You’re stuck in a room with every person you’ve ever had sex with. What’s your first move?

  1. Same, I married my only sexual partner, and we have been together almost 20 years so unless we pivot to a poly relationship or start swinging I don't see that changing anytime soon

  2. Right out the second floor window. High enough to break a bone, but no where near enough to kill you. Now you're trapped with two broken arms.

  3. My only ex I’ve had so far in two relationships took a hoodie and one of my favorite t-shirts. I know she uses Reddit so if you see this and your initials are IGF….

  4. I've never understood the hoodie thing but it so true. It's mostly a girl thing, but ive seen guys that steal their gf's hoodies too (very cute by the way). I'm in a longterm relationship with another woman and I feel like we need some national geographic guys to track the constant exchange of hoodies between us. I'm convinced there is potential for some sort of perpetual motion machine to be constructed from this situation like the cat with the piece of toast on its back.

  5. And right after announce that she has placed first amongst one participant (Yes I was a virgin till I got married)

  6. "I steal your soul and cast lightning level 1,000,000. Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist because you are only a level 2 druid."

  7. “Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine!? No! But I do! Why? Because it’s sterile. And I like the taste.”

  8. Lets go around the room and introduce ourselves again because some of the names I have forgot.

  9. This comment made me feel so much better about myself. I can’t remember some of their names either. Quite a few years back I was working at a drive thru and I guy I hooked up with came through and remembered me but I had no fucking clue who he was. After I few minutes of talking I remembered him. He was genuinely butthurt and couldn’t believe I didn’t remember him. I still don’t remember his name

  10. Absolutely! I Was in my 20s in the 70s. Those were years of every weekend going out partying , sometimes hooking up, I couldn't even guess wthin 25 people the number of partners I had. Glad my daughter is not on reddit by the way, And when you're judging me remember I'm a grandma in my 60s!

  11. Very good question. Also, which past in case you fucked more than once? The version you fell in love with or the one you dumped?

  12. God I hope as they are now. I started sex as an early teen, I don’t want to think “I remember having sex with this girl” while looking at a 14 year old.

  13. This actually happened to me a long time ago. I went to a bday party for a coworker at a bar. Had been hooking up with another co worker so I knew they would be there, no biggie. One ex worked across the street. But it’s a busy downtown area so I didn’t think they would come in… but they did. And my other ex showed up with her friends randomly.

  14. Kind of had a similar situation. Long story short, after my high school GF and I split up on college, she then dated / hooked up with a two other friends of mine. We were all cool with each other and her, and we all still gamed together etc.

  15. Saaame, I had like a 3 year post break up period that would make this room pretty damn awkward and like 2 or 3 "why did i do that?" 🙃

  16. Kill my rapist. If that isn't considered sex then I would hug my ex wife, cause she been dead for a while

  17. Yeah came here to say this. I’d beat the shit outta all the men that assaulted me. I bet some of the nice guys I’ve dated would help lol

  18. I scrolled down cause I knew I wasn’t gonna be the only one. Don’t count it if you don’t want to, I say, or count it if you wanna commit some light revenge.

  19. Yeah this question involves quite a few folks that I view as a danger to me at this point. Lucky most of the people in the room would defend me but like... This isn't a fun question for a lot of people.

  20. This is my dream. I’d make them all dress up in suits and I’d hand out roses like I’m the bachelorette and make them fight to the death for me

  21. Line them up in order, grab my current girlfriend and ask "does my past make sense now that you can see the regression of my mental health in real time?"

  22. Same for me and my wife! We joke about it saying we have absoluely NO IDEA if we're good in bed or not. We're just perfect for eachother.

  23. Pick up the nearest sharp object because if that abusive cheating, rapist, scumbag even trys to come near me, he ain't walking away intact.

  24. Give everyone a hug. Can’t think of any of the women I wouldn’t want to catch up with. Hopefully a couple would be down for a little fun, we had great chemistry!!

  25. I wonder if they feel as warmly about you. I hope they do. It’d restore a lot of faith for me if y’all actually had mutually respectful and loving relationships.

  26. Well, wasn't planning on crying today. Every single day I wonder if I would have had the balls to put life before the bottle if we'd still be together. It took them leaving for me to realize it and I can't forgive myself for it. Would literally give everything for one more chance to not fuck it up.

  27. This scenario has been posted before, it's interesting seeing everyones take on how quickly their lineup would figure it out.. Only 2 in my lineup knew each other (one of which knew of several others around the same time as them) and they'd figure it out instantly.

  28. Be inconspicuous enough that they don't figure out I'm the common denominator. Though to be fair I probably wouldn't be the only one.

  29. Ignore everyone else,tell her I miss her. I think about her every day. It was the biggest mistake of my life to let her go. I'll love her till the day I die.

  30. Ha, same. Thinking about this scenario is weird bc I'm like...It's gonna be a real random grab bag of people...

  31. Wow. Yes. So many predatory fucks in this group for me too. I’m sorry this happened to you but I’ll help fight in your room and maybe you can help fight in mine? Sending lots of love.

  32. And ask the others to help. I’m sure they would. I would and I don’t know you (I mean, I think I don’t). I hope you have or are working through that trauma. I read once that a murder kills your body but a rapist kills your soul. You deserve to be a whole person with a whole soul.

  33. Honest answer? I would be embarrassed. I had a couple of one night stands and i wouldn't want people who i had loved and cared about see how i acted. So i would try like hell to leave. If i can't leave i would find the one particular ex that i still have a good relationship with and ask him to keep the others away lol.

  34. Ask what this one guy is doing here by mistake. Crazy how there's a guy sitting with these women from my past, he must've walked into the wrong room before the door got locked.

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