Which thing has only pros and no cons?

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  1. I came here to reply that such a thing does not exist and was immediately shut down. I left in shame but returned to give this comment the respect it deserves.

  2. Seven years ago I was at a financial low-point. I had a week left before new money came in and I had nothing left and no food in the house. So I went through all my pockets and, low and behold, I found ten bucks in an old jacket. So I went and bought pasta, canned tomatoes and some nuts. I was so relieved back when I was home and able to cook dinner.

  3. At the end of every winter I put cash in all my coat pockets so that next winter when it’s cold and I’m crabby I get a nice little surprise

  4. until you enter your counties annual pants-pooping competition for the third year in a row and make it to the finals, only to be disqualified by a technicality since they weren’t pants but capris I CANT HELP HAVING LONG LEGS STEVEN

  5. A friend of mine once argued that not soiling ourselves was so ingrained in our heads by adulthood that we couldn’t do it if we tried (or that it would be very difficult), and to prove this he bought himself a pair of depends and proceeded to try to piss himself in our living room. While the experiment proved that it was not impossible, it did take him a good long while to do the deed. So, to your point, it seems reasonable to deduce that the act of not pooping your pants actually makes it difficult to poop your pants if you wanted to.

  6. Yeah well what if you're a drug trafficker with 20 kilos of coke under your car and you get pulled over but just as you pull off the road you shit yourself so the cop will immediately smell it and be like "Sir, do you know why I pulled you...umm...ohhh...oh no" and you burst out crying and the feels awkward cop because he's for sure had a close call before and worst case scenario he gets to arrest someone and their shit britches getting them all up in they recently cleaned patrol car and he goes "It's ok, bud. I'm giving you a warning, now go home and get cleaned up."

  7. When you dry off from a really good shower and have fresh sheets on your bed that are still a little warm from the dryer, and your clean skin makes its first contact with them.

  8. Con: you oversleep and don't show up for that important interview. Your life gets gradually and inexorably worse after that.

  9. I miss that, haven't had one since early March. It's all going to sleep then waking up multiple times now. This morning it was 4 am and couldn't fall back asleep.

  10. Yes and no. Obviously, chronic poverty for somebody who knows nothing else has no pros or seriously minor ones. But honestly I think everyone should experience how it feels to have next to nothing. That fear is a powerful teacher.

  11. When your sitting under a tree in that dappled green light, and it’s warm out but not too warm, and the breeze picks up just a little bit and it makes the leaves rustle and the dappled sun sparkle through the leaves.

  12. Disappointing how many human rights / international law treaties the USA refuses to ratify because they can't stand the idea of other countries holding them accountable (e.g. Rome Statute, UNCLOS)

  13. Completely legalizing and decriminalizing weed. People are still in prison for a recreational drug a shitload of people use.

  14. God damn water bro. Had my second real experience with alcohol and the first time I didn’t drink any water, shit you not mixing in 2 bottles of water with every 4 or 5 drinks is a damn life saver the next morning

  15. You spend your entire life waiting on other people who are not on time and then listening to their absolutely lame excuses

  16. Legal abortions can still result in negative complications. My friend had a completely legal abortion and now suffers from infertility because of an infection that occurred due to it.

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