What are the weirdest allergies you know of?

  1. That water allergy where people will pass out if a single raindrop hits them. Water has to be the same temperature as their body temperature when they shower in order to not kiss the floor unwillingly.

  2. Knew a guy who was allergic to a lot of fruits and veggies. Not just didn't want to eat them but actually allergic. Some of the things were lettuce (iceberg even!), Banana, tomato...

  3. My best friend and her daughter are allergic to the color blue. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural - like blueberries and blackberries, or if it’s made in a lab in candy and gum. Whatever chemical makes the color blue requires an epi-pen for them.

  4. Read it was possible to be allergic to moon dust, imagine how much time and effort it'll take for you to get to the point you can directly work with moon dust only to find out your allergic

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