What food does everyone love to eat, but you don't?

  1. Not a food, but coffee. The entire planet seems to start their day with a cup and I can’t get the taste for it.

  2. That’s my sister. She says she gets terrible fomo with coffee but she hates how bitter it tastes, even if the drink is 95% milk

  3. I can do coffee, I just can't do black coffee. I remember a friend made it for me one time and I drank it, I questioned if that's really how he drank coffee.

  4. I agree with you. I’ve never been able to put enough milk and sugar in it to hide the taste of the coffee

  5. Same everyone thinks I'm weird because I will eat pork but I won't eat ham or bacon even though "it's the same animal", they can't quite grasp the taste and textures are very different.

  6. Steak. Not red meat, just a fat steak. Gristle, fat, texture, and childhood trauma play a key role in why I dislike steak. Trust me, I've had numerous people - including my previous roommate who is a professional chef - try to get me to like it. It ain't happening.

  7. This was me until I met my wife. My grandmother had convinced me that steak that wasn't cooked to well done was "unhygienic" and cooked all steaks like hockey pucks. I was convinced I didn't like steak. It was tough, and didn't taste great. When I'd go anywhere else, they'd ask me how I liked it and I'd say "well done" because that's how I was raised. It tasted just as bad, so, I thought that was just normal and didn't like it. When I started dating my wife her grandparents owned a dairy farm next door to them. They'd occasionally slaughter a cow when the situation called for it, and they'd wind up with a TON of meet. They were the first ones to convince me to eat steak rare. "We've had this cow since it was born, we know it was healthy" argument, so, I tried it. I fucking LOVE rare steak. The fat content has a completely different texture Rare to medium rare it adds flavor. Well done, it's chewy like rubber and makes me gag.

  8. My cousin used to despise mayo because it was white I guess it made him think of cum. I don't know if he still hates it or not, we haven't talked about it in years

  9. Fish or seafood in general really. I can't make it past the smell, but when I've been forced to the texture and taste are awful too.

  10. About the only seafood I'll eat is breaded fish sticks. Which has about as much in common with seafood as Taco Bell does with Mexican food. None at all.

  11. the smell is really offensive to me. so much so that I'll lose my appetite. as awful as this is to say, the smell of vomit bothers me less than the smell of fish/seafood.

  12. Hell yeah. The textures seafood can have, oh my god, and don't get me started on the little claws, and the eyes looking at me from the plate, and the sound they make when you break them, and the horrid smell, putrid. Hell no, I'm not touching those things.

  13. Raw tomatoes, i just can‘t. I love everything made out of them, but the consistency of the raw tomato is just disgusting

  14. Brussel sprouts. It's like I am not allowed to hate them. Yes I have tried them roasted. Yes I have tried them with balsamic vinegar. I still think those tiny cabbages from hell taste like farts and I always will.

  15. I agree 100%. There's a ton of food with cheese I love, but too much or the wrong type can completely ruin any dish or meal.

  16. Shellfish. Not only do I find it repulsive, but I’m allergic to it. Like the smell itself makes me sick however eating it is when I have my reaction. -2/10

  17. I have many friends with food allergies and I have some food intolerances that if I’m having an immune disorder flare up turns into a full blown where the epi pen reaction. I found out all the foods I hate are the ones that I reactions to. My friends with food allergies have all said they have never been able to stand the smell or taste of most of their allergies. Might be the bodies way of naturally defending itself from something that could hurt it.

  18. I love the flavor of mushrooms but can't handle the texture. Cream of mushroom soup and beef stroganoff taste amazing, but I will always pick the mushrooms out of it.

  19. I am mildly allergic to avocado. So many people feel sorry for me when I tell them, but what they dont understand is the one and only time I tried (thus discovering my allergy) I thought it was nasty anyway! Its also mildly annoying that a lot of healthy recipes include avo in them. Yuck

  20. You know, I don't hate hot dogs, but I just stopped eating them one day and haven't had the desire to ever since. I don't think I've had a hot dog in well over a decade.

  21. My dad told me a hot dog is everything on a pig from the rooter to the pooter and I just can't now. Even the beef or turkey versions. I just... No.

  22. I'm just not into fish. I CAN eat it, I just prefer not to. Why do I want to eat something that we use to describe when other foods go bad?

  23. Eggs. I wish I liked eggs cause they're popular in the foods of many cultures. But they smell like flatulance to me and I don't care for the taste.

  24. I had a bout of this during the height of my covid symptoms!! I was like "what is wrong with these eggs?" I love eggs in every form and fashion and it hurt to have them taste like that for me. Luckily for me taste is back to normal!! I love eggs....

  25. There’s about 5 seconds I can eat eggs before my brain realizes and then I want to throw up. Fried eggs are sometimes ok, or if they have a bunch of other stuff in it

  26. Sweet potato fries. If I wanted my burger accompaniment to taste like pudding, I would've asked for fucking pudding.

  27. I love sweet potato fries but thought I hated them because my school used to label sliced and microwaved sweet potatoes as "sweet potato fries"

  28. Yea, I have a hard time with pretty much all cheeses. The only ones I can tolerate are cheddar and mozzarella, and even then they have to be in a melted form for me to be able to like it, like on pizza or grilled cheese. Can’t do it otherwise.

  29. Sifted through all of the top comments and noticed that no one mentioned cake, specifically birthday cake. I find that the heavy frosting on top has the strangest texture and all of the sugar on it leads to a sugar high and regrets.

  30. Growing up Arab, hummus was a staple in my home. It was about as common as what I imagine ketchup to be. It’s all what you’re used to. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. Hear me out, I hate hummus where I live (US) but I spent a year in the middle east working abroad, and I don't know what the fuck they do but the hummus was like light silky smooth amazing deliciousness. And they served it with everything, fresh made multiple times a day, I could never get enough. Here in the US it comes all grainy and powdery(?) and with lemon or vinegar or I don't know, lets just say too many preservatives and added bullshit. It does NOT taste anything like hummus is supposed to. I completely agree with you on not liking it, but keep a little room to try it again if you come across some real authentic hummus. It's heavenly.

  32. 100%. Unless it’s like a shrimp tempura roll I can’t stand the stuff. I’m a big texture eater and sushi just feels wrong.

  33. Scrolled too far to find this answer I can have a few bites but I won’t go to those all u can eat sushi places unless they have those steam buns and plenty of chicken/salad/soup/beef/noodle options too.

  34. Watermelon. What is that texture? It's like eating a rotting sock filled with seeds, but the sock is very sweet, so everyone loves it.

  35. Finally another who dislikes chicken! If anyone says they don’t like pork, or beef then fine, but say you don’t like chicken and people look at you like you’ve just grown an extra head.

  36. Tomatoes. The taste, the texture, the smell. There's a couple of tomato-based foods I like, but generally I'm not a fan. I don't even like tomato spaghetti or lasagna.

  37. Some people have a genetic predisposition that makes it taste soapy in you mouth--I dislike it--and same with black walnuts--they are so bitter to me. Not english walnuts. Cilantro-no, Basil-yes!

  38. There used to be a pesto craze in my area. It was on and in everything. I remember one day when I was eating something without pesto, and 3 other people were eating the exact same thing with pesto right next to me. The smell almost made my food taste like pesto too.

  39. Yeah I can't stand the taste or smell of pesto either. Not sure why because I like all the individual ingredients. It's just too....much?!

  40. I also dont like mushrooms or avocado! I mentioned above that I am allergic to avocados, so whatever with those. Mushrooms are just friggin nasty, they taste like mold smells to me. My husband loves them, so I keep trying different kinds when he gets them, but none have been good. I finally told him Im done trying!

  41. Those are the pineapple enzymes in raw pineapple. A lot of people mistake it for an allergy. Cooked pineapple doesn't have this because the enzymes have been cooked out. If you're ever curious you can try grilled pineapple.

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