Since when did everyone become a spineless crybaby?

  1. Go take a nap. You’ll feel better. I know the young whipper-snappers could all use a good swift kick in the pants so they can grow out of their gay phase, but they’ll still be here waiting for that kick when you awaken. Now go lay down.

  2. Maybe you're just bring exposed to different opinions. 40 years ago people mostly didn't engage with people outside their community, and news was selective. Ironically, I find it's usually the people who label others "snowflakes" who are most sensitive about points of view different to their own, taking time out of their day to impose themselves uninvited into conversations then cry censorship and persecution when they're debated with.

  3. When the greatest generation (the baby boomers) coddled the ever living shit out of an entire generation so they could "have it better than we did", and now we have a massive chunk of the population that never learned to deal with life's curveballs.

  4. People always complained about everything but now with the internet we can hear more about it, if fb was around decades ago you'd hear people complain about schools and businesses being desegregated

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