What's a modern day scam that's become normalized and we don't realize it's a scam anymore?

  1. I know in the US the former is straight up illegal, you can't do that and so many people don't realize this, to the point companies just go ahead and tell you not to and even try to penalize people for doing so, because people don't realize they can push back on that.

  2. Recent legislation called the No Surprises Act attempts to remedy this at least a little bit. Hospitals are now required post their charges for common services online, among many other things.

  3. Can't believe it took so long to scroll to find someone saying this. If credit scores are meant to be a measure of how likely I am to pay off a loan in the future, how come every time I pay off a loan, the score goes down? Surely having many loans already paid-in-full in my history would be the best sign that I'm a safe bet for future lenders? Oh, but my "credit mix" isn't as good now, because that matters somehow.

  4. Became completely debt free about three years ago and my credit score has drifted slowly downward by about 50 points total since then lol, despite now being the best credit risk I've ever been

  5. Yes, this was my first thought, especially with Adobe software, horribly expensive for all the crashes it pulls, and no lifetime options.

  6. Not being able to cancel a subscription online. I can subscribe in 5 minutes but I need to call your service agents and am forced to be rude to them to cancel it because as long as my voice sounds friendly they try to resell the damn subscription.

  7. Slightly different thing, but I had to get a new phone plan while I studied abroad. Signed up in the store, 5 minutes with some help from staff because I was not a native speaker of the language. How to cancel after 4 months? MAIL THEM A LETTER! In 2019, they made me mail them a letter to cancel my phone plan that I had for one semester of college. Most insane cancelation policy I’ve ever seen!

  8. This is why I subscribe to basically everything through PayPal, on Paypal you can just cancel automated payments, it will make your subscriptions collapse, plus even if they aren't only possible to cancel on calls they make it a hassle to find out where to cancel them online.

  9. Why I will never subscribe to SiriusXM ever again. My car came with a trial and it took hours on the phone to cancel.

  10. About ten years ago I went to an att store to try and cancel my phone plan. The person said I had to call some 800 number, she politely let me do it in the store.

  11. I stayed at a hotel in Boston and they had a $30 per day charge that wasn't included in the price when we booked online. "destination charge" or something. They told us that we got a credit at the restaurant because of it so we shrugged it off.

  12. This one just slays me. Why are people paying this? How did it happen? And you can't even say you aren't going to use those amenities, you still have to pay. This is not normal people!!!

  13. Okay so I’ve just got to the states and was wondering what the hell these are. I just paid them because I assumed it was something in the fine print I didn’t read but it was a bit strange because I’ve paid for accomodation in 6 other countries this year and not had to pay resort fees.

  14. Resort fees at destinations like Queens in new York are the worst. I'm sorry but this is not and never will be a resort. How the hell can you charge a "resort fee" when you're next to piles of trash on the street....

  15. This is getting ridiculous. A one time payment for an app or game used to be fine. Now you keep paying. Terrible for the consumer

  16. "but Photoshop is now only £9.99 a month instead of £350". I plan on using this for more than 3 years you know.

  17. Health insurance plans that charge 500-1000 a month just to be insured, then don't start covering your bills until you've paid another 2000-10,000 out of pocket....and even THEN will still make you pay a 45 dollar copay.

  18. I already gave my free daily award to the Trickle Down Economics comment - but if I still had it then it would go to you.

  19. Transaction fees when using online banking. I do all the work filling out the form so a bank employee doesn’t have too, yet I get charged the same.

  20. We're in the golden age of consumer online banking. There are countless reputable banks that will take anyone and don't do any of this shit. I don't understand how this is still an issue for some people. Charles Schwab or Ally Bank. Spread the word.

  21. In Australia if you use a toll road and don’t have a toll account, you get sent a toll notice with an added $10 admin fee. And if you don’t pay it within the requested time frame the admin fee goes up to $20. A $2.50 toll could end up costing you $22.50. Scam…

  22. I used to work for a software company that developed the software to renew your license plates online and shit like that for a state.

  23. I use a privacy.com virtual credit card with a 1 time transaction limit and a limit of $1 so that way the charge for the subscription will be automatically declined

  24. 'Can't cancel during the first 7 days of your trial period'. Also the ones where you cancel during the trial and it ends the trial immediately...

  25. To tag on to this, apps that are basically useless without the subscription fee. And then they're labeled free in the app store... The "in app purchases" tag is effectively useless because everything has in-app purchases now.. there needs to be a "subscription" tag in the store to help us filter out the shit

  26. Adobe is the best/worst example of this. What used to be maybe a couple hundred dollars for the whole suite, permanently on your computer and with updates, is now an indefinite sinkhole where you can never own the product--ever. Thank God they're not the only option anymore, but a lot of industries still require it 😕

  27. Recently got quite annoyed when not only was a game I paid for turned to free with ads (no refund for me, of course), they then had the gall to release a “classic” version of the game that was paid without ads, which I naturally didn’t automatically get for free despite having already paid for the original version.

  28. This! I bought myself a super nice gaming laptop as a graduation present. I got the extended warranty on it. I don't normally get them, but this was the most expensive thing I owned at the time.

  29. Raise the price of a product a day before they go on sale so that people think they are getting it at a discount

  30. Now that's actually illegal in Germany since a few weeks. The compare price must be the lowest of the last 30 days

  31. Here in Australia the law is the product must have been at the sale price a certain duration before you can reduce it and claim a 'special'.

  32. Buying tech devices, for premium prices, then still having to pay subscriptions to make them actually do what they're supposed to do.

  33. Enterprise IT gear is the worst for this - Cisco sells you a firewall for several grand and then charges huge prices for licenses thst just unlock hardware features on the device - and then makes you buy support contracts each year if you want updates

  34. Like my stupid printer... I paid for the printer, I pay the dumb raised price for the inks and now I'm expected to pay a subscription if I want to print in colour... Duck the stupid company

  35. There’s a motorcycle riders airbag vest that you have to pay hundreds of dollars for but to use it you need to pay a subscription. Could you imagine having to pay for your seatbelt in your car monthly.

  36. Medical insurance not covering dental or vision. Like, it's all connected, guys. If you have a badly abscessed tooth, you're likely going to need medical care, even if you have dental that covers the extraction or root canal or whatever.

  37. A new ones I'm experiencing is that some preventative tests are covered while others are not. Why don't you tell me that ahead of time and I can decline it. Or you know just cover everything.

  38. My dental is insurance is worthless. When I was younger I had my front tooth knocked out and the dentist was able to put it back in but it would only last for about 18years. Fast forward 18years the tooth split and got infected. From there I had to make a decision between a flipper or permanent tooth. The dentist told me if I did not get the permanent tooth my bones would retreat due to not having a tooth to form around which would result in more tooth loss. So I went with the permanent tooth and insurance denied coverage claiming it was cosmetic. Preventing future tooth loss was deemed COSMETIC. $3k out of pocket.


  40. This shit blew my mind when I went to buy my own health insurance the first time as an adult. I specifically got health insurance so I can get my teeth taken care of. I was pissed after paying >$200 to realize dental wasn't included after specifically asking my insurance agent if it was and them saying yes.

  41. Thankfully they've got so expensive smaller businesses have sprouted up to undercut them and still make a profit.

  42. My wife the other day purchased tickets from Ticketmaster for a concert she wanted to go to. She paid and received confirmation email etc. Turns out in that email it states that if you don’t go 48 hours before to pick up your tickets then they are cancelled and resold without a refund.

  43. I was floored when these assholes charged me a $6/ticket fee to have them printed at the box office. I literally purchased the tickets from the fucking venue and they still got me for $30 extra bucks to buy 5 tickets.

  44. I’m pretty sure they started doing this, but some years ago Pandora would just offer you the free trial and then ask for your information to buy premium after the fact, so I could get the premium, refuse the payment for future months, and then wait for it to reset and offer me a free trial again some time later

  45. In (South) Australia it's illegal to collect rent without offering one fee-free cash option to pay like direct bank deposits

  46. Diamonds are fascinating. They're kept artificially scarce by the people who own the diamond mines, and they've managed to somehow ensure that there's no market for reselling them. Diabolical!

  47. Not a monetary scam, but putting the majority of the responsibility of stopping climate change/ fixing the environment onto the normal people. I've worked in the food industry, and I can tell you for a fact that it doesn't mean dick if I sort my rubbish when every day a single, small-scale factory is throwing out literal tonnes of wasted product, not to mention the energy wasted in making that product. Tons of shit falls on the floor, perfectly usable food (but not pretty enough to sell) just gets tossed like it's nothing, and even in my usual sector, engineering, the amount of metal that's wasted and the litres upon litres of grease and oil just fucking everywhere would stun you. Why the fuck am I putting in the effort to save power and make less waste when these barely regulated companies are getting away with this? It's so disheartening.

  48. Agree. I worked at a place where 1 shelf stable food was made. The label was a little crooked? Throw the huge box of unused packaging out. Calibrating the machines would cause so much material waste. Virtually everything is wrapped in dozens of layers of plastic wrap and extra packaging for shipping the customer never sees. For every 1 box of product, there was probably a good 10-20 lbs of miscellaneous non-recyclable waste produced. And this is a small company. A couple dumpsters a day. It hurts my heart to think of the incredible waste our systems actually promote.

  49. I just turned fifty and I have decided I’ve stopped trying to impress people with my work ethic. I’ll work hard, of course, but I sure am not going to put in anything beyond my eight hours if I can help it. What am I going to do? Water my plants. Make my kids breakfast. Take my dogs for a walk. Try to make my wife laugh with corny jokes.

  50. Just go all the way and say standardized testing. The ACT, SAT, GRE, statewide testing... It's all a racket and has almost no educational value outside of college acceptance. It's fine at serving that purpose, I suppose, but the fact every kid in the state has to take the ACT,(where I live) and only 40% of kids go to college, the other 60% tests have no value and only serve to take money.

  51. We had to rent one of those big tents for our reception. I called them up and got a quote for ~$7000. My fiance called them a day later, said we needed the same thing for a family reunion, quote was a couple thousand less.

  52. Bought a train ticket online and couldn’t travel as I had covid, the ticket was £10 and I requested a refund for which I got a “full refund” minus an admin fee of £5… done online and quite clearly fully automated, total scam. I’m looking at you trainline…!

  53. My first two summer internships were at The Coca-Cola Company headquarters in Atlanta in 1992/1993. They paid me a princely sum that I could not believe and truly gave me substantive work to do. Will be forever grateful.

  54. Don't get me started on this man, i just graduated, but for my major (Computer Science) you have to go out and get an internship in your field, I took one of the ones recommended by the school, in stead of programming or doing anything remotely related to that I was putting stickers on tshirts and taking inventory for a baseball teams merch store.

  55. Also that the if the color 1 is out you have to buy the black 1 & Vice versa for the printer to work. Back in the day that was not the case. I remember doing school papers & if the black ink ran out I just changed the font color to navy blue & it still printed

  56. Right like I don’t understand why I’m paying 200-300 a month only to get a 2000$ deductible I have to pay first before it even kicks in?? But god forbid you don’t have it an break and arm, then you’re really screwed

  57. Ambulances in the US. The whole medical system here, really. Edit: changed America to the US Edit 2: thanks everyone!

  58. I spoke to the billing office of an ambulance company for work, I sincerely wish I could remember the name of it, and they told me they’re not contracted with any insurance companies…it was more profitable to not be.

  59. A few months ago I was on a road trip across the country. I was driving my car, when suddenly it started making weird noises and not accelerating anymore. I stopped the car in the middle of the countryside, the sun was setting down, and the car won’t drive anymore. I did not know what to do, didn’t know anyone who could help me. I searched on google and found a single phone number of a car service that said it was nonstop. Thank god a guy responded and came to help us at that hour. Towed the car to his service and called someone to take us to our destination. He asked me the mileage of the car, I said it was 250000 km. He told me instantly that that model is planned to break at that exact milage. He told me exactly what has broken down without even looking and he was right. I have a 2007 VW Passat. There was a small piece that is calculated to wear down at 250000 km that when broken, it will automatically break the turbine and finally the engine. The turbine did break, but the engine was saved at the last moment.

  60. Tipping. Not saying you shouldn’t tip at all, but how every single Apple checkout tablet automatically assumes you’re tipping. I went to get froyo the other week and the checkout asked me if I preferred a 20,25, or 30% tip?? Like what?? I just made my own froyo and you still want me to give you a 30% tip?!

  61. This is absolutely an America problem. Not saying that our wait staff get paid a glorious wage over here in the UK, but it's not the norm to expect people to subsidise poor wages with tips, nor is it expected that you should tip.

  62. Doing taxes, the American government has the power to do our taxes for us, but instead they don’t so that businesses can profit off of doing taxes for us.

  63. The tax companies are hella strong lobbyists. It's really sad, they basically give a ton of money to ensure that nobody questions the system

  64. Turbo Tax and HR Block have lobbied so hard to keep people doing their own taxes it's ridiculous. It would be so much easier if the government sent us our taxes and we just updated with any adjustments.

  65. This is very much a problem. In vancouver companies have been pushing up the cost of houses for decades. 16 million dollar homes with no one that lives in them.

  66. The problem is that this completely doesn’t work in a recession because lower cash flows absolutely will bankrupt you. It’s analogous to how fast food companies like Krispy Kreme bankrupted themselves by expanding too fast.

  67. Credit scores. That didn’t start until the 1980s. And now you can raise your score by signing up to services!? It was supposed to be an indicator of how likely you would be to pay back a loan.

  68. Or just releasing the same game each year and bulking the year onto the end of the name, FIFA 2019, FIFA 2020, FIFA 2021 are all the same IMO.

  69. Tipping for services in the U.S. (and it’s getting worse). It’s a way to pay lower wages to employees and expect consumers to pay a surcharge to make up for it. More workers are expecting tips and the expected amount is going up. I travel globally and don’t see anything like it anywhere else.

  70. It’s getting to be a thing in the uk too. I really don’t have a problem with putting a bit extra money down after a meal if it’s at a nice place and it was good food, but I really object to companies adding a service charge % to the bill. If they want their employees paid more then pay more, don’t make me do it, I’d rather they raise prices and pay a better wage.

  71. If you don't have the resources to support your child, the state will take that child from you and give it to someone else along with the resources to support such child.

  72. Yup. I foster my nephew and the state pays me like $1500 per month. I don’t need it, they just pay it anyway. So it’s just sitting in an account for now, accumulating. His mother sure could have used it though.

  73. Had to do this too and pay $25 a day for parking. So working full-time with no pay and still having to try and find money so I could park reasonably close, public transport wasn't an option as it was too far and would have been 3 hours travel a day on top of a shift. Then trying to work my part time job so I had money for rent and food

  74. Homeopathy. Costs more money than real actual OTC medications and literally has no active chemical in it, just placebo pills.

  75. 100%. Had a patient recently who is going to a homeopathic oncologist. Imo should be illegal, guy literally is treating his cancer with vegetables. Hes comitting suicide

  76. Buy a car so you can get a job to pay off your car. You have to go into debt if you want to be able to go around in your own city. We can't afford to run buses, we can't afford bike lanes, but there's infinite money to build freeway interchanges and add lanes to suburban arterials. Buy a car, buy gasoline. Oh shit, the environment? Buy a car, we'll put a giant lithium battery in it. The important thing is that you buy a car.

  77. Social Media, Reddit included... The algorithms are built to manipulate you into participating and getting addicted. Then your participation/addiction is sold to the highest bidder (advertisers). The Netflix doc pretty much summed it up, if you are not paying for a product/service, you are the product/service. It's a racket of the most sinister kind. We're all essentially giving away our time to generate revenue for mega corporations and we receive nothing in return.

  78. And then you die, having spent your one life at a place you don’t like doing things benefiting god knows who for a chance to pay for a couple adventures so you can look back and say “Well we did some things didn’t we” even though you wasted the majority of it.

  79. In my country, a 4x9 (36h total) work week with a 3 day weekend is getting more normalised. Good development

  80. I think ATM fees make sense if they are private, otherwise what's the incentive to set one up? However, the price of a lot of ATMs are not justifiable imo, especially when you're at a venue that knows you have no alternative, like a stadium or casino, so they charge something like $5 for a transaction. There should be a limit.

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