People of Reddit, what is a sexual fantasy that you will never get to experience?

  1. I’ve seen this too, early bloomers don’t seem to age well…some of the people that used to be called ‘ugly ducklings’ in school developed into beautiful Swans…

  2. Slept with my high school crush senior year. Definitely fulfilled a fantasy. Checked him out recently, looks like melted ice cream at 29. So wild how some peak in high school and some later in life.

  3. I want someone to fuck me like I'm the one who got away. Like they're desperately trying to capture a long overdue moment of cathartic emotional intimacy and vulnerability with the person they lusted over for years. Like they're trying to prove to themselves that it must have been worth the wait.

  4. I did experience something similar and to this day, if I ask myself the question of what the best sex in my life has ever been, the first thing that comes to mind is this. We’ve been dating for like 1,5 years and broke up because we started to fight a lot. We wanted to have sex one last time and it was so fucking good, like both of us wanted to enjoy every second of it to the fullest, like it’s the last time we can touch and feel the other like this. Well, long story short, we both realized shortly after that the other one is worth the work and sacrifices to make the relationship work and we are married now, years later. So yeah, we both thought it’s breakup sex, but truly we were both fucking the other like they were the one that got away and 10/10 would recommend.

  5. I completely relate to this. My ex from 10 years ago was the best sex I’ve ever had. We’ve both moved on but we both had something very rare when it comes to sex. Like we were tailor made for each other’s bodies. It ended badly and dramatically and we never saw each other again after the split because I left him in another state. I fantasize about how it would be after such a long time ALL the time.

  6. Depending on your age this could be a reality. I mean space tourism is in its infancy and only the super rich are doing it, but there’s no reason to think that in 30 years you could vacation on a space station for not much more than the cost of a trip to Disney World now. Some of the plans are already in the works.

  7. I have always wanted to be able to switch bodies with my significant other for a day just to understand how she feels during sex but also during everything else.

  8. There's actually something similar in a romance path in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Your character (has to be masculine), can romance a girl named Panam while in a panzer. The twist is that both of them are linked to the panzer's neural systems, so anything Panam feels, V (your character) will feel too.

  9. This. I always hope I live long enough to experience some king of neural simulation technology that allows me to experience the sensation of vaginal penetration. Just to see what it's like. But that's some super advanced shit and likely not the focus of modern innovation.

  10. Just a reminder for anyone browsing these comments: None of these people are as attractive as you were imagining.

  11. For the benefit of Redditors who use non-metric measurement systems, 2 meters is approximately the same height as 28.9855072 Big Macs minus the packaging, therefore a woman must be at least 28.9855073 Big Macs tall in order to fulfill our brother's fantasies.

  12. I would LOVE to have a guy cum while eating me out. I remember seeing a woman post about her husband who did it one time and I can't get it out of my head

  13. It kinda happened to me a few times, an ex would gently stroke me occasionally with her foot while I was going down on her. She claimed she didn't know she was doing it but it made me cum a few times for sure!

  14. With or without stimulation? Because you can get pretty close to this with 69, or handjob variant, where he eats you out and you give him a handjob. With extra point for possibility to have him cum on you if that’s your thing.

  15. The odds of Emma Stone, dressed up as Gwen Stacy from Amazing Spiderman, showing up on my doorstep is pretty low...

  16. abducted by aliens whose spaceship has run out of fuel.. the fuel they need is human orgasms and they use me to farm orgasms until i’m near death from exhaustion. they stop just long enough or me to recover, then start the whole process over.

  17. I once gave myself so many orgasms during a really horny solo session that I thought I had caused myself to go deaf! Like all I could here for about 2 hours was a roaring blood rushing sound in my ears everything else was muffled like I had ear defenders on

  18. I've been dealing with that as well it's really hard. I will say I've mostly adapted to it in the two years we've been living together so it seems to get better. It's still not great. But it's better.

  19. The love where no matter what, you're still so in love with each other. Nothing toxic, just pure love and understanding no matter what. Like what some of those cheese songs describe, dancing drunk in the kitchen at night while the kids sleep to our favorite songs. Being the inspiration for what our kids look in in a partner, in a healthy way.

  20. This post is like a little toy sailboat floating alone in a thread full of toxic sludge. Kinda cute.

  21. I don't know how old you are, but here's a lesson that takes a while to learn, and maybe you can learn it young: That shit is not effortless. That takes work from both parties. That takes good communication, even when it makes you uncomfortable. It requires that you do not assume bad intentions. It requires a lot of knowledge about yourself. It is absolutely worth it, but it does take work.

  22. I basically have that, but it also includes us being overweight, overworked, and mostly too tired to even want sex. We just fall asleep trying to watch an episode of a show and then have to re-watch it 3 times to get it done. Ive been married 17 years to her and she's awesome.

  23. I had a Spanish teacher that was 24 and fresh out of college when I was 14. I took 4 years of that class and to this day I know zero spanish

  24. Why do you think it'll never happen? Only reason I think would be valid if you don't have a face. And I hope that's not the case. From own experience, most ladies are at least willing to try, and of those, nearly everyone has thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh, another reason might be that you're married to one of the few that for some reason are absolutely adamant about you not getting close to their coochie with your mouth...

  25. You can totally do it. Join FetLife, attend some munches. Definitely doable, but be picky AF. Test yourself and demand others be tested as well.

  26. Sameeee. I totally went on a date with a couple recently who'd met because he was known in the scene as the organiser of gangbangs, and she wanted to be gangbanged. They'd been together 8 years and she had never gotten the gangbang she met him for haha.

  27. Being with a virgin. I'm a woman, I just like the idea of being with someone totally unexperienced. I imagine sweet, innocent, nervousness. Me being in control.

  28. One of my co-workers gets her rocks off sleeping with virgin guys. I need to ask why she enjoys it, I suspect there's a dommy mommy aspect to it.

  29. Right with you. Especially if he's the kinda skinny nerdy type. Idk why, but something about the idea of softly dominating a guy like that makes me super horny.

  30. My colleague and financial adviser, Jake. People don't have this affect on me. In 35 years I can tell you I've never felt this. Being bothered in the best way when he's merely in the same room. I become so acutly aware of my entire body when he's close. Outwardly I remain calm, collected, unbothered, and professional. But I imagine every scenario that could have us alone together. It's intense. I dislike the way my concentration pulls toward him when he's around. It feels like intense happiness and safety when he's there, this (take me anywhere with you) feeling. It's ridiculous. He's not in my building often thankfully due to scheduling.

  31. Scarlett Johansson wanting to explore her unfulfilled desire of sleeping with a middle-aged, fat, balding man with a mid-level job and unremarkable house.

  32. My partner said she tried before but I just slept through it. She said she was open to the reverse but kicked me away when I tried so I think we're only going for it when fully awake

  33. I'm a woman and very, very rarely do my sex dreams involve a man. Dream me feasts on pussy, but awake me is in a loving, committed relationship with a man I want to marry. It'll never happen.

  34. Oof as a bi woman in a LTR as well, the "ask for a threesome/open relationship" and "guys think girl on girl is hot" replies are giving me a migraine. I hate that everyone's solution to any bisexual problem is "go non monog".

  35. Being in my 20s with another person their 20s and being totally in love and buying our first house together and making sweet slow love on the new carpet before we have unpacked any of our belongings. And then just completely being present with each other in the afterglow. Our whole beautiful lives ahead of us...

  36. Well shit... I've been feeling somewhat disconnected from my partner lately but we got to do that a couple years ago. You've completely recontextualized the event for me and given me a lot to think about. Thank you.

  37. i always wondered if you have that but you get sterilized/partner is sterilized, does that let you act it out or does the knowledge stay in the back of your head

  38. For everyone asking how is that possible… Simple, missionary while the girl sits on her face, they’ll both have access to her feet

  39. I’m pretty sure Reddit is full of women who want to peg a man but can’t find a man that’s into it.

  40. Sex with a singer but a type of edging sex where I pretty much hold off on their pleasure until they promise I can get some vip back stage passes

  41. Oh yeah, get in line. Although I think I actually want to bang Dana Scully, not Gillian Anderson.

  42. Sex with a robot... they probably know how to hit the spot right off the bat. Sex with a vampire.. does a cold hard dick feel good? Idk, but I know he'd last and I'd probably have to tap out. Sex with thor... he's just hot.

  43. Ok, I was in a restaurant once with a group of actors and Salma Hayek came in and was at the bar. I looked over and she looked right at me and waved. I got flustered but before I could wave back she started walking over to the table with a big smile and I thought, "OMG, is this my chance with Salma Hayek?" She made a beeline right toward me and I almost stood up, getting really nervous. When she got about six feet away she said "Fred!" and went right past me to Alfred Molina who was sitting next to me. Of course they had worked together on Frida and were very good friends. I thanked all the gods that I hadn't stood up like an idiot and just sat there enjoying the company and laughing at myself for the whole nonsense scenario that had just played out in my head.

  44. To go back in time and have a hot shag with my younger me. By the way would it be considered gay or would it be basically a wank since I'd be pleasing myself?

  45. To be cornered in a large home with soldiers, fending off the undead when suddenly a huge 100 foot, one eyed woman with a scythe appears, and grabs me, and she shoves me up her giant vagina.

  46. Honestly I’ve done that with my late Gf and my current gf. It’s fun but when I did it with two bi girls, it was more for them than me, and I was left with nothing to do a lot of the time. Lol

  47. Having sex with a woman who is actually willing to live in a mutually monogamous relationship with me in a home where we both bring in a comfortable income.

  48. I've just kind of always had this interest. Older women like thirty to mid fifties I have found super attractive since I was a teen and it's like I'm constantly being restrained from a relationship, I just know I'll never find that kind of relationship because of societal beliefs and etc

  49. My ex told me was into cnc, where she was the one using me, and i've never really felt like it was something that interests me, but being on the other side of it where she wants to go after me felt great and awoke something I feel lol

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