Women, what do you find the most confusing about men?

  1. How they're able to have so much fun with their friends all the time They make digging a hole in the beach with their friends look like the most fun thing in the world I really admire that

  2. We're simple and beautiful creatures. It's just about being with friends, doing something mindless together and not thinking about all the nonsense the maddening world throws at us 24/7.

  3. When a guy will slip something very heartbreaking into a convo , like something an extremely abusive parent did or whatever and he’s talking about it very casually and your like holy fuck my dude are you alright but you can’t actually say that or overreact too much because he’ll never tell you anything again if you do so you have to sit there and be like ahhh yes that sucks dude but inside ur like sir may I hug you please

  4. We become used to it. For example I am highly open about my 5 odd years of abuse from my mom, my history with depression, suicide, loss, etc. I just personally look at it as there’s people who have dealt with worse, why should someone feel pity for me over those who have been through worse

  5. Underwear keeps things in place. Same for being on a bike… just make sure you’re comfortable when you sit down before you start riding.

  6. Very often when men exercise, they will experience ’shrinkage’ (similar to jumping in a cold pool). This acts as a protective measure.

  7. It flops when running naked, which is why you'll often even see cultures where people live nude have the men tie their penis up against their body with string.

  8. How their crotch doesn't hurt when they run or go up the stairs. Like, even with underwear, you just have stuff hanging down there. I don't even have a large chest and it hurts to run regardless if I'm wearing a bra or not

  9. Our stuff is not as heavy as yours, so we don't feel the dangling effect much. Also, sometimes it hurts when we wear very tight/ short undies

  10. I just enjoy being around the grill and smoke and also moving the food around for temperature control. I find it deeply relaxing.

  11. When I was a kid I learned very early on that if I acted like getting my ass whooped didn’t hurt, then my mom got tired of whooping my ass. Also I learned how devastating emotional pain was and that physical pain was negligible by comparison so I stopped responding to physical pain. Also growing up we had a lot of tragic stuff happen in our family so I didn’t want to burden my family with my physical pain. When I was eleven, I had a tooth filling pulled out by a piece of taffy and the nerve was exposed, the pain was excruciating but I never told anyone. I let the nerve just die or whatever happened that made the pain stop for good. It probably took about a week, it was some of the most intense pain of my life but I never let a soul know about it. In high school, I broke my forearm skateboarding and didn’t want to bother my mom with it and didn’t tell her that it was broken for two days. I had learned how to more or less ignore physical pain at that point and didn’t want to burden anyone with my problems.

  12. I believe humans, and men especially have evolved to find satisfaction out of manipulating their environment. It gives an evolutionary advantage.

  13. Or stopping streams. This beach near my grandparents house has a stream going from the cliff. It is my mission every time at that beach to stop that stream from moving

  14. Reminds me of Avatar, aang: wise beyond his years, sokka: genius strategist and inventor aang+sokka: desperately fighting over their single brain cell

  15. My wife's biggest gripe is that I will spend time hiking / drinking / driving / whatever with friends I haven't seen in months, and when I get home I will have absolutely nothing to report back despite having talked solidly with them for six hours.

  16. It’s funny though. All the bullshit we talk about as guys slowly leaks a bunch of personal information over time. You can tell that one guy isn’t happy with his relationship, one guy is broke, one guy hates his job, one guy has a medical issue. You know all of this without really talking about it just because you spend quality time with them. Yet even we can’t recount it directly, we just know it in the moment when we are with the boys.

  17. Yea my gf gets mad at me when she asks about details of my friends lives and I have no idea what they do for a living or anything.

  18. The most interesting phenomenon I've seen that relates to this is in mixed groups of guys and girls that have all been friends for years. The girls tone back on talking about every intimate detail so much and are happier to just have a good time and play, while the guys are more open and willing to talk about their lives. There's a bit of a balance that comes into effect when you have the right mix of individuals and genders.

  19. For precisely this reason we (8 friends, all married and kids) have a round of “facts for the misses” before we start our monthly evening.

  20. That literally happened to my grandad D: he wasnt very well, was on blood thinners and stuff, and was known for rarely leaving his armchair, but my grandma was starting to get suspicious when he wouldnt leave his chair at all for like a whole week. And he was being weird about his leg, and wouldnt let her look at it, so she'd had enough one day and just looked anyway despite him being difficult and his leg from the knee down was black. He had to go to the hospital and it was amputated.

  21. I refused, absolutely refused to go to the doctor because I'd banged my head and had a cut. My wife eventually made me go to hospital and it turned out I had a fractured skull and an extradural haematoma.

  22. Why do guys just sit in silence sometimes. I thought for a long time my boyfriend was sick of me but he was just sitting there with his brain off ig…

  23. This bothered my ex a lot and ngl it bothered me that it bothered her. Sometimes there isn't anything to say and it's totally cool just hanging out together and enjoy that in itself. Or it can also be as you said, just to switch off the brain

  24. Because sometimes itsxnot about filling that silence. Sometimes it's just enjoying the moment. Christ I was quiet for hours with my ex Because not all silence needs to be filled with talking.

  25. To be honest as a dude I’ve never really thought about this. They kinda just, fit. Don’t really notice them sitting down and standing up unless your dick does one of those random, I’m gonna get hard now things.

  26. Rules seem to make you happy. My boyfriend plays a lot of tabletop rpgs and Battletech and he’s said before that he’s not enjoying a game because I quote “there aren’t enough rules, it’s all a bit confusing”. Also follows for tasks ie. Can you microwave x for me? No that’s confusing. Microwave x for 1 minute 30 seconds exactly. He’s a happy happy man 😅

  27. I’m like this but then again I’m also autistic. Having a clear goal of what I need to do and what I’m not supposed to do is extremely helpful and rules make sure I’m not doing anything wrong.

  28. Speaking as a guy, we don’t get “hints”, they go right over my head or I’ll interpret friendly as hints. That shit is confusing.

  29. Oh , you can say looking good today and I'll wonder the rest of my life if you were flirting or just being nice , i personally remember everytime I've been complimented and i hold them dear to my heart

  30. Comments like this always remind me of the gal in freshman year of high school who asked me what my plans for prom were, and I wasn't really interested in going to a school dance (I guess Age of Empires II was more interesting). She asked a couple of follow up questions that I can't remember, but I definitely didn't catch the hint.

  31. Once upon a time my girlfriend sent me into a gas station to get her a “can of Mountain Dew”. So I go in and search all over the place but they don’t have single cans of Mountain Dew, only bottles. But then I see it... a 12 pack of canned Mountain Dew. Now in my guy brain she said “can” so I was not coming out of that store with a bottle. When I go back to the car with the 12 pack she asked why I got 12 cans of Mountain Dew. I explained my logic and she started laughing uncontrollably. She brings this up all the time with other women when explaining how “guys think differently”.

  32. Wife sent me to the grocery store with a list. On it was preggo spaghetti sauce. I read it and thought "we buy ragu usually". Went to the aisle, grabbed preggo because that's what the note said.

  33. As a kid of about 12 my mom had been talking about how she had a lot of things to mail but needed stamps. Later that day we stopped at the post office, she handed me $20 and told me to "run inside and buy some stamps". I had them count out individual stamps until it equalled as close to $20 as possible. When I got back to the car my mom tells me she only wanted one book of stamps (like $12)... I'm like... You gave me $20 though.

  34. That’s usually because I’m reading something on Reddit and want to finish before I have to face the world again.

  35. Poop time is sacred and while shitting you have absolutely 0 obligations to anything past that bathroom door.

  36. I find it confusing how men are so forgiving. It’s one of the things I adore the most about men and find the most baffling. I’m learning now that men will get over things like 40 minutes after they happen and genuinely get frustrated and sad when their girls hold grudges. I’ve found that the people I’ve had falling outs with and was able to rekindle my friendships with were mostly all men.

  37. You get angry in the moment but then after you're removed from the situation you gotta let yourself cool off. Once you're thinking clearly you'll realize it wasn't that big a deal and get over it. Usually the start of a fight isn't that big it's the stuff that comes after that escalates it so you just recognize that both of you just human and do and say dumb things when your blood is up. Also I think women tend to plan more and then act and men will just act and plan on the fly so that leads to women believing slights or fuck ups are more intentional whereas men will just think of them as mistakes and forgive them.

  38. This exchange between two of my friends sums it up: so friend A wanted to go chat with friend C, but friend B said “no remember he did ___.” And friend A responded with “yes, but that was yesterday” and then they were both very confused by each others way of thinking

  39. One time when I was 12 I got so pissed off at my best friend that I threatened him with a bat and then hit his bike, damaging his wheel.

  40. Life is too short to hold a grudge …. The best thing to do with all conflict in life is typically to move on….

  41. For me the process usually goes: is this thing that happened so bad that I will end the relationship/friendship over it? No. That means I will have to get over it eventually. And if I will get over it at some point anyway, that means I can just get over it right now. This way I didn't waste time on being sad or angry or just negative in general and spent the time happy instead.

  42. So many men I know pass off just this really chill vibe and they all seem to just be cool with each other. How tf do they do it!?!?

  43. When my boyfriend is quiet for too long and I ask him what he’s thinking about, and he says simply, “nothing”, and shrugs. This happens at least twice a month.

  44. 1 of two things is happening here, either he is thinking of something stupid he doesn't want to say aloud or he is in fact thinking of nothing.

  45. You ever drive on a highway for multiple hours and your only goal is to go straight the entire time and noone is an asshole? Do you think the whole way there or just go into a state of "if my GPS doesn't tell me when to turn I'm gonna go an extra hundred miles w/o thinking"

  46. 'Nothing' is my default response when I'm generally thinking of too many things at once and I'm no good at putting those jumbled thoughts into cohesive words, or i just think the people/person I'm with would find fault in me with what I'm thinking about if I was to share. I partially blame this on my own neurological issues, but it could just as easily be correlated to societal conceptions of masculinity, specifically that of stoicism. Even if you understand gender is a fluid concept, it's all but impossible to not be influenced at some level, especially subconsciously, by these preconceptions about expected gender behaviors.

  47. You can be completely oblivious to any mess in the house but can spot a wall has been brush painted in the wrong direction from 20ft away.

  48. Ok so basically, there are these elemental "toa" who each control and safeguard an element (water, fire, air, etc.) And they each have apprentice toa that are their to become toa once the current one retires, thus creating an infinite cycle of protection. This plays well into the idea of buildable figurines because every generation of toa is physically different (and mentally, but I won't get into that). This then translates well into the creative side of lego play as with each new generation, new parts come out so that master builders may create their own ultimate guardian of the elements. I hope that helps.

  49. Dicks, the way they work is confusing. Like I’ve been told they only react when seeing or feeling something they like but I’ve also been told it will just decide to pop up randomly though the day with nothing.

  50. True, dicks are doing what they want. Sometimes out of nowhere it just decides to stands up. Also, it can stand up when you're aroused (obviously) or when you're exited to see someone you haven't seen in a long time.

  51. I was extremely sheltered growing up, to the point that I still have questions unanswered from years ago. Up until yesterday, I thought guys compared penises as a form of bonding. My significant other looked weirded out and had to explain to me that that's not a thing.

  52. Doctor because I don’t want to know if something is wrong and it’s too expensive if something is. Dentist… every six months without fail because I like having teeth while I’m alive.

  53. Because if someone else makes appointment for me I feel obligated to go. But I don't care about myself enough to make the appointment myself and I just learn to live with whatever the problem is.

  54. There is a great movie clip I saw once by comedian Billy Crystal in which he said the biggest reason he loves Baseball is because he could actually talk to his dad through baseball, and through creative wording, could talk about feelings. He could talk about emotions using other players in a round-about way.

  55. Friends to us is someone to spend time with. Usually to have fun, to make memories, to not have to do things alone.

  56. There's a science museum where I live and there's a game you can play that uses brain waves. Basically it has a ball in the middle of the table that moves based on who has the least amount of brain activity at the time. And you want the ball to move away from you. You put on a head piece and when both players are ready, they touch the two pads on the table with you hands. I'm currently undefeated at a record of 14-0. Idk if I'm dumb or if I just shut everything off but life support lol

  57. I found my husband on the couch in a dead silent house whistling tunelessly and playing bongos on his own tummy. When I asked what he's thinking about as he's doing that he says "You know...nothin'. Like listening to the wind in your mind and shit. Everyone does it."

  58. I’ve learned a lot being married to my husband, but there’s one thing I fail to understand in general. Why do you guys like to stare out the window so often? It’s usually just going up to a window or looking out the front door, and you fall into a trance. What’s up with that?

  59. lol it's funny you see that as a man thing. In my country, that is seen as a bored gossipy housewife thing. I remember always seeing my grandma looking out the window eating a banana.

  60. I'm a man. But something that confused my wife is when I suddenly take a deep breath for no reason. She's like "are you ok? You sure? Anything you need to talk about? What's going on?" And I just say "nah I'm fine, think I just forgot to breathe and catching up".

  61. Its called a physiological sigh, everyone does this about every five minutes. It’s to inflate collapsed alveoli, if you didn’t have this reflex you would die from lung failure. They discovered this when people in some of the early iron lung machines were dying because they didn’t add deep breaths every few minutes, so they eventually died of lung failure.

  62. I'm a woman but I do this too..people always ask me "why are you sighing?" I'm not I just needed to take a deeper breath? Lol

  63. Humans literally have to do this every so often to inflate the alveoli that don't get inflated during normal tidal respiration. She does it too, she's either hiding or ignoring it.

  64. My girlfriend is blown away that I can text/call friends to hang out. That I haven’t hung with in months. And they are down!!! No questions asked. “Yeah sure I’ll be over in 20 minNo questions asked

  65. Men are experts of hindsight. After something happens we can very often look back and quickly realize "oh, that's why they did that"

  66. You know that meme, where a woman is thinking "huh, he's probably thinking about other women" and in actuality the guy is thinking the most random of things. Yeah. That.

  67. Do women not think about random things? Do you never get bored and just start thinking about how flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?

  68. I lost a good hour the other day thinking about how kangaroos and elephants are real. Like my brain just can’t process that these things actually exist and walk around us. Look at them, elephants have no business being that big and kangaroos shouldn’t be as jacked as they are. Oh boy here I go again….

  69. According to my wife and kids, I do this a lot! They always ask what I'm doing and what I'm looking at, and my answer is always "nothing, really". It's the truth....there's nothing profound going on! I'm just enjoying not having to visually focus, or think, about anything!

  70. I believe it's something about the pictures being "more personal" when they are sent just for you. Some kind of a weird emotional connection there.

  71. It's almost the same reason why 360p amateur porn shot in poor lighting, with just enough visuals and audio to indicate it's porn, is popular despite the abundance of super hot pornstars with ginormous parts: it's more relatable.

  72. I liked first two then everyone copied it and kept repeating same questions and answers and it got annoying pretty quickly

  73. why the dick hole in the underwear??? is it truly more efficient to maneuver it through a hole in your boxers than to just pull your pants down a little in the front ? is it a modesty thing for public? PLEASE enlighten me

  74. I think it is maybe more reasonable if we consider it was probably started for people in a full suit.

  75. Same reason alot of women like scary movies. It’s adrenaline indusing, women are only smart enough to get their adrenaline without putting themselfs in danger

  76. Yup! Like he can spot a deer from 1000 yards away but can't seem to find the ketchup that's been in the same spot for 6 years 🤔

  77. This one actually frustrates me (a human man). When it happens to me I worry that I might have some kind of mental disorder.

  78. My wife hides everything when she cleans I swear to God. When I put something down I can find it six months later, but if it moves three inches to the left I'll never find it.

  79. Men don't tend to carry around a lot of accessories. A wallet is the one thing a man will almost always have on them no matter what so it kind of becomes a part of us. They also tend to be coming of age gifts, or milestone gifts from loved ones so they have sentimental value. When your wallet you got from your now dead grandfather that you've had for 10 years and its been with you through thick and thin starts falling apart, its hard to let it go.

  80. Men are surprisingly sentimental. I still carry around the years old wallet my ex gave me. You give a man a gift he likes, he will carry around until it falls apart, straight up.

  81. I got my current wallet as a gift from my mom in 1998. I will use it until that last thread its hanging on by snaps.

  82. Some men have absolutely no problem picking after themselves at work, but forget how to do it the moment they step into their homes.

  83. You’re more focused at work and conscious about picking up after yourself, relaxing makes people less focused and by extension messier.

  84. Is walking with something between your legs all the time annoying? 😂 EDIT: I know it’s not exactly “between” but I’m wondering if it ever restricts movement

  85. It's not really between your legs, more like an accessory in front of them. Sitting can change that a bit, but I never really pay attention to my penis while walking

  86. How I can tell my husband where something is, and he can look right at it and say (with certainty), “it’s not there.”

  87. I'll chime in: when I look for something I picture the object in my head and scan around until something matches, this helps me find things even in a pile of rubbish because, for instance, I see a single point of a pair of scissors in between two books.

  88. how men don't hold grudges with their fellow bros but women will rip the fellow woman's hair off during and after fights (i witnessed it)

  89. I don’t find this confusing, more sad. A lot of men aren’t told how handsome, sexy, good looking they are. I tell my husband how much he turns me on daily, and I feel like women get that all the time but men, not so much.

  90. You are a blessing and are definitely making his day. I know my day brightens when I get a random compliment whether it is on my appearance or my personality. Many of my past girlfriends would never compliment me and I would just feel empty like I wasn't doing something right, but then turn around and ask why I am so obsessed with how I look or why I am trying to impress them. A lot of men live a really lonely life by design in our society. It is honestly sad.

  91. Dude here. I have struggled with body shame my entire life and struggle to believe a woman is being honest when she says such things.

  92. I still don’t understand dick pics. Do they really think we look at a picture of a dick, in terrible lighting, sweaty, untrimmed pubes, with your 10 year old briefs and gym shorts pulled down.

  93. It's exhibitionism. It's for their gratification, not yours. Back in the day you had flashers skulking around parks in big coats. This is the exact same thing.

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