If you won the $1B lotto (~$600M after tax), what mind-games would you begin playing with people in your life?

  1. This is 100% something I can see happening. This seems fairly realistic and I agree with valuing relationships in your life.

  2. i’d pretend i didn’t win, but buy expensive versions of common stuff and gaslight everyone into thinking they’re just poor

  3. I would apply for jobs I have no intrest in and put my feet up on the hiring managers desk asking "alright, what can your company do for ME?"

  4. I see no reason to play mind-games with people in my life, even the ones I can't stand. Ain't nobody got time for that when you can just enjoy your life.

  5. Convince them all that I live in a country that taxes lottery winnings. When they think they've taken full advantage of me and I'm broke, I'll still have $400 million in the bank. Then the real fun starts...

  6. I wouldn't. Getting money doesn't make you an asshole. Being an asshole makes you an asshole. The only thing I would do is buy my friends and family awesome fucking dinners and make sure they didn't struggle.

  7. I would use the money to make a movie about a guy who invents a time machine and uses it to win the lottery then uses the money to make a movie about it.

  8. I would hire a stalker to stalk someone. Then I would hire a stalker to stalker the first stalker. Repeat until bored.

  9. If my friends were gone for a weekend, I would have someone paint their house very quickly a slightly different color each time they went away until it was pink or something. Would do this to their car aswell.

  10. I'v had this discussion with coworkers and I have said that I would do an "Everything has a price" kind of thing.

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