What if a family member stole your passports 4 days before the flight and they still in the house where would she hide them?

  1. We cant because her husband is a advocate and is doing a thing against my thing for lots of money so if we have beef with her he would listen to his wife and stop the thing

  2. At first it might seem impossible because a house is soooo big, but you would have 2 options, 1. (more likely) you should search in rooms they wouldnt expect you to search like in the garage or even YOUR room,(did this often to my sister and worked pretty well) or 2. search in the room of the person because maybe they are stupid and just hide it there. Also you should search army styled, divide the room in boxes and search every box after another, also a passport is a very big item if you are search for it, so I would recommend searching also between books or behind closets or ontop. Also just for curiosity where do you want to travel.

  3. Loudly announce that you're concerned about identity theft and are going to the police tomorrow if you can't find it. I saw your comment that you're in a foreign country. That means the police will be more likely to take it seriously.

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