What sequels are better than the original?

  1. I think is extremely common in games since the first one usually doesn't just have to set up characters and story but also the style, engine, etc..

  2. Even though I wouldnt call the first Silent Hill a good movie, I do really think Cristophe Gans cared about Silent Hill and tried his best. You can see he made some changes to the characters and story to male it a more 'palatable' movie for hollywood. Maybe those changes shouldnt have been made but you can see the reason why it was. If nothing else that movie looked like Silent Hill.

  3. SFII is just in so much of a different league. The difference between the first and the second is like... the difference between NES Zelda and N64 Zelda.

  4. AoE 2 is one of those games where I can concede that it's objectively better than the original. Still, AoE will always have a special place in my heart and I have many more fond memories of it.

  5. James Horner nailed the score. The theme for the battle in the nebula is so excellent, even just listening to the song I feel the tension/suspense.

  6. *sniffs*all these people spoiling the movie by leaking the death ive already seen it but its still a fresh wound *sobs* and that's why the 5th movie was much better in my opinion it set up for the sixth movie but it didnt kill one of my favorite characters and even if it still had the other sibling in that bad place at least he didnt die

  7. The first Star Trek movie had tons of issues and felt like a different series entirely. Khan was like an extended episode and had a way bigger budget

  8. I watched mad Max recently for the first time and was so confused. I was like, "where's all the post apocalypse stuff?". I thought I was watching the wrong film and had to double check. Tbh I didn't enjoy it that much but I did love all the sequels.

  9. Batman Begins is my favorite one honestly. Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow is realllly underrated, and Katie Holmes > Maggie Gyllenhaal. Gotham looks more foreboding in BB too

  10. In a lot of ways, yeah. But Gotham was represented in a waaay cooler way in Batman Begins. It was actually a dirty, crime-riddled city and not a barely-masked Philadelphia.

  11. Dark knight was only better because heath ledger. Remove him and Batman begins is way better.

  12. Saints row 2 and mafia 2 really did a great job making a fun game while also showing the horrible cost of criminal life. GTA IV also did a great job of that

  13. Shrek 1 was very good but Shrek 2 was an improvement in many ways. Shrek 3 was definitely the weakest of the series but not a terrible movie by any means. Shrek 4 was at least as good as 1 and 2.

  14. In some ways, but I think Shrek 1 has a more timeless story. It does the whole anti-fairy tale very well.

  15. The Kung Fu Panda series in general is so much better than it has any right to be, and Kung Fu Panda 2 really cemented that.

  16. Interesting. I couldn't pick a winner between 999 and VLR. Both great for different reasons. Wish I could forget them and play them again.

  17. Ouija: Origin of Evil was surprisingly better then Ouiji the original. Now Ouiji was pretty bad so it didn’t take much but usually these off brand horror movies go from bad to worse if they attempt a sequel.

  18. Tbh I don’t think Mike Flanagan has made anything underwhelming so far. Or at least that I’ve seen. Pretty excited for Midnight Club and Fall of the House of Usher.

  19. I’ve heard the chasm of quality between 1st and 2nd films is gargantuan (I’ve only seen the second one, which I thoroughly enjoyed).

  20. I saw that movie like 6 times when it first came out. The only thing that bugged me was when the Spanish speakers were referring to Americans as americanos. Latinos consider ourselves Americans as well because the United States is only part of the two continents that form the Americas. Americans from the US in Spanish are called estadounidenses because the United States in Spanish is called los Estados Unidos.

  21. Infinity War is one of my favorite movies but hard to think of it as a sequel when there's like 20 movies leading up to it. It's like the continuation of a bunch of other movies not just the Avenger titled ones, Age of Ultron would have been the official previous which is weird.

  22. My mom wanted to see Maverick and realised I haven't seen the original. We watched Top Gun the night before seeing Maverick, and man was Maverick better. I liked the original, but Maverick kept me more interested and was way more action packed.

  23. I always found the third as the best one, followed closely by the second, and I tend to forget about the first one

  24. I’m honestly a little upset that I had to scroll down so far to see this. Not only does it show that sequels can be just as good/ if not better than the original, but Jennifer Saunders’ rendition of “Holding out for a Hero” shows that a cover of a song can be just as good/ if not better than the original

  25. Hyman Roth is my favorite antagonist in any movie. The chess game he and Michael play against each other is so fun to watch. Great choice, I adore this movie.

  26. Kung Fu Panda 2! The first one was still very good, but the second one was incredible. Character design for the albino peacock villain, the soundtrack, the plot... every part of the film was amazing.

  27. In terms of movies, 100%. In terms of books, I think it's on par with the first. Both are amazing, and it's hard for me to rank one higher than the other.

  28. I would agree in both the books and the movies. I still enjoyed Mockingjay the book and I enjoyed the movies, but not nearly as much as the book. Also, I feel that the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman after only like 75% of his scenes had been filmed really hurt part 2. I feel like you can tell where he was missing in the movie.

  29. Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan was soooo much better than Star Trek The Motion Picture which was quite crap tbh. Oh and Empire Strikes Back is better than Star Wars on certain levels.

  30. I'm having mixed thoughts on alien vs. aliens. Both are undeniably fantastic, with alien creating a claustrophobic horror experience and aliens creating an action packed thriller with tons of new info, lore, and concepts.

  31. Burt's Grizzly Big-Boar shooting through a shrieker, a cinderblock wall, several 55 gallon oil drums, a shed, and the engine block of their escape car is still one of the funniest gags of all time.

  32. I hate in origin movies just waiting for them to get to the part where they are the actual character and can kick arse. That is why I hated the venom movie. He wasn't venom for most of it.

  33. For a minute I thought you were talking about the second movie in the original series where they find the psychic humans living underground and Charlton Heston has a terrible hair weave. Then I remembered they remade that series.

  34. I'd have to disagree on this. The Fellowship of the Ring does an incredible job world building, establishing characters and histories, and shifting the tone from the Shire to the darker journey ahead. The sequels naturally lean heavily on this start, and wouldn't work without it. I'd say that you can't really rate one better or worse, as they really are just one story split into 3 movies. Just a personal opinion, though.

  35. wouldn't say better. just quite different. alien is a very tense horror work but aliens is an all out action film. and both are amazing at doing that

  36. Strongly disagree. The great thing about the first four alien films were they were all essentially different genre films with really distinct visionary directors. Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, JP Jeunet. Not to say Cameron’s film wasn’t a hugely satisfying summer blockbuster, just saying it’s not fair to try to compare them.

  37. I agree, and Aliens is my favorite movie of all time. But I can understand why some might disagree, as it's very different in tone from the first film.

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