What is something you think all men could agree on?

  1. there are so many random friggen rocks around my house... sometimes i forgot why i picked them up but then it get them wet and remember i need to break out the rock tumbler.

  2. Exactly, it’s our connection. If aura and conscience and all that superstitious stuff exists. This is proof of that lol

  3. When water falls on water, It makes a sound that all can hear. But when water falls on porcelain, It falls silent to the ear.

  4. For real. Sometimes it smacks so hard against the back wall you think the girls in the next room can hear it. Then sometimes u wonder if ppl think you're even peeing. Fucking crazy

  5. I'm a girl, but I can somehow change the noise levels at times. Probably not as drastic as a guy could though

  6. I read this dates back to primitive days . Nod up is showing your throat saying “I see you and trust you enough to offer you a kill shot”. nod down means “I see you but I don’t fuckin know you or trust you”

  7. You don't ask questions when another man digs a hole. You either admire it and make encouraging comments, or you help him dig.

  8. And don't ask a man dumb fucking questions that distract from the task at hand. Don't be "that guy" who doesn't shut up when others are hard at work.

  9. In my 45 years of life as a female I have had one time where the men's restroom line was vastly longer than the ladies. It was at the break after the first 4 hrs of the Professional Engineering exam.

  10. The most exhilarating pee I’ve had was at a pink floyd cover band at red rocks- there was a 100+ line for the mens. We women pranced by high fiving each other in awe as there was no line for the womens. Hehe

  11. Me, a 36 year old, just threw a bunch of rocks in the water with my son about three hours ago. Never gets old.

  12. I still have my cool stick I found in WV when I was about 13.... i'm 43 now, and the stick is being passed down to my daughter (14). I also have my super cool Mt Fuji stick, that I climbed Mt Fuji with..... so yes, this is a thing.

  13. I went trail running one day and spotted a big hole a bit off the trail. About 4 feet across, couldn’t tell how deep because it was filled with water.

  14. I like digging holes and connecting them to the water and I bring extra shovels. Lots of times I end up with free child labor to help.

  15. So what you're saying is if you see a dude working a hole, it is customary to step in and help. I'm on board

  16. We men are simple creatures. We go to the beach, we dig a big hole. That's it. That's all it takes. Hours of entertainment.

  17. Man that reminds of some people I knew in high school who would not only pee next to each other but would actively engage in conversation and maintain eye contact while doing so. It was really weird and honestly pretty funny.

  18. It's really hard to get rid of the last urine drop after peeing. No matter how much you shake it will go in the underwater.

  19. Definitely had nods. Don't know where I picked up the habit but if you make eye vibration with another man, a head nod is required or you are suspicious.

  20. Or at least use their words to say things directly like, “I think I like you, do you wanna do something fun?” Or later, “I’d like to kiss you, is that ok?”

  21. Seriously. In my life I’ve had a bunch of girls say to me that they used to have a thing for me and they wished I asked them out. Every time my first thought is, well maybe you should have asked me as well? Said something? I don’t read minds.

  22. It’s the ideal option. Guys are seemingly always fine with a move. The same cannot be said for girls. If you’re a guy, you either have to risk making the move and then end up doing something the girl doesn’t want, or you ask, and then risk being labeled as weird or too passive. Seems much more reasonable for the girl to just go ahead when she’s ready because 95% of the time the guy is just gonna say “Cool beans, let’s go”

  23. The “venue” my class rented for prom was kind of in the middle of the woods. So when the urge of bladder emptying came to me, I thought that I’d just pee in the woods. So I went to the parking lot (also in the woods) and started my business, standing with my back to a car parked there and my face to a bit of a gentle cliff. That was until the owner of the aforementioned car (who was a classmate of mine) decided it would be “”funnay”” to shine his fucking jeep’s headlights right at that moment, exposing the bits and bobs involved in my mission.

  24. You'd be surprised at the amount of women who deeply care about a man's butt, hell it's probably the only reason I had a girlfriend

  25. The pain/panic/sick feeling is so unique. It's like all of your ancestors across an uncountable amount of time are screaming out in pain. Its like the Big Bang itself is occurring in your balls

  26. Have you ever just leaned against the wall in front of the urinal and just closed your eyes in ecstasy after holding it for the last 30 miles?

  27. Wish I could go back 16 years at the start of me no longer taking care of my health and tell myself to at least brush those teeth.

  28. I think all men will agree with this: When your bladder is about to fuckin explode releasing that fire hose powered piss is like heaven!

  29. Throwing things into other things is very fun and we should celebrate with our fellow men when they throw a good shot into a bin.

  30. Talking with everyone is great but sometimes, we just need a discussion between men and especially homies

  31. I can’t imagine going without. I can pee standing up in a matter of seconds anywhere I please; it’s easier to go in the woods or on the side of a building than having to aim for a toilet. Just lift my shorts leg, push it through, and do my business without having to even dirty my hands. No TP needed, either. The other use is also fun.

  32. If there’s shit stuck to the side of the toilet and we’re peeing in it you bet ur ass were aiming to blast that shit off

  33. Fun fact: she got mad that netflix "only" paid her $11-Million for her comedy special, cause Dave Chappelle and others got paid way more.

  34. Two cannibals are eating Amy Schumer, cannibal 1 says “does this taste funny to you?”. Cannibal 2 responds with “no”.

  35. "When she was growing up everybody laughed when Amy Schumer said she wanted to be a comedian.... Nobody's laughing now"

  36. Bruh, in my experience when I talk to girls the way I talk to guys they assume I'm flirting. Especially when I'm just talking shit and fucking around. But when I flirt on purpose? Oh boy, a train wreck

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