Instead of dick pics, what kind of pics would you like to receive?

  1. I changed my phone’s name to “send dog pics” and allowed anyone to airdrop files to me so when I’d catch the train or bus I’d get random dog pictures. It was genuinely excellent.

  2. Everytime I’m in a super crowded area(think Disney World) I like to airdrop a super judgmental looking picture of my dog.

  3. I’ve been running with this idea for years! Only ever received one dog pic at the airport once. Glad you’ve had more success.

  4. pfft I changed my phone's name to "Nice shirt Greg" in hopes of someone around me being named Greg. Hopefully he's wearing shirt with holes. Because Greg gonna start looking around with confusion in his face parts

  5. Cute animals — including but not limited to cats, dogs, penguins, otters, frogs, ducks, rabbits, capybaras, bears, raccoons, birds, and koalas

  6. That's what my partner and I do. He sends me pictures or videos of all of the cute animals he meets during his work hours. I send him funny videos I see while scrolling the internet or a cute picture of any animal I've met. Works well for us. In 12 years of our relationship he never send me a single dick pic.

  7. This!! The random pictures are the best. Show me what candle you’re burning, what book you’re reading, how the rain looks falling outside of your apartment, the glasses you’re trying on, the freshly folded bedsheets, your favorite plant that’s thriving on the bookshelf, the pasta you just cooked and are so proud of… those things are my favorite

  8. Honestly, I had a girl that I fell in love with earlier this February from Florida (we were long-distance. It only lasted for a month but we're still close friends), and we didn't hold anything back. We shared whatever we were doing, whenever. I think being more open and accepting is a huge attribute to a relationship. The nudes were really fun too, but I think I had more fun with her because we also shared more things about ourselves than I ever did with anyone else.

  9. There was a raccoon in my trash the other night and I thought it was those annoying ass coyotes that recently killed some hunting dogs so I grabbed my gun. I leveled it right in the raccoons face, and was like "omg I'm so sorry Mr raccoon!". He was soooooo cute and I felt bad for almost killing him.


  11. I liked your post, but please be sure to put the hyphen between spider and man in all future references to your friendly neighborhood webslinger.

  12. I was driving down the highway in south Texas the other day and out of the forest stepped a giant ostrich. About a hundred yards away a wildebeest. I knew we had exotic animals but it still shocked me. Will check my dash cam and post if it caught them.

  13. I bought ducks from a farmer who said most of them were female. I ended up with 4 big black drakes, and a speckled hen we named "Piper".

  14. Honestly, hobbies. Show me your hobbies; as long as there isn't anything dead in the pictures (such as hunting and fishing). I'm 1000000000000000% going to encourage your hobbies and other things if it seems like you are really into it.

  15. Ps- if I have the oils of what you'd like to see, I'll send it. Currently going thru fomments to spam people's inboxes.

  16. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the cello. Work for the last year has sucked numbingly hard. After a particularly difficult day at work, my husband asked me what my weekend plans were. It seems he had been making weekly payments on a cello, and he’d set my first lesson up for that weekend. I was so excited, I was in tears as he was driving me to my first lesson. I had my first concert about two months ago. It was mostly me and a bunch of middle and elementary school students, but I didn’t care. My husband was more proud than any of the parents in the audience. And I have to say, I did play a pretty amazing rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

  17. I send Dik Dik pics. Most people are amused when they get it. (A dik dik is a small member of the deer family from Africa. Quite cute)

  18. My husband likes to send me pictures of guys named Dick. Like Cheney, Van Dyke, Butkus, etc. It never fails to crack me up.

  19. If they're ashamed of their body they should just put googly eyes on their nipples, draw a nose on their sternum and make it a shirtless vid with the bellybutton talking.

  20. I once sent the offender's mother the unwanted dick picture. I dated the guy's older brother in high school and went to high school with him 25 years ago. He had been incarcerated for years and was residing with his mother. His floor was disgustingly filthy because a significant piece of the ruined carpet was visible from the angle he shot his weenie. I forwarded the photo to his mother along with an explanation of what he did and how appalled I was with her carpet. The following day, she sent me a note to let me know that he would never disturb me again and that his room was now tidy.

  21. Wish granted. You now have an arsonist friend who shows you pictures of orphanages, nursing homes, schools, homes and hospitals he has set alight.

  22. The woman who made a bogus app was my favourite answer to an unwanted dick picture. She first asked, "Wait, what did you just send me? that image was transmitted as a grey box. Oh crap, did you email me a picture of a dick? I have an app that scans incoming photos, and if it detects something it deems to be a pornographic image, it prevents me from viewing it. However, it sends the image and all of the tracking data to the FBI database. I sincerely hope the app mistook your message for one from a dude.

  23. Some nice colorful sunset pics or just pics of what they are doing at the moment. It feels nice to be on someone's mind at random times.

  24. This is the way. Would also like invites to do said things with them especially if there is food involved.

  25. Random parts of the body that are not dicks. Ears, eyes, noses, fingers, toes, knees, a single strand of hair, an eyebrow, a chin, a belly button, heck even a butt cheek. That would be great actually.

  26. If a man takes a pic showing off his shoulders in a casual way, I'm not sure what's wrong with me but I do nuts for it. Bonus points if the arms are good too

  27. I remember making fun of the school dress code like, "oo, yeah, shoulders are sooooo sexy, right" but I really do love a man with some broad, sturdy shoulders lol idk what it is, I feel you on that tho xD

  28. My bf sends me silly photos or videos to me from time to time with his mate or himself. It’s just they are drinking coffee or in a car etc. I think that’s super cute. I really enjoy receiving it.

  29. Flowers. I don't even like flowers that much, but they always look so pretty and happy in photos. If someone sent me a pic of a flower, I'd probably be really happy :)

  30. Since that is obviously a juvenile penis, I notify everyone who sends me unsolicited dick pictures that I am reporting them for creating and disseminating child porn.

  31. That is 100% the truth. She did not lie to you mate. We love that shit. Ask her first though, cause that guarantees success.

  32. I have a hay bale, a snow shovel, and a comforter in mine. I also live in just about as urban an environment as it gets.

  33. Pics with pets, pics showing you enjoying your fave hobby, having fun with family or friends. And if you wanted to send a sexy one, shirt half buttoned or open, with low worn jeans or sweats. But I'm mainly down for pics that show you have a personality.

  34. Pictures of rabbits. My previous rabbit of 6 years died a few weeks ago; and I miss her every day. She was a Dutch rabbit.

  35. Motivational quotes/memes. Sometimes I just need that bump to get me through the day or to jumpstart me getting shit done, especially if it was random. Penises don’t do that.

  36. You're free to interpret the question however you want. Not like telling Reddit otherwise would accomplish anything.

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