What movie fucked you up as a kid?

  1. The Neverending Story. Both the wolf thing that's chasing the main character, and when the white horse drowns

  2. The other day I rewatched the scene where Artax (the horse) drowns and I had to sit in silence and cry for a few minutes before I could carry on with my day. Such a genuinely sad scene to have in a kids movie.

  3. Can’t believe this isn’t higher on the list. So many scary parts for children IMO. Scared the crap out of me as a younger kid. Don’t know exactly when I first saw it about I am thinking around 7 or 8.

  4. Yep, had nightmares about the spiders coming out the walls. Have you watched it as an adult? The basement scene at the end is actually quite funny when you see the big fake spider shimmying along - it hasn't aged well.

  5. Eight Legged Freaks, I remember watching that when I was 8. Fuck Spiders Also found honey I shrunk the kids a bit terrifying, god I hate insects lol

  6. Had a problem using the bathroom after watching this. Never happened in the movie but my fear was that pennywise would come up out the toilet and tickle my booty hole

  7. My parents hated my sister for showing me the series. Because of two reasons: bathroom and my favourite plushy is a clown. I was scared of bathrooms for one evening and took my plushy with me because I concluded the only thing capable of killing one clown would be another clown. I ended up loving clowns (my parents would take me to them just for me to swoon over them). Read the book when I was older and ended up as a huge Stephen King fan. IT hence has a very special place in my heart

  8. Mine was princess mononoke- my dad and I used to rent Ghibli films and watch them when I was young. We had seen Spirited Away, Totoro, and Howl’s moving castle and were excited to watch another one without realizing it’s rated PG-13... I never could unsee the man getting his arms shot off with a bow and arrow.

  9. The first movie in the series I saw as a kid was Lost World. Was scared throughout the movie, but the part when the T-Rex ate the dog traumatized me. Had issues sleeping for years after that.

  10. Same. Watched it in a movie theater with family. Dad thought I was old enough, mom wasn't sure I was. When the T Rex destroys the bathroom and the guy is sitting on the toilet I started laughing....then I immediately became mortified when I witnessed my first movie death as the T Rex ate him. Went from laughing to crying instantly. My mom rushed me out of the movie and took me to get hot chocolate and was pissed at my dad.

  11. I lived in the woods and was scared for years to walk through them for fear of velociraptors. I knew it was stupid but I was still scared.

  12. Same here, I was obsessed with dinosaurs, had a bunch of the Dinosaurs magazines that came with build your own glow in the dark dinosaurs skeletons but Jurassic Park terrified me.

  13. IT, I snuck in the living room when my parents were watching it. I was terrified of storm drains and thought clowns were evil and lived in sewers

  14. I watched this movie not long ago, coincidentally it was 3 days from 2 years exactly when I lost the love of my life to a hurricane. I left to the storm shelter, and waited there for her. When we were finally allowed to go home, both our houses, which we had lived next to eachother in for years, was gone. The best friend, girlfriend, and would-have-been wife I ever had, and we used to have adventures similar to the ones in bridge to terabithia, but on a beach near our houses. Watching it after that was too painful, and I almost couldn't finish it.

  15. Jaws was pretty fucked. I think i only saw the trailer for Jaws II maybe? Where there’s a lady swimming in the beach at night?

  16. Wouldn’t swim in open water for the longest time - probably the biggest impact a film has ever had on my life.

  17. Jaws was mine too. When i was 5, i walked into the room while this movie was playing JUST as the scene where the head popped out the side of the sunken boat, all bloated and green. Scared the ever living fuck out of me and i tore outa that house so fucking fast. I have severely disliked jumpscares ever since.

  18. Fire in the Sky gave me some deep trauma. I still get scared of alien abduction movies even though 90 percent of them are trash.

  19. Fire in the Sky gave me recurring nightmares that lasted for years. On top of that I get hallucinations from sleep paralysis, so it was very common for me to see aliens skittering around my room and just outside my window at night.

  20. I caught the abduction scene on tv as a kid and it freaked me the hell out for a long time. I don't really recall getting nightmares but I'd find myself thinking about it from time to time and it would scare the shit out of me.

  21. Fire in the Sky kinda messed me up too, but despite being freaked out for a long time by it, I weirdly wanted to see it again (I don't think I had for quite a while).

  22. You know what? This movie also scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. So on a bright day I rented it on YT and honestly, it's nothing. I was tense the whole time expecting something awful and it was just a dude getting wrapped up in a wet bed sheet. It was kind of cathartic.

  23. Bambi. My mum, who nevvvver let me take a single day off school unless I was dying - let me take a day off. I was in a deep depression - like, I was 6 - I couldn’t get out of bed 😂 I had a complex about my mum dying/leaving me and his mum getting killed just ended me.

  24. I had the same thing at 5 or 6. Maddddd anxiety that mum was going to suddenly die. It took a while of her reassuring me she wasn't going anywhere for it to pass.

  25. I think we all come to the realization at some point as children that our parent(s) could die and it’s always traumatic, regardless of how we figured it out.

  26. The Brave Little Toaster. Shit was basically making humans the villains while household objects experience life, death, suicide, and the search for meaning. But in beautiful traditional animation

  27. I can't believe I scrolled so far down for this. I was scared of a lot of dumb bullshit as a kid but I still feel 100% justified in my reaction to that film.

  28. My brother and I were terrified of the crusher. And that huge stalker car magnet magnet that got so furious it turned red

  29. Chucky in Childs play was super scary. The chucky movies felt kinda funny. I was like 12 when Bride of Chucky came out. He became part of that horror comedy thing with witty one liners after they kill.

  30. Talk about traumatizing! I, a 13/14 year old, reverted to sleeping with my sister for months. My mom had a decorative cross wall and my heart would pound when I was near it, terrified one would flip upside down because then I would obviously have to run away and never step foot in that house again.

  31. Freddy Krueger/a nightmare on elm street, for some reason. There's a grocery chain in my state called Kroger's and I'd cry every time I was forced to go because the names were so similar

  32. The Exorcist. I saw it with my neighbors when I was like 8 or something. I just remember having horrifying nightmares and being terrified overall for weeks after that. I think my mom was pissed at my neighbors parents about it lol. I kind of, sort of grew up “Christian” so that movie was as “evil” as it gets. I was afraid I was going to become possessed for a while too lol

  33. I was like 10 when my mother let me watch this. Big big mistake. I swear to God I couldn't sleep for a couple of days worried I was going to become possessed. Every creek and crack sound at night had me convinced the devil was upstairs.

  34. When I was in third grade (I think 2000), they re-released, "The Exorcist," in theaters. This was when they added the 11 minutes of bonus footage that didn't make the original cut (i.e. Regan upsidedown crab-walking down the stairs at warp speed).

  35. Grave of the fireflies was a lovely movie but i would not watch again, it broke me for days and the stuff i saw was not good for a 9-10 year old. It's rough and cruel but it really happened during ww2 in japan...

  36. Recently watched it with my GF on youtube(hard movie to find ngl), and it was absolutely fucked. Even as an adult I felt morbid from start to finish. Insanely good movie that just adds onto why Studio Ghibli is GOATED.

  37. I have one younger sister, who is about 11 years younger than me, so this movie wrecked me. She was like, 5 when I first saw this movie, so it hit me very close. I'm the oldest of four siblings too, and seeing the duty of being the oldest in that situation made me appreciate that I didn't have to struggle to keep my own family alive.

  38. That scene from that old movie with the white rabbit where the man dips this cartoon shoe onto some acidic substance. The sounds that shoe made as it was melting. I totally forgot what that movie was called but it has something to do with a rabbit.

  39. That was the first time I remember being viscerally disgusted as a kid. The severity of it, the profound injustice of the innocent suffering. Christopher Lloyd better not be caught walking around my town... >:(

  40. This movie was the one for me. I'd seen plenty of scary movies as a kid but they mostly relied on jump scares. While The Ring had a few, it built this sense of dread with its visuals and music to produce a tense atmosphere. I'd never seen a movie like that before where it just haunts you from start to finish. For that reason, whenever I would feel fear for many years after, my brain would default to scenes from this movie.

  41. i was 7 when the ring came out and my parents were watching it while i was in bed. i got earache a lot as a kid and happened to that night, so i came downstairs, opened the door, and there was that scene

  42. Watched this movie when I was like 12 or 13 and had literal nightmares for months on end and sporadically for years after that too. I'm now 31 and still can't fully handle the genre. The scariest thing I've watched to date recently was the haunting of hill house and I literally had the wheres the jump website open while watching it so I could skip the ghosts/jump scares. Just from watching that one freaking movie 17 years ago.

  43. That one.with antonio banderas forcing a kid who killed her daughter to become girl for some reason ,creepy shit, did the full sex change and implants himself having him kidnaped

  44. Same, just not ET himself. Was the people in hazmat suits showing up and covering your house in plastic and those tubes that freaked me out when I first seen the movie

  45. That era of horror movies was literally just they had to put a rape scene. It was probably every other horror movie.

  46. I hated taking the trash to the road out at night after this movie. I would always imagine seeing one of the signs aliens on top of the house as I went back after taking the trash to the road lmao

  47. It’s amazing how much it still holds up! Arguably the best psychological horror film out there. Doctor Sleep while not exactly in the same league, was still disturbing and a worthy sequel.

  48. The Thing. The 80s one. My dad thought it would be a good idea to show it to a kindergartner and then I thought my teachers were gonna turn into alien monsters.

  49. I was 16 in 1982 and had to keep the lights on at night for a couple of weeks after seeing this in the theater.

  50. Stephen King’s “Rose Red”. I still think about that movie to this day, and I was like 7 when I first watched it. Thanks mom.

  51. Freddy Vs Jason . I was like 9 at the time. My parents rented the DVD not knowing it's not for kids. I watched it all alone and it traumatised me after.

  52. Lol. I think by the time they had a move together, they’d been household horror movie super villains for a good decade or 2. How could your parents have not known? Did the cover have cartoon rainbows and ponies on it or something?

  53. Darkness Falls. one of the scariest movies i ever saw when growing up and it still at 24 makes me uncomfortable in any dark setting to this day

  54. First it was The Exorcist, and a few years later, Deliverance, another couple of years, Requiem for a Dream.

  55. Pet cemetery, I watched the original when I was way to young, can't even look at the artwork or posters for it. Just nope.

  56. My sister took me to pet cemetery when I was 12 and I was out of there and into a different movie in 10 minutes.

  57. I am legend Left me feeling terrified of being alone and scared. Had anxiety growing up about being alone because of it lol especially when he loses his dog. My god talk about fear unlocked

  58. Aliens, I watched it with my older cousin when i was 7. I had nightmares for a week, and was petrified to go into any dark rooms.

  59. Shrek either 2 or 3 I can’t remember but it was the movie that had that giant gingerbread man . It’s creepy deep voice really freaked me out and I couldn’t sleep that night so my dad had to console me. Which was funny because I saw R-rated horror movies as a kid and never got a nightmare or couldn’t sleep but a fucking giant gingerbread man was the thing that broke me.😂

  60. It's gonna sound stupid but around maybe 7? I saw parts of the movie "The mask" and it traumatized me for a few weeks, the idea of finding a wooden mask under like my bed and getting possessed was fucking terrifying.

  61. I watched it at 11 and also feared waking up in a trap for a while. But 22 years is extreme. That movie traumatized you and you should speak to a professional about it. PTSD doesn't only come from combat situation and there is treatment for it.

  62. Dude, I say this as someone who has bipolar, this is either psychosis or severe anxiety. Please go to a doctor.

  63. Cujo. I was 4, and that dog scared me so bad, then a few weeks passed and my step-mother let me into a backyard with a Mastiff. I've been scared of big dogs my entire life since then.

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