this and giving it my old existential razzle dazzle mixed with my constant nihilism, I think the reason we feel something is amiss is because we think things should be better by default but the universe isn’t built for that. Better changes based on our own perception and there is no reason default in the universe should be beneficial at all for humans.

  61. No no no, you can’t make this comment and just run away. Please explain I’d really love to understand what do you meant by this…

  62. I've been a mom for a couple of decades and my mantra through childbirth and the parenting difficulties that occasionally follow has been: just keep breathing. At some point the hardships will be over and the recovery can happen. It gets easier.

  63. The Queen ain’t in that box people are queuing 10 miles to see. No way would they risk and bother putting her close to the commoners. She’s in a morgue elsewhere awaiting all this for show bollocks to end to be switched back in.

  64. If I'm going to Walmart to buy several items, they will invariably be out of one of them. It will make no sense, either - it will be some mundane product you could easily find somewhere else, but, for whatever reason, Wally World won't have it.

  65. That I won Clue on the very first turn of the game, breaking my sister’s undefeated streak. I was accused of cheating, since I was the one who put the cards in. I did not cheat. I won a game of clue on the very first turn.

  66. The war on drugs is what ultimately created the problematic prison overpopulations, and the crack and opioid epidemics in the US. Decriminalizing drugs, creating a safe spot for addicts to use, and give proper treatment to those who want it, would result in less crime.

  67. My grandma tried to abort my dad, was remarri3d to a guy who regularly beat her to the hospital, my father was molested regularly by a neighbor and heard voices/saw things as a child. My Dad has never laid a hand on my mom, brother or me. Hes bipolar schitzophranic. He broke they cycle. Hes the guy little kids run up to and start talking to for no reason, he has a big dog to protect himself since his stroke makes him insecure, hes the most loving man i know, my dad

  68. The analogy I’ve heard is that happiness is like digging a hole and money is like a shovel. You don’t need the shovel to dig a hole, but it makes things a hell of a lot easier.

  69. Live long enough you see history twisted from just 20 years ago. Has made me super cynical over pretty much anything. My default is whatever I am hearing is bullshit.

  70. People don't genuinely care about deaths of strangers they don't personally know or haven't met. If people had the option to choose to sacrifice 10 lives of people they have never met to save 1 they love, they would do it without hesitation - they probably wouldn't admit it out loud, but they would agree to it.

  71. I think sometimes people don’t even care about the people they do know. Some people are watching the world from inside their head, like it’s a reality show made for their amusement.

  72. Most eating disorders are rooted in some degree of unhappiness extending into mental health, and not addressing this is a significant reason why managing weight often fails.

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