What's the best Time Travel movie/ TV series ever?

  1. Steins; Gate series, a lot of people dont bother with it cause its an Anime. Its personally my top 3 Anime of all time

  2. I have recently started watching some of these again. Kind of amazing how well it holds up. I have seen some TV from that era that is just mega cringe. It is a bit wholesome, and that is fine, but is a bit of a throwback to when it was not acceptable to acknowledge some of the darker sides of life that exist.

  3. That one series that I'm thankful to have watched before it rose to fame because of Netflix. And TBH a very few series/movie remain out there till day that match that level of complexity and story line.

  4. IMO this is one of the best series I've ever seen. Right up there with the Sopranos and Breaking Bad.

  5. Yes, this was a great series (and yes, the whole thing is based on time travel so it should count). One of very few shows I've got on my list to rewatch. Cleverly done, included lots of interesting concepts and characters. I'd kind of like a continuation (which new characters) but I'm scared they'd ruin the good run. Three seasons was just right.

  6. This show was awesome. One of my favourites on Netflix but you have to remember not to take it too seriously or it kinda falls apart. Like they're impersonating people they've never met and know hardly anything about and somehow not getting caught. I don't think I could even impersonate my younger self or a close friend that effectively.

  7. Fringe the TV show. It's time travel arc was pretty good. The whole show was great, started out as a "mystery of the week" similar to X-Files, which was all part of "the Pattern" that led to the parallel universe. Then the time travel shit. I love that show. Super underrated.

  8. "White Tulip" is the episode with Peter Weller as the professor refining his time travel experiment to go back and save his wife from the car crash. Makes me cry every time.

  9. I'm surprised no one mentioned Edge of Tomorrow yet. But is it really a time travel movie? If it is then the answer to the question is Groundhog Day.

  10. I watched Dark in 2020 or so and I was convinced that this was the best time travel series out there until I got to see 12 Monkeys. Binge watched entire 4 seasons in approx 2 to 3 weeks. Got to know that the series was based of a movie by the same name starring Bruce Wills and Brad Pitt. Watched that masterpiece as well. Got to know that even that movie was based of a early 1950s French movie. Watched that too. Each one of them a complete masterpiece.

  11. Literally one of my favourite series ever, I feel like not enough people have heard about the 12 Monkeys tv series!!

  12. I've always just ignored every Terminator movie afterwards, they just tried to recreate the 'lightning in a bottle' that was 1 & 2 and always fell waaaay short.

  13. I felt that Dark Fate was a worthy successor to Judgement Day. I now ignore the rest that came in between.

  14. Doctor Who has the distinct advantage of being able to do whatever the hell it wants at this point. It's level of imagination is usually what does it for me.

  15. Travellers had one of the best theories about how to actually perform time travel. Unlike other movies/series in which the person itself time travels, it was a fascinating concept in here. Sad to see the show get canceled. Had real fun watching it.

  16. Some years ago I watched a really good Spanish time travel show - El ministerio del tiempo. But I can't find it streaming anymore.

  17. This is quite good.. I love time bending movies and this was listed on a rotten tomatoes list.. would recommend tracking down and watching (think I did on some free site;)

  18. I agree. Is it just me or did it seem that the main character was pretty restricted to the time period that he could travel to? All of the episodes that I remember involved him travelling back only a few decades.

  19. I really enjoyed the tv show Seven Days. I'm sure it's completely held up and wouldn't be poison to watch today without the benefit of nostalgiavision.

  20. Not a show or a movie (I know, classic) but 11/22/63 by Stephen King is one of my favorite books from the horror man. I mean they did turn it into a show but book is a lot better

  21. I love Interstellar ! I can watch it over and over again. Also time travellers wife (although I think book is way better)

  22. The series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A two hour episode with Q called All Good Things.

  23. Time Trax, an old show about a cop from the 22nd century going back to the late 20th century to capture escaped fugitives. He had an AI assistant named SELMA that appeared as a hologram and was shaped like a credit card. He had a stun gun that was shaped like a car key fob. It could also send criminals back to the future. Too bad the show couldn’t quite decide if it was set in the actual past or a time-shifted parallel reality. Half the time they kept saying that anything they change won’t affect their own time. And then they also left messages for his future boss in newspapers.

  24. I like the serie travellers. Is on Netflix. Show is basically about people from the future travelling to current times.

  25. I have mixed feelings about this show. On the one hand I love fantasy time travel stories, but on the other why are there so many rape scenes?? It can be too much sometimes.

  26. All these answers are good but it's an easy one, Back to the Future, it stands head and shoulders above all.

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