What to think about this "Sigma" ideology? Are characters like Andrew Tate valid?

  1. For a group of people who call themselves "lone-wolves" who are "highly independent" they seem very concerned about what everyone thinks about them. If they were such "lone-wolves" they wouldn't feel the need to flock like sheep to assholes like Andrew Tate.

  2. It’s pretty out of touch with reality and I don’t know anyone IRL who actually non-ironically subscribers to that ideology.

  3. I have noticed that guy's that are referring to themselves as Sigma males are usually, some incels that don't know how girl looks up close

  4. I think if you're really a "sigma" or "alpha" male you don't need to tell everyone, they'll just know. Anyone I hear talking about being alpha I just look at as insecure

  5. So we're more closely related to apes then wolves. It's fairly well documented that apes often advance their social status by doing favors for others and acting caring in their little community. The idea of being "sigma" is basically acting dominant by removing yourself from society. So not valid.

  6. Guys who are "sigma" are usually just bitter about the way the world works and so try to make it work for them. They usually fail.

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