What's your "not hungry but mouth is bored" snack?

  1. I’ve concluded I prefer the shelled pistachios because I think they taste better. It took a long time for me to figure out why. Let me share my life-changing research with you:

  2. After the post the other day showing the bug in the pistachio I’ve had a hard time thinking about all the funny (pistachio) nuts I’ve tasted in my life.

  3. Ah yes, nothing like snacking on those during a movie, realizing you ate almost the whole box, are completely and utterly dehydrated for the rest of the night no matter how much water you drink before bed, have a hard time sleeping because of it, and then wake up feeling like shit the next day.

  4. The classic cheddar goldfish is my answer, but the extra big cheez-its is my wife's. I'm a lot less picky than she is so I'll gladly snack on both.

  5. I prefer the seasoned (black pepper) a combo of spicy and salty. No matter how careful I am. I’m always having to sweep the floor.

  6. The only safe way to eat corn nuts without destroying your teeth is to replace said teeth with corn nuts.

  7. Check out “Giant Peruvian Inca Corn” from Trader Joes. They’re like puffed up corn nuts, still super crunchy but also a little sweet. Changed the game

  8. I ate corn nuts for a whole month for lunch back in elementary school and one day ended up cracking my back tooth and choking on the corn nut that did it all. Haven’t eaten corn nuts since.

  9. I didn't expect to find comfort in this thread for my Cheez-It addiction. Thank you. I thought it was just me.

  10. Four saltines with either cheese or peanut butter on them. (not those little packages of orange crackers, I just make them myself)

  11. Peanutbutter and apples on saltines is my go-to I've been throwing up for a few days and need calories option. Cheese and apples if I'm feeling much better.

  12. My daughter was severely anemic and chewed ice all day, every day. When we ask the hematologist about this they said yes it is due to being anemic. He said there are people that will chew gravel or even sheet rock.

  13. My daughter has an abundant of cherry tomatoes so she puts them in a paper bowl in the kitchen for everyone. I find myself snacking on these constantly. Forget lunch & dinner, i am full on cherry tomatoes and some celery sticks.

  14. My kid will eat every single tomatoe I buy, unless I tell him specifically that it's for part of a meal.

  15. I love double stuffed oreos. Haven't bought them in about 8 years though because I cannot control myself. I eat them by the sleeve.

  16. Edamame, entertainment for your mouth and your hands... Pop pop pop... Perfect little protein boost. You can salt them for an electrolyte assist, or add gochujang/sriracha if you need a slight sugar kick. Regular hot sauce or chilli garlic sauce is great if you're just looking for extra spice without the refined sugar.

  17. I don't know why, but whenever I say "Edamame" I feel like I'm saying "Edamamame" no matter how many times I confirm that I am actually saying "Edamame"

  18. They also have good protein. I had some dry roasted edamane with wasabi...I'm not a snacker..but that was enjoyable

  19. We have a big hidden jug of animal crackers that we use on my toddler as bargaining chips & rewards. If I’ve smoked enough weed and happen to notice that thing, ez brainless 500 calories down the hatch before I know what’s happening.

  20. Lately I’ve been eating my cucumber spiraled with garlic, togarashi, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and a half teaspoon of sugar. Literally a life changer.

  21. Seems silly to put just 3 leftover slices in the fridge, might as well just finish the whole thing and hate myself

  22. my popcorn protip is to flavor the oil you use to pop the corn with. the best popcorn I ever had I made using oil that I had just used to deep fry a bunch of shrimp, but you can lightly fry garlic and rosemary or whatever in the oil first, then remove that stuff (so it doesn't burn) then use that oil on the popcorn the flavor gets all through the popcorn

  23. Shredded cheese or cabbage. Currently really craving shredded cheese but we don't have any and I'm gonna be making dinner soon anyway

  24. Oh sadly this is too often the case if I'm watching TV and don't have anything else I'm doing. I bite my fingers all round the edge of the nail too...

  25. Cheese Puffs. They just have a fascinating 'mouth feel'. I enjoy using my tongue to crush them against the roof of my mouth.

  26. Cheerios. Bologna and pimento cheese on a cracker. Cheese and pepperoni and summer sausage on a cracker. Ever put a slice of cheese then a pepperoni and microwave for just2 seconds awesome. Put pepperoni first always on a ritz.

  27. I've found Flamin' Hot Cheetos are pretty much always satisfying. Especially when you get to the bottom of the bag where all the small extra-crunchy bits with tons of seasoning are hiding

  28. Sunflower seeds, I used to buy three packs and they’d last me maybe a week or two. I enjoy the crack and fishing out the seed, they’re pretty delicious too

  29. If you give me a tube of Pringles, I'm eating 75% of that at minimum in one sitting, and that's just because I eventually realize I'm about the eat the whole thing and I feel like I shouldn't do that.

  30. Pickles. I will consume a jar of dill pickle spears, call it a meal and then not eat again for the rest of the day.

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