What's that one weird minor deformity that you have?

  1. I have a bump near my ear that was extra skin growth from when i was born. It got surgically removed and now just a nub. I call it my antenna.

  2. I used to have an eyelash that was white and much longer than my other ones. Until my mom plucked it out for me.

  3. Woah, how far is it from the other row? Does it make your eyelashes look more thick/full? Trying to figure out whether to be jealous or not lol

  4. Friend has it. Women never cared, and he would routinely put his beer can in there when drinking w/o a shirt on on a hot summer day. Worked perfectly while everybody else had to hold theirs in their hand lest they tip over.

  5. i am missing seven of my adult teeth from when i had to get them removed at age 7. they were all in the top left of my mouth. i now have no molars up there and no wisdom teeth leaving me with a section of gum and jaw that has formed improperly there. it isn't visible from the outside but it feels like a wishbone if you were to fun your finger along it. it means i can only eat on one side of my mouth and also that i can pull my cheek into my mouth while having my teeth together.

  6. Oh, I'm missing six, but I was born without them. I have no wisdom teeth, they X-rayed me and were mildly surprised to see that there just weren't any teeth there. And my premolars from my lower jaw are missing, too, never grew adult teeth there. I also have a very small mouth so I suppose it's a blessing, my hygienist always comments about how small a mouth I have for an adult. And yup. I eat stuff with teaspoons, anything larger's uncomfortable.

  7. My spine is slightly twisted in my neck, doesn't allow me to look very far to my left and a bit farther to my right than the average person.

  8. Half my eyelashes are white, half are black. I have no idea why. I also have ginger streaks in my brown hair.

  9. I have this too, except no brown spot. My eyes can appear blue, green or gray depending on my makeup or clothing colors.

  10. My mouth is so small that I had to have teeth removed for them all to fit on one row. I now only have 24 adult teeth.

  11. Thanks to a bad injury in my youth my left leg is about a quarter of an inch shorter than my right one. It's usually not enough for people to notice but if I'm standing completely straight I can.

  12. “X legs” or whatever they’re called, basically my thighs are straight but my lower legs bend further out at the knee than they should. i can’t stand with my feet together because my knees meet first and i can’t physically bend my lower legs anymore after that, and i’m not sure what caused it but probably learning to walk wrong or something similar

  13. Lol that's just cellulite. The vast majority of women have it, even when very thin. It's because of the women's skin structure. There's a connective tissue made up of collagen. It's like a mesh. In men it tends to be much denser than in women, which means that the underlying fat is pushing through the tissue. It's why women tend to have literally thinner, softer skin that's also more prone to sagging and wrinkling because of it. So yeah. You've got cellulite. I've got cellulite. 90% of women have cellulite, fat or bone thin.

  14. I have an extra artery feeding into my liver. Nothing wrong with it, but rare enough where I'm the only patient my surgeon has seen it in.

  15. I can’t bend the central knuckle on my thumbs without my index fingers bending also. The only problem with this is I’m an ASL interpreter and the sign for the number 21 is making a sideways “L” and bending ONLY the thumb. I have a sign impediment.

  16. The hair pattern on my beard sweeps down on my left side and up on my right side. If I let it get longer than 1/4", it becomes really itchy and looks messy just on the right side. I'd love to grow a long beard but it's really uncomfortable especially while I'm sleeping.

  17. Same shit but on my head. I have no fucking clue what happened to my scalp but the growth patterns are just wack. I have five whorls*,* a hairdresser counted them for me after we struggled to get my hair to lay nicely after a wash and a cut. Eventually we managed, but holy shit did my scalp start hurting soon after because of the unnatural position my poor hairs were forced into.

  18. I have whorl on the right side just next to my adams apple making my beard look super weird at certain lengths and making shaving a issue if I'm in a hurry, since with/against/across the grain all happens almost at once

  19. I have it too, and it's giving me major bad thoughts about things, but I'm trying to ingore it and move on.

  20. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with my ear, but I know the shape is weird and that I shouldn’t be able to bend my ear cartilage.

  21. Mine do too, both of them. Significant other's a guitarist and fairly envious because apparently a thumb like this allows for various playing techniques that people without a hitchhiker's thumb can't really employ. I like my thumbs. That bendiness is very useful, frankly.

  22. I had extra webbing between two of my fingers as a baby, I still have a scar from it, and I don’t know if it’s related or not but the same hand has somewhat crooked fingers.

  23. I have an inferior sternal cleft. It basically means my sternum didn't fully form during gestation, and in my case it causes my sternum to end around the 4th rib.

  24. I went to the chiropractor a few years ago. After taking xrays, the doctor said, "You're an interesting fellow, my friend." I said, "How so?" He said, "You have an extra vertebrae." He went on to say that while he had heard of people like this, he had never actually met a person that had it. He said that it shouldn't cause me any more back issues that a normal person has. I'm tall-ish at 6'1", and I teach. The kids always ask me how I got so tall. Now I tell them that it is because I have an extra vertebrae and that makes me taller.

  25. I have close cropped/shaved hair and a benign cyst in the top back quarter of my scalp that shrinks and grows over time - so much so that it's noticeable to others

  26. Hyperdontia of the inscisors, which was removed when I was 13, but left some interesting remnants in my dentision. My right side second upper inscisor came in late because the extra tooth was blocking it, and is standing almost at a 45° angle as a result. On the opposite side is the tooth where the extra most likely was split of from while forming, it's conical, tapering to a point close to the border with the first inscisor.

  27. When I bend over, I quite literally have a hump where my spine sticks out on my lower back . It’s scoliosis but not bad enough to where I need surgery.

  28. After having surgery to remove a parotid tumor below my left ear, a rogue salivary gland activated, and when I eat something sour, I leak spit out of my cheek. Luckily it just looks like I'm sweating, but it makes for interesting table talk at dinner.

  29. My fingers are weirdly shaped, they are very long and boney and I can bend them at weird angles, I always say I have dementor hands

  30. Right pinky finger doesn’t open all the way. It’s like the tendon is too short or something. Little bro has it too.

  31. My fourth toes curve under its some tendon thats too short. Prob should have been fixed after birth. I always found them funny looking.

  32. My right punkie is much thicker then my left I was 10 or 11, I heard my grandfathers dog yelping and ran to see what was wrong and slipped and fell, my hand hit his kennel and my leg slid underneath the recliner my uncle was getting up from.

  33. I have a few, the most noticeable is my blonde spot in my hair, another is that I have messed up teeth, not like yellow, just that my teeth are super crooked. It's so bad that I had to take out four teeth just so they could move. Lastly I have a birthmark that wraps around my stomach

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