What are your regrets?

  1. Realizing how I felt about someone when it was too late. One day they just disappear and I just wonder sometimes how they doing so far.

  2. Mine was with a partner I thought I loved, but I didn't. It was so obvious when I look back on it. Ever since getting out of that relationship, all I see are the red flags and negative sides of people. I regret not trusting my gut and breaking off sooner.

  3. I understand. I drink a lot of strong beer was in many relationship with lady's while drinking a bit too much but never that was a problem in my behavior and in the relationship it's just the smell of beer that bothered them 2 years my last relationship we never got into dispute especially we were doing lockdown together, unfortunately in some people alcohol can bring the worst in them sorry for that.

  4. Plenty of time. I was a meat cutter for 20 years and went back to college and got a bachelor’s degree in environmental heath and science at 39 years old.

  5. This one for some reason hurts the most. Knowing that you had the abilities to do good but lacked motivation,support or any other factor that stopped you from reaching your potential

  6. This is gonna sound weird, but not sticking up for someone who constantly picked on me. One time he got unjustifiably punished for something he didn’t do, and I could have stepped in but I was too much of a baby bitch to.

  7. Texting my ex after a year of no contact and getting a text from my best friend saying “bro we need to talk”

  8. An ex gave me a booty call 90 minutes ago, convinced me to take some molly then mentioned her new boyfriend only for me to realize how intoxicated she actually is, put her to bed then got home as soon as humanly possible before this shit kicked in.

  9. Sounds like you did the right thing once you were fully aware of the situation. Try and enjoy the high I guess?? Good for you for not going ahead with the situation

  10. Auto piloting for years by dissociating, suppressing emotions, and keeping busy. Turns out things do catch up with you, and you still need to process it all anyways at some point.

  11. Thinking "teddy bear" "cute" etc meant she wasn't interested. I was at a friends hanging out and this girl and me end up on the bed cuddling she tells me I make a great pillow. I felt disappointed but figured oh well.

  12. Everyone can relate to that, everybody had at least once the realization of "shit she was interested in me"

  13. Being oblivious. I apparently had more people hit on me than I believed- would've helped my self esteem back then. But I always thought I was the funny friend and not dateable/seen as attractive to others.

  14. Letting the opinions of other people impact my life and way of thinking about myself. I wish I would always just not care about what other people think of me and just be myself. Also I regret i have not gotten involved in sports more when I was younger. It's not too late but still. Could've accomplished more.

  15. Tried to off myself, saw a text from my friend right after I took the pills that talked about them baking me a cake if I ever came back to my hometown(I know, really cliche right) and I started feeling so unbelievably horrible about doing it. So I called the cops on myself, told them what I did. Got sent to a hospital for two days, and sent me to a recovery unit for therapy. I was stuck in there for almost two weeks. I regret giving up so much though. Should've followed through. It's not like anything changed once I got back. You know how bad therapists are in there? Horrible. I was taught nothing, it was essentially torture being in that "recovery" unit, and I don't feel any better, but at least I don't feel any worse. It was just a waste of my time, and waste of other people's time worrying about my dumbass. Could've worried about an actually dead man instead, but no. I have to get dragged around the ringer even more by the world now. Whoopty doo. Love it here.

  16. I feel you man on a spiritually level. I'm 21, I have attempted suicide at least 6 times. First time I ever did was in 7th grade. It was over a girl... it's complicated. I got sent to the guidance counselors office, my dad came to the school shocked. Then had the most awkward car ride to the hospital where I was instuited for a week. (Only plus side to the hospital was there food). The most insensitive and boring people come talk to you about how your feeling, like yall mfers already know how I'm feeling, I want to die...so you just end up bullshiting and lying to all the "therapists". They give you some useless drugs that I could have easily overdosed on. Then my parents bring me to another therapist which was there first mistake because it's super easy to get off topic with them. I practically wasted my parents money talking to a therapist about sports rather than my mental health. Haven't seen a therapist since I was like 14. I have thoughts about dying here and there but I just mosey on by with life. Sometimes I wish I could just fall asleep and never wake up.

  17. When I was 15/16, I was won a Provincial level competition in High school and was told that I gonna compete again in National level competition and told again to create a STEM/STEAM based project.

  18. Being to nice to people. Girls specifically, I think most of the time when I finally express my feelings many of them are taken aback by it because they automatically assume that I was gay.

  19. I have only one. Smoking. I am incredibly happy in my life, and all of the choices I have made have led me tothis point. But. This would PROBABLY have had no effect on where I am now. That's why all of my other decisions, even the shitty ones, even the ones where I got hurt or embarrassed myself or cried or hated myself temporarily are fine by me. That guy was just helping me get where I am now. But not smoking would not have changed my life's trajectory, maybe just made it smell a bit (lot) better.

  20. Mutually left a relationship with an old gf over 10 years ago but we were still super close. Kind of a right place wrong time kinda thing. We still talk and are friends and I even went to her wedding a few years back. I'm currently in an almost 10 year relationship now and very happy but right before I got with my now gf myself and the old gf got really close to starting something again.

  21. I used to unironically watch ben shapiro and spout transphobia to my friends. Now im an enby socialist lol.

  22. I sent an email to my teacher a few years back, it was a prank email for my friends but I miss typed it and It went to my teacher. it was random pictures of our teacher with some dumb editing on him, like women in bikinis behind him, or him posing in a gay dating ad. anyway he got it and class was really awkward.

  23. Not leaving my home state sooner, I would’ve been so much happier so long ago. Like sorry not sorry California is the worst.

  24. Being a coward about love. Never told anyone my feelings because I was afraid of rejection. I almost accepted that I'll always be single

  25. Back in like the 9th grade I for whatever reason kept a mental note of how many girls rejected me. I stopped counting after 80.

  26. I regret thinking "it's better to do it than saying i wish i did it" it's actually better to not do anything than regretting to it later.

  27. My older brother deserved at least one good ass whooping for the shit he’s put me through growing up. He cut it out when I hit high school and was suddenly bigger than him, then he was away at college, now he’s a married father. There was a year when we were both in high school when I could have done it, but he never really pushed me then.

  28. Finding out i have social anxiety and depression and not doing anything about it for way to long, and most of my life is also a big regret/mistake.

  29. Allowing my parents to take me to Pakistan last year. I told them wed be stuck there for months cos theres a pandemic. Now im even more fucked up than before and I am having trouble interacting with people even more

  30. Not having the courage to tell someone about being SA’d sooner. I’ve dealt with the ptsd of what happened for the last 5 years

  31. In my early twenties I gave my cat away to live closer to my former girlfriend and started studying. I loved that cat, and I really regret giving him away. Also the relationship obviously didn't last, which makes that sacrifice worthless.

  32. Getting married to young and divorced. Ex slept around and after all these years I don't want to experience that again. That's why I'm single, don't want to experience that again.

  33. I went to a somewhat questionable college and took out a lot of student loans. Now I'm in debt with a nearly worthless degree!

  34. I sarcastically posted #savethechildren once on Facebook and now my ads are consistently guns, body armor, ration supplies, and right wing nonsense.

  35. Going straight to a university and then a PhD program. I wish I had gone to community college and then learn a trade at a professional school. I was too caught up with thinking I was “smart” when in actuality I just work hard and study a lot. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have attempted suicide while I was in grad school and be making more money in a trade than I do in my current job that has nothing to do with my worthless degrees.

  36. Do you really wanna know? I got so drunk at a party that I told one of my best friends that she is only good for fucking her boyfriend, and then i proceeded to try to force myself on a girl, and normally in every other situation i am petrified of girls, very socially anxious. But nontheless i tried to kiss her and maybe groped her, but the thing is

  37. hooking up with this girl almost a year ago now. it caused me more pain than i could’ve ever imagined. wish i saw the red flags before she did what she did. oh well, ces’t la vie.

  38. Feeling like a connection was instantly made at a college party. We locked eyes across the room and everything. Only thing that held me back was I knew my emotionally abusive girlfriend at the time was coming. I wish I could go back and just say ‘fuck it’.

  39. Not taking enough pictures with family. One day they’ll be gone and the only “current” picture is 10 years old.

  40. Not listening to my mom about EVERYTHING when I was young. Also, not soaking up game from my older brother who is succesfull in life and was always on the right track growing up.

  41. My biggest regret is falling in love with someone who doesn’t love me. I fell in love with a girl (E) I met in high school. We became friends due to being in the same Spanish class and a few more through time so we got to know each other very well. I was very shy and never had to guts to tell her how i felt right away. It wasn’t strong at first but, it was a curiosity that bloomed wildly overnight. When she dated guys, it did make me a little jealous but nothing crazy. It was when she started dating my close friends is when i think I started feeling the worse. At the time I didn’t want anyone to know i liked her, if it wasn’t obvious enough. At one time, she was single for a bit. So i asked her to a movie. She happily said yes and we had a great time. She drove her brothers car. I can’t describe how nervous i was because i never dated a lot during those years. After the movie she took me back home and we said our goodbyes outside in the parking lot. We got close. She egged me on as our faces got closer. She said i wouldn’t kiss her. So i did. I don’t know if she was surprised but the initial reaction to that was we had the potential to be something. After that we got closer, until my best friend at the times girlfriend broke up with him unexpectedly. She was also good to close friends with E. Everyone knew about it and at distance glances in could tell she was comforting him through his tough time. It tore me apart and ruined all friendships i had because we were main individuals in our friend circle. Junior and Senior of high school was only what i can describe as a nightmare. 2 years after graduation. Thinking i would never see or hear from her again. She reached out via instagram, apologizing for leading me on letting things go south. I gave in and planned to see her again. The friends i had left warned me not to mess with her but i did it anyway. The reunion was heartfelt but quickly backfired. I thought having to see her again id get closure but i still think about her and wonder what could have been. I know that deep down if i had the chance to be with her despite all the bad things she has done to me, I’m afraid I would run right to her.

  42. Concentrating on my career instead of my personal life for 20 years. Now the world has passed me by and I've missed out on so many experiences.

  43. Not loving myself enough. I killed the majority of the joy I could've felt in my teen years by refusing to be kind to myself

  44. I was conceited, my desire to monopolize was negatively strong, and so arrogant to the point where I was blaming people for my mistakes, I realized what i've done when I was 13 but it's already too late, everyone I know, knows me as a conceited b*tch.

  45. Not understanding the full consequences of neglecting to resolve “the little stuff”. Not continuously seeking to validate, understand and impress my partner. Taking my partner for granted.

  46. Not working on my dream job when young and not working with a tunnel vision to achieve what need to be done to have the dream job ( and I still don't really know what my dream job is), instead I worked in lot of different jobs started to do all illegal activity made lot of cash and it's been ten years working a basic jobs for a basic salary piss me off so much I can't stand more like a month I find that's unmotivating to me, if I didn't see how fast money can be made illegally I would have a professional career rn. Been 4 years since I stopped all stuff since then I work here and there only legally, hate when superior are annoying hate multiple things in the workplace that I didn't need to think about when doing illegal stuff. If I was not dumb when younger I would have already being my own boss rn and in a legal job.

  47. Not giving a girl I loved in college more space. I was so desperate for affection back then that I smothered her. If I had been patient and played the long game, giving her space but staying in her life, she might have realized how much I loved her and maybe we’d have been together today.

  48. I regret not having a good college experience. I went away to college after high school when I wasn’t ready and I fell into a deep depression. I chose to commute which improved my mental health but I wish I just transferred. My school was not a traditional college setting, it was in an area I hated, and there was no community. I just wish I had the excitement of moving into a dorm, maybe living out of state, making a new group of friends, going to parties, going to sports games, and admiring my campus. I graduated college about a month ago and I just feel sad. I may go back to go school but it won’t be anything like when you’re 18-20. I just feel so broken up about it which I’m kinda embarrassed to admit cause college isn’t everything but I do feel a bit sad

  49. Not flying up to see my best friend on her holiday, stayed home for school because I just met a girl and was head over heels. My best friend passed away in the car accident 4 days after I would have been up there.

  50. The things that I regret the most is how I treated people when I was younger. If I could go back and change the Way I traded those people I would no question about it.

  51. So far I only have one, and that’s meeting this girl that I wish I never met. I was in the seventh grade and looking for a group to hang out with. I found one and it seemed that the ring leader was this girl. She was bisexual and her parents pretty much let her do anything. She colored her hair when she wanted to, wore loads of makeup randomly, and they let her get a nose piercing. But she made almost everything about her. Always in a relationship with some boy shorter than her and then when he broke up with her she would be upset and made the whole thing his fault when it was really her’s. She was EXTREMELY toxic and if smth wasn’t about her, she made it about her with smth like, “Omg did I tell u guys what happened to me today…?” One time she dated this boy but he started getting distant and she got angry. Said smth like “why doesn’t he talk to me?” I told her that maybe it was bc he was having problems of his own. She got upset and wondered why he hadn’t talked to her about it. I tried to explain saying that maybe it was personal and he didn’t want it to spread around school. She got angrier and made it about her saying he should tell her bc she wants to know things too. One boy broke up with her bc he liked someone else and just all around thought she was toxic too. She got mad and when me and everyone else in the group tried to explain that he was allowed to like who he wanted since it was his life, she got mad. I honestly was pretty much done at that point. I tried to explain that maybe she should stop messing around with boys, but she completely blew up on me, called me a jerk and other things, how she was struggling with things too. I asked her what happened and she said it was personal and I should respect her privacy and apologize. I told her I wasn’t going to apologize for trying to simply help and she left me on read. Then she wouldn’t let me do anything with the group and ruined my friendships with a lot of people I knew and spread rumors about me. Eventually she moved away and I started making more friends again, I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, but I just hope she’s changed now. I also found out that the boy that stopped talking to her had a death in the family, his dad passed, who he was really close with.

  52. Choosing a Technical university over a technical collage to study mechanical engineering. In short: Couldnt find friends cuz i missed the opening ceremony, i couldnt handle the math cuz of the Sh*tty previous school i was in. I lost 5 years.

  53. Drinking and driving. I fell asleep and hit the median. My car was wrecked. While waiting for a a tow truck, a cop pulled up. I hate myself so much for that. And thank God I didn’t hurt anyone.

  54. I try not to live with regret, but if I could go back in time I would've have broken up with my cheating, abusive, POS ex years before he broke up with me (I felt I needed to stay to "honor the relationship" 🤮).

  55. I regret not being a better sister and staying with her instead of running I know we where kids but I should have done something

  56. Not doing much as a teenager. I still had a good social life and friends somehow, but I didn't really go out much or try to travel at all.

  57. Not telling my dad that i was mad at his wife (my stepmom) not him before he died and spendjng a lot more time with him...

  58. Not passing my classes, falling behind, realizing I may be neurodivergent (I know this one isn't bad, it's just been stressful). I also regret meeting my old friends, they constantly shot me down no matter what I did.

  59. not flying out to see her and her friend damn could have been a great time, still smashed her when she came to town before she invited me to fly out.

  60. Learning languages. I suffer from Schizophrenia and I started hearing voices in French and Spanish telling me that I’m annoying and I should kill myself.

  61. Mine is starting to drink heavily at the age 13 since some crap happen and my drinking habit have ruined relationships my happyness and almost getting an certification at school for robotics because i would drink in class and ive lost so many freinds because of it but only 3 stayed in my life but no matter what i cant drop my drinking habits

  62. I have a lot, but my biggest one is not getting in the habit of writing down things that made me happy that day, could have helped me in a lot of ways

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