Who is the most physically attractive fictional character ?

  1. Probably the only character to give a blowjob almost on screen in an animated kids' film. Adult me is surprised that that movie got away with so much (kid me missed all of it).

  2. She had to bribe Paris to win the contest against Hera and Athena (some versions of the myth say Hera was more attractive and should have won). Realistically Helen of Troy is probably actually the most attractive person in Greek Myths, which is why Aphrodite offered her as the bribe.

  3. Just started watching the HBO Harley Quinn show and I can tell you they shaped her from a 2d to 3d character story wise. Just started season 2. Not sure if it recent bias but she's in my top spot right now

  4. This girl at my summer camp called her “the sexy girl from Hercules” and I told the counselor that she said “the s word” we were like 8

  5. Had to scroll all the way down here for this. Smh. Was watching Hercules with my 2 yr old a month back and hadn't realized before how sexy she comes off.

  6. I dressed as Lara Croft for halloween a couples years ago and I did the triangular boobs, cause of course I had to. I don’t usually get uncomfortable from male attention but it was a bit much. Apparently all my guy friends really liked tomb raider and it was flattering but a bit awkward.

  7. I remember a video by Dark Kefka where he decided to rank the hottest FF girls. He disqualified Tifa because it wouldn't be fair for the competition. You know what, I agree with that decision.

  8. Hands down the best Disney Prince in my opinion, as he sacrificed his life to save Rapunzel. He was also fucking HILARIOUS!

  9. This is currently the 12th highest-voted entry and the top ten are mostly video game characters from the last 15 years.

  10. I have talked about this before but I was a mildly obsessed fangirl for Moriarty. So I'm having a blast with him as Hot Priest, he is funny and kind. Then he said "kneel" and I blacked out

  11. I have trouble explaining it, but I think Annie is hotter than Alison Brie. Although I’m also in love with Alison Brie.

  12. Alucard from Castlevania. Either him or Essek from Critical Role. Edit: Five from umbrella academy has awakened something inside me.

  13. Jason Todd, Punchline, Satoru Gojo, Noé Archiviste, Vanitas, Ainosuke Shindo, Eddie Munson, Billy Hargrove, Robin Buckley, Karl Heisenberg, Alcina Dimitrescu, Clawdeen Wolf

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