What's the best Anime you've ever seen ?

  1. From the facial animations to the quivering bodies as chunks of flesh and blood are ripped off from a hailstorm of bullets, I would say it's also the most realistic animation I've seen

  2. I saw it as a kid. Didn't understand a thing of the story but the masked troopers were forever seared into my brain. Saw it again a few years ago finally. Definitely an overlooked masterpiece.

  3. By the way if you like this movie I'd definitely recommend checking out Mamoru Oshiis other work!!! He made a lot of great movies however is still not very well known as he is kinda shy. Most of his movies are very philosophical/religious and I guess that's what make them so special.

  4. Monster is the one anime I wish I could delete from my memory just so I could see it again without prior knowledge of events.

  5. Just finished it yesterday and it was really good. I missed realistic anime, old ones just hits different with the quality and depth.

  6. Monster is a brilliant anime. I usually don't watch animes more than 20ish episodes as I find often they drag on, have filler episodes, and I just can't stay engaged. I made an exception for Monster because it had been recommended so much and rates so highly and I'm really glad I did.

  7. Nichijou is GOAT tier for anime comedy. One of the only shows that reduced me to tears laughing, along with Asobi Asobase

  8. Initial D. It has hot guys, cool girls, complex analogies of cars and racing, genuinely emotional moments, and THAT AMAZING EUROBEAT SOUNDTRACK!

  9. Growing up we had initial D in the arcade. It was special because you'd get a printed card that tracked your game progress as well as stamped which stages you beat.

  10. Goldenboy. It’s funny as shit, only six episodes long and I don’t think anyone, even the anime purists, can say the English dub is anything less than amazing.

  11. GiTS is one of my favorite stories of all time. The Manga lives rent free in my head, and sac is brilliant. I also think it’s maybe one of the most influential works in cyberpunk / sci-fi out there

  12. This is the one that I will drop everything and watch when I learn there's a new movie or season or miniseries. The art can be a little bit or miss for me, but the story is so fucking good.

  13. Legend of the galactic heroes, I have watched a lot of anime through the years but that one is on a different level; it takes its time with the plot and does not have a lot of stupid tropes that other animes have carry through the years. One of those series I wish I could entirely forget just so I can watch it again for the first time.

  14. My brothers and I just started watching this series and are obsessed. Monster is my all time favorite anime but after just 20 episodes, I can say this is honestly right up next to it! I’ve seen a lot of anime and very few come close to this.

  15. Trigun is classic. Vash somehow manages to walk the line between being effortlessly cool and being a massive dweeb, and I love it.

  16. I appreciate the weight of it. Despite the comedy, when it gets serious, it gets serious. It‘a like 4 or 5 episodes before he even shoots his gun. Hands down top on my periodic rewatch list.

  17. Mob Psycho 100, it truly brings out the strength of animation as a medium while still maintaining an interesting, heartwarming and hilarious narrative

  18. AGREE! the comedy is unmatched and reigen’s antics and character development (if we can call it that..) was fun to watch, along with his interactions with mob.

  19. Maybe not the best, but YuYu Hakusho is always going to be engrained in my mind. Dark Tournament has to be a top 10 anime story arc.

  20. I really appreciated how they had the opportunity to do a whole season of training filler at some point and they just didn't. Training starts, next episode it's done

  21. As a very young anime fan, seeing Dragon of the Darkness Flame, the ace card he has been hiding up his sleeve the whole damn time, was one of the most badass things ever.

  22. Can we talk about how much Yusuke is an actual character with flaws and a bad attitude but succeeds despite his flaws and is actually made stronger because of them. Also all the characters in the show constantly shit on him for blowing his girlfriend off and being a general dick to her.

  23. Dude I still laugh every time Kuwabara opens his mouth. In terms of comic relief and story arc Sokka is the only other anime character who even comes close.

  24. Hell yea. Makishima was the reason I really started taking Psycho Pass seriously - usually when shows have a villain like him, they fall into the pitfall of giving them a bunch of bogus 'villain logic' to explain their motivations, and try and trick the audience into thinking that they have a point by having the heroes take it seriously.

  25. Look, samurai champloo might not be the best anime ever, but I will die on the hill that it is absolutely the coolest.

  26. Same, it's such a great anime. I still get teary-eyed watching Jin and Shino escape the brothel. And the music in that scene was just the Chef's kiss.

  27. My favorite arc will always be the arc where Odd Jobs and the Shinsengumi are in a contest to become the official fan club of a pop idol.

  28. It's my #1 all time. It's hard to recommend though, especially to people who don't watch anime much.

  29. That show made me full-on ugly cry almost every episode. Felt like my soul was being scrubbed of impurities. 10/10 would recommend.

  30. Oh hell yeah, I've been looking for this. The music SLAPS, the art is some of the prettiest I've ever seen, and it hits you right in the feelings

  31. Shinsekai Yori is fantastic, especially at the beginning. It absolutely nails creating this absolutely unsettling atmosphere. I've never felt so on edge watching anything than I felt at the beginning of Shinsekai Yori.

  32. Although Shinsekai Yori is not as popular, it remains one of the best stories in anime history, imo. Confusing at first and might not suit the preference of some, it still was able to capture a beautiful yet dreadful tale. I highly recommend it to those who want to explore anime.

  33. Non Non Biyori. The perfect mix of chillness, comedy, and genuinely heartfelt moments that all make you nostalgic for a rural japanese childhood you probably didn't have

  34. I will never be able to forget this anime. There was a point in my life where I was suffering from extreme panic/anxiety attacks and I couldn’t even watch most shows anymore cause it could trigger it. I randomly stumbled upon this anime somewhere and it changed my life. It was so peaceful, the shots of rural Japan are absolutely beautiful and calming, the characters are so lovable and endearing. It calmed me down like nothing else could and kept me thoroughly entertained.

  35. The episode where Renge learns to ride a bicycle hits you with feels that are a bit similar to the ending of the movie Wolf Children, if that helps convince anyone to give it a try.

  36. We need more Anime with cool characters in their 30s and 40s and sort of live like it. Even in their 20s is sort of rare.

  37. Cowboy Bebop is amazing to me because it’s wildly popular, yet it doesn’t have any of the same tropes and general clichés that so much modern anime seem to have.

  38. This. I don't even like anime, but I love Cowboy Bebop. Probably because it doesn't feel anime-y, but it is so good.

  39. I used to love anime. I don't want to say I outgrew it, because that implies it's somehow beneath me or something. But I grew tired of a lot of the sillier tropes. Now I'd say there's only 2 anime I'd still call myself a fan of: Cowboy Bebop and Akira.

  40. Haikyuu might be the most well-executed shonen I've ever seen. Objectively, it hits the same beats as every other sports shonen. But the way it hits them is perfect. Everything is realistic. The highschoolers look like highschoolers. The adults look like adults. No stupid flashback filler with an explanation from the coach or whatever. The characters are great. The cinematography is great. The action keeps moving. Everything about it is just chef's kiss.

  41. Except anime that were already mentioned here (Neon Genesis Evangelion and Trigun), I'd say Madoka Magica, Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi), A Place Further than the Universe. And, of course, Miyazaki's anime (especially Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)

  42. Madoka is my #1 of all it’s so unexpectedly dark. Plus I’m a sucker for good animation and it is top notch

  43. I'll probably never laugh harder than the bit where Saiki's neighbor thinks he is Cider Man (a comic hero from a drink advertisement).

  44. Still rewatch that from time to time. I always got the impression that the English dub really took some jokes to the next level too.

  45. If it's not too late, I strongly suggest NOT following the internet's advice of watching open the missing link and steins;gate 0 before ending the show. To me that seems like horrendous advice that ruins the experience, as it completely ruins the pace of the show and takes a complete detour from the story. One that has way worse pacing. The original series is genius and doesn't need fixing in any shape or form. Watch the original series first and if at all, watch the rest afterwards.

  46. My first time watching it: Oh, this seems ok, I'll watch an episode or two before bed. 5 episodes later: I'd better put on some coffee. Several episodes later: screw coffee, this show is giving me all the adrenaline I need.

  47. I don't usually re-watch anime but this one I have seen many times. I had even re-watched it all and 2 days later recommended it to a friend and watched it with them too.

  48. Code Geass is not something I usually put at the top of my lists for anything. However when people unfamiliar with anime ask where to start this show is always #2. Start someone out on a solid foundation, FMAB, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, take your pick of any classic. Then I tell them to watch Code Geass, it functionally hits every trope and industry inside joke with only a few exceptions, has one of my favorite battle-themes/sound tracks and has not 1 but 2 satisfying endings that stick the landing for both its main story arc seasons.

  49. Your Name, A Silent Voice, and Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop have been big hits for me. I want to watch Belle but haven't gotten around to it.

  50. I remember seeing this since I started watching an anime in like 2006. Finally watched a couple episodes like a month ago and immediately finished the whole season. So god damn hilarious.

  51. Ouran's recieved a lot of flack for being 'problematic' these past few months and it's made me realise how satire and the concept of times changing are completely lost on teens these days. "But there's incest!" -As a joke and a sign of how deeply codependant the twins are as a result of trauma. "But the slura" Was put in the dub made in 2009. It's been 13 years since then and a LOT has changed in those 13 years faster than anyone could anticipate.

  52. This is the latest anime I’ve finished and it’s just so good! I was left with that empty feeling once it ended

  53. Watching it right now. It has some really clever twists and turns, but the story is starting to drag a little. There are only so many times that you can introduce a new rule or character before the concept grows stale.

  54. It was the most complete anime I’ve ever scene. I was left wondering about vague explanation or unanswered theories. The action, story, character development, voice acting, dive into interpersonal relationships.. as you can see, it sits at the top for me.

  55. FMA is one of my favorite shows of all time, but it’s made me realize something about anime: all of the “top shows” tell a complete story. I’m fully convinced that if more shows 1. Were given the chance to be completed and 2. Planned on telling the whole story from the outset, we would have so many more good shows to choose from. They don’t have to be long, and it would honestly elevate so many mid shows. Granted, the genre is a large factor too, so a comedy wouldn’t necessarily benefit since plot isn’t the focus.

  56. 100% this. There are other anime that are good, even great, but FMAB is one of the few that transcends the genre and enters into my top 10 favore shows list.

  57. Despite the fact that everyone knows it, Sailor Moon really is underappreciated. Is it visually impressive? Eh, not especially. Does it have deep and complex storytelling? It has its moments, but other shows do it better.

  58. Hunter x Hunter honestly it isn’t even close to me ever since watching that I can’t really watch anything else. Nen is quite simply the best crafted power structure in all anime. The way the darkness of the final arc kinda just creeps up on you the fact that even as I’m watching it I don’t even necessarily think the Chimera Ants are wrong. The depth in the characters it’s just brilliant. I also love how a lot of the fights flat out make sense. Apart from one incident absolutely none of the main characters at any point are considered to be the most powerful Nen users in the show. It also emphasises the importances of stylistic matchups rather than “my blast is superererer than yours”. I could honestly write an essay about how much I love Nen or how honestly every character is very morally grey. They just feel a lot more like real people. Despite being animepowered

  59. You are the first person to say Attack on Titan that I've come across. Is that show not popular or considered good anymore or what? I loved it! And I know it was one of the most watched animes at one point as well so I know it's not due to lack of people seeing or knowing about it.

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