Not sure if it is NSFW: What would be likely pros/cons of using a combine/harvester on zombies during the apocalypse?

  1. I already told you people: nothing ruins a perfectly good combine like dead body parts! Have fun cleaning the brains, Jules.

  2. Despite what the movies show, human bodies are messy and don't just fall apart easily. Unless that machinery is very powerful, it'll get bound up in no time. Ever used a lawnmower on a yard with some sturdy weeds? The blades are wrapped up in no time.

  3. It would get jammed up eventually. It's a machine that was made for wheat and crop. Not bone and flesh. It would have to be heavily modified to not break a sheer pin or an auger.

  4. Good question, I would suggest not using it for anything other that a hoard trap or something similar, they use a lot of gas(which will be valuable) and if you get too carried away you may get stuck in a field of zombies with a broken harvester. Idea 8/10. Execution 4/10. Reliability 2/10

  5. Is it the same farm tool that would be used to feed your family and friends? Some rigorous cleaning and disinfection would be expected, I would think.

  6. I don't think those machines can handle bone very well at least not in large amounts, also you wouldn't be using those for any food harvest anymore

  7. Probably depends on which set of zombie rules we're using. Night of the Living Dead rules, sure. 28 Days Later rules, probably not.

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