What was attractive 10 years ago but now isn't anymore?

  1. Honestly I miss the blogging culture. Articles written with honesty and passion, mostly to connect with real life friends first and online audiences second.

  2. The internet used to be a pretty cool place full of people expressing themselves honestly and openly and having interesting things to say about their experiences. But like everything else eventually is, it’s been monetized by corporate Ohmerica.

  3. A bunch of mine died from the opioid epidemic on the mid 2000s into the 2010s. My former principal posted a sad message listing all the former students that had died. Out of the list, close to 20 were from my graduating class, and we only had 210 students in my graduating class to begin with

  4. This is perfect! So many were "dead convinced" that the Mayan calendar proved the earth would end in 2012!

  5. Back when the biggest conspiracy theories were area 51, mayans, and bilderberg. Back when Alex Jones use to break into rich peoples retreats and secretly filmed, now he is sucking all their dicks.

  6. 2020 was meant to the point in time many of our technological advancement to make a major break through (singularity events). Like Nano-bots, Cure to cancer, solved aging, fusion, self replicating robots, AI, base on Mars.

  7. There was a "people with mustache finger tattoos, how are you doing now?" post and my favorite response was "I'm trans now"

  8. I had a friend get one and they really wanted us to get matching ones. I am so proud of myself for having the foresight to say “absolutely not”.

  9. You remember the like... groomed lumberjack look? I like to think I'm still like that, but I have gained 20 pounds....

  10. So there's a private park near my neighborhood where only residents within the vicinity of the park were allowed membership. Well, the neighborhood around the park was mainly white professionals so they decided to open up a lottery to allow those in the adjacent neighborhoods to join. My wife and I got picked via the lottery and we happily took our toddler to check out the park.

  11. Hipsters are just trendy. Young kids are the same, everyone has their idea of how they should look. It will be funny to see adults rocking the brococoli hair cut in 10 years.

  12. Being an independent musician. 10 years ago I was just out of college and if someone did ANY type of their own shit I thought it was cool & sexy. Now I actually listen to see of its GOOD before being impressed. SoundCloud had a WAY different effect on music than what I originally thought.

  13. Same problem with publishing. Thought easier publishing would bring out a lot of great ideas and what not. Turns out the gatekeepers were doing a decent job of gatekeeping shitty books. Now days tou can basically write a story and upload it on Amazon and boom its published so there is a ton of garbage coming out.

  14. No freckles. I was hideously bullied for having freckles in secondary school. Now kids are drawing them on and my nieces are obsessed with mine.

  15. As a freckle-lover since a kid I feel grossly misrepresented in society and find it absurf that anyone was ever bullied for freckles. I remember being 6 and stopping in my tracks daydreaming whenever a girl with freckles walked past me. Sorry we didn't go to school together I would've bullied your bullies for having such a stupid opinion.

  16. FARMVILLE! It’s about damn time. It’s just like being a real farmer, just without the BENEFITS! FARMVILLE!

  17. I remember back in middle school, there was this guy who's clique was always fighting with mine... You know middle schoolers.

  18. It was also WAY more focused on tight-knit real social circles as a way to keep up with people you may not see all the time.

  19. I dunno, I feel like by 2012, social media was already pretty awful. The change from "maintain a small network of people I actually want to communicate with" to "socially mandatory connection with everybody you have ever met and a sizable chunk of people you haven't" was enough for me to lose interest. The subsequent rise of social media influencers just reinforced it for me.

  20. Honestly still better than the current trend of what we in our group call "alpaca hair". The semi perm look which makes you look a right wally

  21. Honestly, I still much prefer seeing the long Bieber cut on guys vs the stupid ass tiktok hair kids are sporting nowadays. Literally looks like a birds nest on the head with the shaved back and sides.

  22. Say what you want. I’ll be wearing high-low skirts, skinny jeans of all sorts, and ballet flats for the rest of my life.

  23. For me, Uber. There was a beautiful little period in time where it was new and exciting, random guys from work would make good money driving for Uber for a couple hours at night or on the weekend, and the people who used it were sort of in the same culture as the ones driving. Everyone was just happy to be involved.

  24. The optimism was because Uber was operating at a loss. This was the popular disruption model that Uber and a bunch of tech companies were using to eliminate competition. I live in NYC and when Uber came in they were considered incredible. By then, the yellow cab medallion market had cornered the market and we were getting shitty service that was fairly pricey. With Uber, you were getting clean cars, happy drivers and the ease of using your phone to hail. Also way cheaper rides than the yellow cabs.

  25. Plus a taxi is actually cheaper now in some areas. I tried to get an uber for a 4 mile ride from the airport yesterday, and they were charging $70 for it. That's literally $15/mile. The taxi company in town only wanted $20 for the same ride.

  26. So I work for the UN and am sitting in the Central African Republic typing this. Just this week the UN rescued some children from the LRA near Obo. It (the lords resistance army) is still here. Kony is still loose. The LRA is still recruiting child soldiers. And still operating in the lawless area between CAR/south Sudan/Uganda. But yeah no one in America has ever heard of CAR except folks in the state department so once kony went hiding there no one cared. Didn’t help the original dude promoting the cause went nuts.

  27. A little more than ten years ago, but remember that fad where everyone wore a hundred of those Silly Bandz bracelets all down their arms?

  28. Still rocking my Galaxy S7. And I have NO idea what to do when someone hands me a phone without a physical button at the bottom.

  29. Was this written by an actual person or by Samsung? Because I love physical buttons on things but every company loves taking them away :( also ports

  30. Still rocking my 3770K, I'm just gonna keep it going until it gives up the ghost, but no signs of that yet. I have a 9th gen that I bought from a friend sat in my wardrobe but that requires buying DDR4 RAM and I don't need to do that yet :p

  31. The answer to these questions is always eyebrows. Paper thin eyebrows, giant painted eyebrows… every few years the trend changes and the the old trend is mocked. Just embrace your natural brows. Clean em up a tad if you want 🤷‍♂️

  32. 100% this. Growing up I was made fun of for my big bushy brows. Then seemingly overnight suddenly I was getting complimented for not having “thin, over plucked brows”. I actually thought I was being mocked that’s how sudden it was. It taught me a valuable lesson about trends and being “fashionable”. It’s all made up, do what makes you feel happy.

  33. Yeah I've never gotten into any of the eyebrow trends. I don't want to screw them up and then they get stuck like that or something. Besides I think classic, natural (but maybe cleaned up) eyebrows are probably always going to be in even if they're not "trendy"

  34. I knew a dude who said 25 years ago that he was assaulted by Kevin Spacey. Only surprise to me was to see other people tell exactly the same story of the guy I know, of Spacey grabbing a dude's dick in a public place.

  35. The Facebook age gap is weird to me. I’m in my late 20s and almost everyone I went to school with still regularly posts on Facebook. But my cousin who’s in her early 20s doesn’t know anyone who still uses Facebook.

  36. This, had to scroll way too far to find it. 2012 was before everyone's parents had raided facebook and it was still cool to post stuff trying to make your 'friends' envious of your life.

  37. BDSM is much more acceptable/prevalent now though, so the shitty pop-culture representations aren't as big a deal anymore.

  38. Streaming services! Everyone loved their Netflix and Hulu, which were the only options to ever exist and will be the only ones to have all the movies forever for a reasonable price.

  39. We were spoiled and didn’t know how good we had it when Netflix was the only streaming service and Hulu had just been born and had that terrible interface, but you could stream Parks & Rec the day after it aired.

  40. Yep. Never thought I would have man boobs and a dad bod. Turns out when your body gets used to holding a kid and you put them down and stand up straight, your center of gravity has now shifted forward. Your body seems to create mass on the front to even out the lean back.

  41. Kids today have no idea the social status that wearing abercombie, hollister, or American Eagle had in school in the early 2010s in my days. Literally that was considered the pinnacle of coolness at the time. If you could get American Eagle you were on board but if you wore abercombie and hollister you were in another level entirely.

  42. Skinny Jeans. I swear I just blinked and all the kids are now wearing loose-fitting/baggy jeans. When skinny jeans was 'in', the thought process was that it was form-fitting and complemented your body shape, while baggy pants were considered lazy.

  43. It's always cyclical. Before skinny jeans were popular there were cargo shorts, boot cut, and the god awful JNCO jeans. Fashion in general is on like a 20-25 year cycle, you take bits and pieces of fashion from an earlier era and it becomes its own new thing.

  44. My poor brother really genuinely believe this. To the point where he stayed in a bad relationship, didn't bother to take a new job, and didn't bother to pay down any of his credit cards because "we're all gonna die in December anyway."

  45. In 2012 what I thought was attractive was actually attractive in 2002. In 2022 what I think is attractive was actually attractive in 2012. It’s more so that I’m really out of style rather than not being able to keep track of the years

  46. My dad killed so many blackberry phones. Jumping in pools with them in his pockets, he had one fall out and then he back over it with his truck, one fell off of a roof. So many blackberrys

  47. This one hurts. I'm a mobile developer and I got a job with a big company in 2010. My first assignment was on the company's Blackberry app, writing a TV Guide sort of thing. It's one of the coolest apps I ever wrote and it was for the fucking Blackberry which was well into its death throes by that point.

  48. We still have a version of the duck face. Now it’s just a slightly opened slack-jaw mouth with too much lip filler or overlined lipstick (or both).

  49. I feel like tattoos are more popular (and more acceptable) with women now than 10 years ago. Instead of inconspicuous areas like a lower back "tramp stamp," I see plenty of women with more visible wrist or inner arm tattoos.

  50. I loved the irony of someone yelling YOLO while doing something super dangerous that could get themselves killed. You should yell YOLO and then NOT jump.

  51. Buying a movie on blu-ray was still a thing. Now it seems that hardly anyone wants to collect newly made physical media other than in the nostalgic vinyl record market.

  52. I buy physical copies of the ones I really like and then redeem the digital codes for ease of use. Then when all my digital movie libraries are linked with Movies Anywhere, I always have access to everything. It quite nice when technology makes things easier instead of just adding extras to our lives.

  53. Eh, it’s still nice to own a physical copy with a one-time payment rather than a streaming service subscription you have to pay for monthly.

  54. One thing that I don't see discussed much is one of the best reasons to own physical media: it can't be edited after-the-fact. The Office and The Simpsons, two shows I love, have edited parts of episodes, and even removed entire episodes, from the steaming catalog. I own the DVDs of the first ten seasons of the Simpsons and all of The Office and I imagine as time goes on these will be sought after.

  55. They still sell Blu-Rays, and they still have a healthy market. Sure the general public will just stream movies or rent them on iTunes, but the people who are buying Blu-Rays in 2022 are the people who will never not buy Blu-Rays because the thought of spending money on digital goods is unacceptable.

  56. You know what is really fucked up? That song is 15 years old. There could be people reading this post who are younger than this song.

  57. ever since the internet spawned, pop culture has been harder to cut into epochs and analyze. we'll never have another "the 80s" with moonwalking and breakdancing and patrick bateman and stonewashed jeans and etc. it's all just grey goo now

  58. I think for the younger generations, pop culture is now controlled by what's trendy in social media (especially tiktok)

  59. Eh, as an old person the spirit of emo fashion has lived on through alt/e-girl types. They've stripped away a few things (don't see the flat ironed hair too often, like you said), but its still mostly there. If anything alternative looks have become the mainstream. Colorful hair and tattoos are more common than they've ever been.

  60. Tbh I’m a grown ass woman and I like a little bit of what I call “emo dilf” energy. Like not full on eyeliner and teased black hair for a Tuesday dentist appointment levels, but I’ve seen some guys rock the evolution into adulthood pretty successfully

  61. Aha but theres where you're wrong. If you have the available funds to buy a house in this market, you are very attractive.

  62. Actually, directly after the 2008 housing crisis, people probably weren’t too keen on buying homes.

  63. Askreddit is like a bakery. Every morning, up before dawn getting the same batches ready. They sell out most days. It's a living.

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