What's a weird smell you're willing to admit you like?

  1. Omg. This unlocked a memory for me. I also loved this. But I haven’t done it in so long that I had forgotten. But this comment literally brought the smell right back. Thank you!

  2. I dont know if this counts, where I used to live is very common to hug people all the time, and if I have been in someone's home before, the place would have a particular smell, and almost everytime I would hug them, they would smell like their home. It always felt good to make that association, it was comforting somehow.

  3. Same for me, and then when you're out and about and you catch a wiff of something that smells the same even if it's been years they pop into your mind.

  4. Oh man, my cousin's house always smelled a certain way (she used a particular canned air freshener and vacuumed religiously so her house always smelled like warm vacuum and Country Garden from Glade.) and I loved it so much.

  5. Machine lubricating oil. My dad was a machinist. He had this smell on his work clothes . I miss my dad.

  6. I was wondering if anyone in this comment section smells their pet birds. My cockatiel just has a dusty smell that I can’t really explain, whenever he gets close to my face I take a whiff.

  7. Just kind of adding to this, for anyone.... Anyone else get kind of weirdly turned on looking at new tech, or a lot of wires? You just feel a little tingle or something? Lmao.

  8. Ah, back in the old days, the smell of papers that the teacher handed out that were fresh off those old hand-cranked mimeograph machines. The solvent. Mmmm.

  9. You can really tell the age of people in this thread by this one. Anyone old enough to know this smell loved it, anyone not old enough thinks it’s an uncommon one. I can pretty much guarantee anyone over the age of around 45 in North America knows and loved this smell.

  10. I bought a shower curtain the other day and instead of a light plastic smell it smelled heavily of inflatable pool toys, best shower ever.

  11. After dark in the winter while it's making a sound like breathing into your cupped hands to warm them up, and you can see the steam pouring out. Ideally in an urban setting, yet quiet in the immediate surroundings. Traffic sounds off in the distance, clear sky, maybe the crunch of snow under your shoes on the sidewalk. Orange streetlights for sure. Yea bro that shit is the best.

  12. Yessss, also sometimes underground parking garages or stairwells have it. Everyone always thinks I’m an idiot when I bring it up

  13. That musty concrete smell just SLAPS. if I could only smell one thing for the rest of my life, I'd pick basement smell. Its so good

  14. A friend took me shooting at a gun range to teach me how to fire a hand gun, and after the first round, I said, “hey, it smells like fireworks!” Cue everyone looking at me like I was an idiot.

  15. Do cap guns even still exist? I absolutely love that smell as well, but I'm 46 and didn't think anyone here would be old enough to remember it lol

  16. Freshly opened tennis balls, the smell of AC right when it turns on in a car on a hot day, the smell of a Home Depot or Lowes, cat fur right after they clean it.

  17. I'm pregnant and instead of craving food, I crave smells. New tennis balls and Home Depot are on the list. I have a can of tennis balls at work and a can on my bedside table. I smell them when I need to relax. I've also taken a few needless trips to Home Depot for the smell. Pregnancy is weird.

  18. I've come across tea that's described as smokey. When my order came in I opened the tin and got hit with the smell of a tire shop, but decided to brew some anyway. Tasted exactly like it smelled. It's still sitting in my cabinet lol.

  19. Warm paper, fresh out of the photocopier. That's pretty weird, right? Edit: Wow, there's a lot of paper sniffers out there. God bless you all.

  20. Aromatic hydrocarbons, like benzene, toluene, and xylene have a pleasant smell to humans simply because of their molecular cyclic structure. In the vapour form (naturally occurring because it’s volatile) the fumes can get humans high if huffed, and WD-40 has lots of these aromatic hydrocarbons. My chemistry teacher has a PHD in Chemistry so he told us a story about his teaching in university:

  21. My sister's dog liked this smell, too. She would follow my sister around the house when sis cleaned the windows.

  22. sharpie permanent markers. i’ve always liked the smell of them since i was a little kid and i don’t know why. it’s like the smell activates all of my senses

  23. A lot of people may not even have smells this one. If you work in a hospital you definitely have though.

  24. Hey you just unlocked a childhood memory for me with the brown towels thanks. Smells like sweet respite from a math lesson by saying I have to pee. Or sweet respite from school altogether by getting injured, needing a bag of ice wrapped in one of those brown towels, and parents are on the way.

  25. Similarly, I love the smell of clothes I've worn in the sun but not sweated in heavily. The other day I pulled a swim cover up out of a beach tote and it was just so nice, like sunscreen and sun and salt.

  26. Seriously, what's the deal with Gasoline. I absolutely love the smell and wondered if something was wrong with me. My dad and uncles were all mechanics and always worked on cars and stuff so I'm used to all the workshop smells, but the smell of gasoline nearly makes me stand still and go "ahhh." Same with WD-40. I haven't smelled fresh asphalt since I was a kid, but I remember liking that too.

  27. Anytime I'm at the fuel station I like to roll down the windows and just take the smell in, my tummy also begins rumbling.

  28. Church candles. You know when you walk into a church and they're burning those long tapered white/off-white candles? And there's that indistinct-but-waxy scent wafting through the air.

  29. Just old churches in general. Lots of candle smoke, furniture wax, incense (if Catholic)….good smells.

  30. If you are a catholic, that is likely due to the candles being made of beeswax instead of paraffin! In the order of the mass, beeswax candles should be used if available.

  31. The smell of a hot computer. It gives a melting plastic stench, reminds me of the computer lab class back in middle school. Use to goof off in there on the daily and try not to get caught. Good times

  32. the smell of "stale air", i call it stale air bcus idk the term for it, but its the smell of basements and like air that comes from air vents

  33. Dank. I always called the smell of basements, air vents and old, dark concrete structures the smell of dank

  34. the sofa that my dog laid on has a really bad smell, but since she died I kinda just go sniff it a little cause I miss her :(

  35. When I rub my finger behind my ears or the sides of my nostrils. Whatever glands are there, as I get older, produce a smell that for some disgusting reason is pleasant to me.

  36. People with piercings get this around the jewelry too. That funky smell of sebum— smells like stinky feet and cheese. I get it around my ear piercings and in my septum.

  37. You know everyone who reads this is trying it out. You might have some new converts. I am not one of them.

  38. I don't know about behind my ears, but when I scratch the sides of my nose, my fingers do in fact come away with a smell that is almost addicting

  39. Freshly poured asphalt. Not, like, huffing the stuff - but some road work a block or two over? That's the stuff.

  40. Not quite sure how to describe this one. So like, gasoline, but after it's been used by a machine? I don't mean exhaust, but like, if you've ever been around a ski-doo you know what I mean

  41. Did not think my olfactory center would be smacked by this sentence but, that is a very distinct lovely memory smell. Thank you, I think I'll make some rice...

  42. What's weird is I recognize my own fart smells, so when I fart and smell it, while I don't like it, it's familiar. But when I fart and it doesn't smell familiar, I get worried, and wonder if I'm sick or something. It smells wrong.

  43. Yes! I have 4 cats and they all smell different between their ears. It's the same scent at its "base" but they all have "variations". It's hard to explain.

  44. I particularly like when my cat was outside. When he comes home, especially in winter, and he is “well aired”, he smells like a barn. It’s a great smell :)

  45. My cat always smells so good but her mouth smells like Dead rotting raccoon ass. I don’t get it

  46. I'm not 100% how to say this but certain women's sweat. It's like I can smell the pheromones. Kind of like how women like a guy who has a good Musk sometimes.

  47. Do you only smell it after you sneeze, or from other people as well? My husband can smell sneezes, which I always thought was strange.

  48. Similar - but old houses & antique stores. Intellectually I know it’s dust and mildew creating that smell, but it’s the smell of history and it makes me happy!

  49. That anti-fouling stuff they put on the bottom of boats, I grew up in a rural fishing village as a kid and smelling it transports me right back to my childhood

  50. Funny thing is, good coke really does have a distinct smell that anyone with a history with the drug will recognize. It's a gasoline-ish smell but with an odd twist that makes it smell a bit different. I've been sober 7 years now but fuck do I miss bangin' some clean coke.

  51. I'm with you on skunk! When you first pick up the scent and you know one is near. Any closer than 10 feet or so and it gets a bit sickening.

  52. Horses and barns. My mom would always make me change as soon as i came home so she could throw my barn clothes straight into the wash but i'd steal my sweater back, it was just a comforting smell to wrap myself up in.

  53. Yes! For me the smell of horses and barns takes me right back to when I was 6 or 7 when I first started riding, back when my biggest worry was what snack we were getting that day.

  54. SOMEHOW...it's oddly specific... my dad and s/o have both smelled this way...and possibly it has to do with sweat (the good smell idk how to explain it) mixed with freshly cut grass and a hint of gasoline?!! Love that smell, it's very comforting/nostalgic and absolutely reminds me of my childhood

  55. I grew up in a cattle town. Smell is awful, but for some reason it's comforting to me. Like a really shitty security blanket.

  56. I came here to say this and I agree with all the others. Every time people scream ewwwww. I just smell fertile fields and think about new growth.

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