If you could go back to the first time you had sex, what would you change?

  1. Same... or at least I would leave him after and not date him during years... I was so young and stupid

  2. I probably wouldn't do it, to be honest. At the moment, it was pretty much the best thing in the world, but ultimately it was a bad idea. I was living with another family at the time, and the girl's mother was a night shift nurse, father was out of the picture. We got up to a lot of shenanigans. God's honest truth, she was really the pursuer. I was attracted, of course, but we were also 15 and I was too chicken shit to really do anything about it. How she didn't end up pregnant I'll never know. We were not safe and it was not infrequent.

  3. I'm still blown away that I never got pregnant in my first (and only) relationship. I was a virgin at 21, he was older, and for like 8-9 months we fucked like bunnies. Used a condom of course with one or two pull out moments, but still. I wasn't on ANY birth control. We really are dumb when we're young. Now I'm single and don't ever wanna fuck around for fun cause it's far too risky (still don't take birth control) and also diseases...diseases everywhere

  4. Me too, but not because it was perfect, just because it doesn’t matter. The real things that mattered happened much later in life.

  5. Agreed. I’m not with that person anymore but at the time she was the most important thing to me, so for that reason I wouldn’t want to change how that moment went

  6. Exactly. My first person was my first love. It’s been 13 years but I still occasionally think about him and hope he’s doing good in life

  7. Same. It was good and I'm glad it happened at that time with that person. No, it wasn't some magical experience. No, he wasn't my boyfriend. No, we didn't see each other for long after that. But it was good and helped me get to where I am now.

  8. Was gonna say exactly this. I was lucky that it was pretty straight forward. She was super informed about it all, thereby making me informed, and it went exactly as planned.

  9. Absolutely nothing. It was awkward and weird, we were way too young (15 and 14), but we were totally in love and had the most incredible relationship for years afterwards. And sex became awesome between us quickly - even after we broke up, we'd still hook up, she said she felt like we owned each other so that was fine, and we knew how to push each others' buttons in a very good way.

  10. Same here. We were each other's firsts and after weeks of build-up and dating, we finally did it. We were both young. It was awkward trying to figure out everything, but we were in a really good mood, definitely in love, and got some laughs out of it.

  11. This. I lost my virginity to a girl I met online, during AOL times. Back then, it was much easier to meet and get to know girls in chat rooms. We met, went on a couple of dates and by the third date, we started making out before she asked to come up to my room. I never bothered to share I was a virgin. It was fantastic regardless.

  12. Same here. I was 16 and he was 32. I was absloutely astonished he was "interested" in me. Makes me feel gross these days and I regret it heavily

  13. This. It was 2 months of begging and pleading to let him do it and I finally caved. Then he broke up with me 2 months later and he did that to multiple girls until he found one to marry.

  14. I’d take the condom off before my post sex piss. I was camping, it was dark and I was in a bit of a daze. I knew something wasn’t right pretty damn quick lol. Pretty funny memory.

  15. Pleasr tell me you looked down to what you thought was something horribly wrong, only to try and take it off, only to gush piss all over you

  16. Same here, basically ended with me furiously masturbating while making out. I'm still on them since they seriously help and worth it over the side effects.

  17. I tried to get away without telling too. It didn’t work, as soon as I got in position I would go soft, probably for psychological/nervous reasons. But I told her about it and she was just really surprised and caring. So when we did it after that mindset it went MUCH better.

  18. I wouldn't have tried to make it last so long. During foreplay and early penetrative sex, she was wet. But for some reason, I had it my head that I needed to go for as long as possible and I kept distracting myself and thinking about other things. By the end, she said she was getting a little dry and it was hurting (we were using a condom) so we had to get lube.

  19. whats wrong with somebody listening to your friends having their first time like why would you do that

  20. Okay but wtf. I lived with roommates for a while who were a couple and hearing the bed squeak really freaked me out and ruined my ability to sleep. I couldn't imagine pressing my ear to the wall to hear my bestie fuck. That's just weird

  21. I wonder if the real reason why women on dating apps will only date guys who are over 6ft tall is they just really don't want to fuck in a car.

  22. Not quite 6’3” with long spindly legs, never even considered it. Shit, I have trouble getting in and out of my car if I’ve boots or unfamiliar shoes on. I have to adjust the seat up down and back. I couldn’t imagine trying to cram myself and another person on top of one another in anything but a van, and I ain’t got a van.

  23. Wait until it was someone who actually cared about me tbh, even if it was just a temporary thing I’d rather have done it in a relationship than just someone I know

  24. I would change the fact that a cop knocked my car window asking us both to get out of the car. It was hilarious bc my gf knew the cop, but scared the shit out of us and ruined the moment😂

  25. I would fight so much harder and then probably tell off my friends who didn't try to help me as it happened and heard me struggling and calling for help. Raped on a beach while my 2 friends were right there. They knew because I was in shock, bleeding pretty badly, and then locked myself in a bathroom crying after it happened. But they pretended it didn't happen, then proceeded to just get me alcohol to calm me down and we never spoke of it after. I was 16. He was 28, a stranger they had introduced me to because he was a friend of the 2 guys they were crushing on. They left me alone with him to go make out with their guys and he raped me. I'd never even kissed a guy or seen a man naked before. He finished by pulling out and then shoving it in my ass, I guess so I wouldn't get pregnant. No condom.

  26. I just want to be clear that this is NOT the first time you had sex. You were raped. Having sex is consensual. I hope you have better memories of times when you had a choice. I’m so sorry this happened.

  27. He cheated on his girlfriend with me, had a lollipop in the whole time, and it lasted an hour longer than I wanted it to (1hr total) so id probably change every single detail. Ooh! Also his best friend had a crush on me

  28. I was 15 years old at the time & she was 17, I rode my bike 22 minutes to get to her house while her parents werent home (it was during the summertime)

  29. Definitely changing the place. Me and my girlfriend (both 17 at the time) were out and about having the time of our lives. You know, how one things leads to another, and we eventually find a somewhat hidden area in the woods on a tree that was cut down. Us being the dumbassess we were, decided to do the deed on a tree that’s probably been down for a good 50 years. My gosh, when i say my back was fucked up by the end of it, it was fucked up. She saw what the tree did to me and all i had to say was “Momma ain’t raise no bitch” we both died laughing and it became an inside joke ever since. Never choose a tree as a first place to do the deed

  30. We have the same regret! Not letting teenagers close the bedroom door when their boyfriend/girlfriend is over doesn't stop then having sex it just means they find a super uncomfortable spot in the woods.

  31. Double teaming a girl while fucked up in the middle of the woods probably isn’t the best way to go on your first time...

  32. I just kept scrolling and seeing so many people with the same tragic reply... I'm so sorry for you and anyone else who went through such a horrible thing 💔

  33. Omg it is so sad that not only you have commented this but the fact that so much people have replied to you that this is what its like for them. I am so sorry this happened

  34. Same thing. And it wouldn't have happened at all. My life would have been so much better if sex had never been part of it.

  35. Nothing, honestly. I had a big crush on him at the time and we had protection. He was super patient with me and the bed was comfy... I guess I wish I knew how to make it hurt less going in but hey, that's normal the first time anyway. And we got better at it :)

  36. I would have closed the bedroom door. My dog snuck in and stole her bra. Then my dog decided it was a toy and chewed through the strap in the middle of the cups.

  37. I’d probably make sure she got her O. I was so stupid that I didn’t know girls could have an O

  38. Wouldn't have done it at all. It was horrible. He was horrible. But how would I know that, being my first time and all. And then I wouldn't have felt obligated to marry him. Because that was awful too.

  39. We were both virgins. Whilst this sounds magical, she laid there like a corpse and I was on top, going at it like a rattly old tumble dryer for 45 minutes.

  40. Lol I knew people who were experienced and shit like that still happened I had all the foreplay but didn't have any fun.

  41. I guess I might try not to jerk off for a couple weeks beforehand, but other than that it was fine. I'd be more interested in making different life decisions in the years after.

  42. I would just decide not to because that person, that person is the reason i struggle with trust, depression and self destructive behviors.

  43. My perspective. I didn’t really feel much down there as it was happening and I think in the moment I put too much fear into that. Probably for the better. I was one of those few who more or less had my hymen then fall out in one piece afterwards. I rolled with it pretty well afterwards and got used to the act but I definitely freaked a bit internally that first night. Also a good reminder: it doesn’t need to end in both getting off to be good. Putting that pressure every single time is just exhausting.

  44. Stop apologising for lasting so long, as if it was a reflection on thier attractiveness. I was really drunk...

  45. I'd given myself viagra as I was so nervous that I got soft after 30 seconds just because I was thinking so much about how to do it. That I killed my mood

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