If you could stop time for 2 hours with a 10 minute cool down. how would you spend your everyday life?

  1. Not gonna lie I love this one. You would literally be the coolest person in the world. Problem is when you meet someone witty enough to do it like instantly and you’re wasting like hours of your life trying to go toe to toe lol

  2. assume it just stops the rotation of earth and change of weather most inanimate objects like computers somehow function normally humans are all paused and for example if u shoot one it wont die until time restarts (basically fuck physics) you can die though however you dont age

  3. Damn that's a lot of free time. Use it whenever off cooldown and that's potentially an extra 144 hours of time all to myself in a single day!

  4. I’m unsure if I’m tired and missing something, but 144 hours seems a very small amount of time given there are 144, 10 minute periods per day.

  5. Invite the gf for a date, she walks into the room. Nothing. "Close your eyes" and when she opens them there's an entire romantic date set up.

  6. I'm laying here at 5:45 in the morning after having insomnia last night and my alarm for work about to go off in an hour. I feel this comment so much

  7. Assuming the pain isn't cumulative when time returns to normal, is it better to punch a bunch of people once or one person a BUNCH of times?

  8. "In political news, infamous statesman Henry Kissinger collapsed in pain unexpectedly today while out for a walk. When asked what happened, Kissinger claimed it felt like 'someone kicked me in the balls 1,000 times'. More at 11."

  9. Find a convenience store or some small shop, and go there every day to buy a single drink or snack. As you're going to start to pay, freeze time, leave the money on the counter, and leave.

  10. I tell my wife if I had a superpower I’d choose invisibility so I could do just what you’re saying. Move people’s phone. Unplug the charging cable. Move the remote. Hide a glass of milk someplace hard to find so it curdles and start’s stinking. Over time that person would go insane

  11. It would be normal, but I would be able to have ton more free, personal time and could explore places that I could explore beforehand or do things I have never done before

  12. Surprised that I had to scroll down this far to find this comment. With how little time I have to myself because of work, having an extra two hours to exercise and take care of myself would be such a blessing.

  13. Alarm clock goes off Me: aaaaah, how convenient that i have two more hours of the being dead demo!! Repeat until i die

  14. I was just thinking "man, I'd have time to do all this crafting..." between work and kids, I'd use those two hour blocks for -ME- time.

  15. I'd find someone I hate and just constantly slap their stupid fucking face, and then when time unpauses they're like "why does my face hurt so much?"

  16. No point doing “well” in school if you can stop time for 2 hours.. go to Vegas and grab a few $5k chips off the dealers, come back the next night and cash them out. Hundreds of casinos you could do this to, and they wouldn’t even notice it, unless you’re stealing 6-7 figures it would literally be a write off or a rounding error. hundreds of casinos you could do this to, make a couple million, invest it properly and you could live off hundreds of thousands a year in interest without ever pausing time or committing another crime. Odds are none of the casinos would ever even notice something has happened, and considering how insanely wealthy casino owners are, you can still live with yourself at night.

  17. I assume physics seemingly work the same as if time were unfrozen, assuming I was responsible for manipulating them.

  18. Why not just "teleport" people for a high as fuck fee ? I'm pretty sure there's some rich guy out there ready to give you what you want if you can save him a couple hours of time a day.

  19. gambling > crime. Sit down at a trump casino blackjack table, take the Donald for all he's worth and make it legal.

  20. Dude imagine the work I could get done because now I can waste time in the time that I had planned to waste giving me access to a full day without wasting time.

  21. As an experienced time-waster, I can tell you it doesn't work that way. Time wasted expands to fill the available time.

  22. Building unfitting structures in wrong places. Or moving stuff or people - two inches to the left. filling a room with a little bit of water, with frogs in it.

  23. I would challlenge Polnareff to come up the stairs and then would stop time, menacingly shift Polnareff a few steps down all the while laughing maniacally and then restart time just to troll him.

  24. Would you mostly encourage rich people to become assholes, or assholes to become rich?

  25. learn to do an at least ten minute plank and then set the world record for like a 3 hour or whatever plank by stopping time constantly to to rest breaks and grab a nap or sandwich or whatever.

  26. I would probably go to all the supermarkets and clothes shop and basically steal everything since I'm not getting recorded or seen and then go beat tf out of everyone i hate...that's it ig lol

  27. Would try to improve the the world and shit by tricking leaders and shit into thinking some God or shit was watching them. I would try my best not to just straight up kill people for this goal. That would just cause power vacuums and the need for more killing.

  28. Sleep, gym, homework, snooping on peoples houses, stealing stuff, i would be the master of mischief and mystery, no one would know how I got so good at everything when they never saw me practice.

  29. Assuming you want the movie-friendly "can walk through stopped time and influence things without affecting the other timings", and not a legitimate physics based "light and sound stop moving rendering you deaf-blind".

  30. If the latter, it would be a permanent nap as you would die since you wouldn't be able to breathe.

  31. If I don't age during those 2 hours, hopefully become a smart enough person to enact some positive change on the world either through science or helping people in need.

  32. The good part is that you don't need to burn yourself out, you could even waste 90% of your time and still have much more than you have now.

  33. You don't want people catching on to what you're doing and developing counter-measures. You should go around everywhere and steal $5-$20 from each place. Just little enough for everyone to go "huh, weird."

  34. I don't get this answer at all. Why wouldn't anything good came out of it? You simply decided that nothing good could came out of it simply because you say so. I really don't get it. If you enjoy life, this gives you extra life. I can't understand why wouldn't anybody use this at least in some way.

  35. Fight crime, do homework, then balance out the good with being a timewarper with a five year old's sense of practical humour

  36. ITT: people who won’t admit what they would actually do even though they’re anonymous because they’re afraid of the downvotes

  37. Multiple people have posted that they would commit sexual assault, robbery or just sleep. Maybe my experience is unique, but that seems in line with what I would expect from humanity.

  38. Yeah, you would find the limits of it pretty quick. I was thinking you could live a normal life but like, make your weekends last the equivalent of months. But who would you do stuff with, and if time is stopped I would assume something like your PC or video game console or even just catching up on TV shows wouldn’t work because electricity is itself and produced by time adhering forces.

  39. Break into hedgefund offices, examine the trades they’re taking, hop along for the ride, and hide in the bathroom for 10 mins at a time - BANKIN’ 😂

  40. Express my feelings to people without them realizing it. I'm an introvert and it's hard to express myself sometimes. I severe social anxiety and awkwardness. Being able to pause time to just express myself. Would be a weight lifted off my shoulders, and although they might not know about it. At least it would make me more confident to start or be in a conversation with them.

  41. I would stop time and immediately slam into the closest eastern wall at roughly 1000 mph turning into paste

  42. Probably go make out with someone. Maybe murder someone if I have time. Try to do some stuff I've dreamed of. /hj

  43. I would change the possession of ball in a important football game or stop offside where in history would be made

  44. i would do crime, jk i would stop it after everyone in my house was in bed/asleep. then, do my laundry, clean, listen to music, workout if i had the motivation. basically, do everything i hate doing with my family around. it would mostly be chores, because i stg i can't even wash a dish without being criticized.

  45. What exactly are the timestop rules? Can you interact with objects while the time is stopped? How do physics function? Do computers and the internet still work? Does the whole universe stop for that time or only earth or only your immediate surroundings? Can this power be extended to other creatures? Can I time stop myself and exclude everyone else?

  46. This question always makes me ask: Does technology still work during the stopped time? Cars, Computers, etc.

  47. I would practice the conversation I was about to have on the phone to schedule my dental appointment and probably would still be an unintelligible idiot in those 10 minutes. Phone calls are hard af :(

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