Who should run for president of America?

  1. The sad thing is that the best person for the job probably wouldn't want it. Politics in modern America seems to be more about the accumulation of power than it is to serve the citizens. I also doubt that either party would support the best person, because their intention would be to help everyone instead of helping themselves.

  2. The reluctant leader. Some say Lincoln had this mentality. You’re right though, the best person to run this country is the one who doesn’t want or need to benefit personally from it. The only issue I think is that it takes a fair amount of narcissism to even be considered.

  3. That's why the electoral college has to go. I suggest we replace it with a show so all of America get involved. Something like American Gladiators but instead of a contest of brawn it's a contest of altruism.

  4. Well you also need to be a seasoned statesman to be a GOOD president of the US. You need to have gone to law school. You need to have served n congress.

  5. Have everyone who is interested stand in a circle, and in the middle of the circle there are 100 dogs. Whoever the majority of the dogs go to becomes the President.

  6. "Mr. President! This message must be delivered to the joint chiefs' office in the next sixty seconds to avert a total nuclear war!"

  7. No joke. Would totally vote for Terry Crews over any of the clowns recently. Especially if he was able to straighten out congress leaders with Monday Night Rehabilitation.

  8. That character was actually far superior to trump and politicians like him. At least he actually sought out and listened to qualified people who knew more than him in order to fix the country’s problems.

  9. The whole system (and I'm not just talking America here) needs to be reformed. There is not a "for the people representative" right now. If corporations make up the majority of funding, they are the true beneficiaries. Perhaps a council of the best and brightest which would actually target problems instead of the whims of those with financial powers. Environmental, social, medical and scientific elites as a team could hold the real power with a single spokesperson to convey the message.

  10. I know a Katie Porter personally and I didn’t know there was a politician of the same name, so I was like “oh yeah she’s pretty cool”

  11. This is almost the only serious answer I've seen here, agreed! She's progressive but she's also practical, and understands who her allies are and on what.

  12. I'm a time traveler from the future and you might be amazed to learn that Zendaya enters politics and becomes Barbara Lee's successor in the California 13th (Oakland, where she was born). Zendaya holds that post and becomes the chair of the "United States House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies". This sounds like a boring job, but it gets her appointed to the cabinet after the 2032 election as HUD secretary. This was during a hot political period of housing reformation, because poor people in 2032 couldn't afford to live anywhere.

  13. While your pfp scares the life out of me because it's straight out of some shit I've seen in the backrooms, 8/10 theory, i will happily Jon Titor that worldline, but only in NY because i ain't gonna live in Jon Titor Florida. I'm too black for that shit.

  14. Senator Sherrod Brown. He’s a Democrat who has found a way to win repeatedly in the now very red state of Ohio because he appeals to the working class with his no-nonsense way of speaking.

  15. I am from Ohio, not a big s brown fan but he is a true believer and seems honest. Cant knock the guy. I dont think he's as far left as aoc.

  16. I want someone who doesn’t play identity politics, focuses on relevant issues practically, and doesn’t support political parties. It’s sad that I can’t think of anybody like that.

  17. We need a modern day Teddy Roosevelt. Somebody who respects the country and understands that we have a duty to be good stewards of the earth. Somebody who will look at the corporate landscape and bust up the trusts and force big companies to break up to make sure they're being competitive.

  18. No president could ever do this. The corporations own the senators, and any candidate running on a platform like that would be blackballed and sabotaged from the highest levels before they even got nominated. Billionaires are in control and they ain’t having that shit.

  19. Someone who doesn't accept money from lobbyists and Super PACS and just accepts money from small donors. And who doesn't trade stocks. I'm not sure if there's anyone like that though.

  20. Any college professor with at least 50 reviews and an average rating of at least 4.7/5 on ratemyprofessors

  21. Doesn't matter who you choose. The parties will always make sure the choice is between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.

  22. Someone that isn't too old and won't be bought or sponsored by the corporations. Someone that is for the people.

  23. A moderate liberal under 60 years old who’s had at least 8 years of experience in governance. And FFS, no more celebrities please. I love Jon Stewart too, but Jesus Christ, people…

  24. In fairness, Jon Stewart is more politically literate than many elected members of Congress. The president of Ukraine is a former professional comedian & he's proved to be as competent a wartime leader as the country could hope to expect given the circumstances.

  25. A Golden Retriever.. it'll probably get a 2nd term and then bring all the countries to piece. I will also accept Arnold Schwarzenegger (Since it's just going to be old people again).

  26. There should be laws preventing anyone over 60 from running for President unless it’s for re-election. Older than that just retire. Someone in their 50s has life experience. They will have kids going to university so understand the challenges facing young people. 80 year old billionaires are out to lunch.

  27. The best person for a position like the president would be someone who has absolutely no desire for power at all, so a genuinely good president is very rare.

  28. My dog Sprocket. He's only 7 but should be able to run if they count dog years. Raised from the streets of America, he was adopted by a lesbian family. Mixed heritage of Corgi and rat terrier. He's never wanted money. Owns no stock and has no conflict of interest. He knows how to protect and defend. And his platform wants free pet insurance.

  29. this is not what we should be asking we should be focused on the congress and senate races that is were the power to make the changes we want to see sits

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